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The Herstory of My Sister’s Closet

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Can it really be 32 years ago that our humble little store was born? In 1991, we bravely (or naively) entered the world of resale opening My Sister’s Closet in the heart of Phoenix.

Who knew a 1,200 square feet store would change shopping in the Valley of the Sun? More than three decades later, we would be operating 10 of the best consignment stores in the country. People love buying previously loved clothing and home goods!

Shopping “resale” literally went from a somewhat unseemly proposition in the early 1990’s to bragging rights in the new millennium. In 1991 when we recognized a customer outside of the store, they would look the other way, not wanting to be recognized. Now our shoppers proudly show off their recycled purchases to their most discerning friends, be it patio furniture or the latest designer handbag. In either case, they saved hundreds, or sometimes thousands of dollars while giving used items a new home and keeping them out of landfills.

In 2001, we opened Well Suited for men, and My Sister’s Attic now has four locations for furniture and home furnishings. In 2012 we opened our first store outside of Arizona in San Diego. We now have two of our stores (in one location) in the San Diego area.

In 2014, we opened a small thrift store that donates millions of dollars to nonprofits in our community to help others. My Sisters’ Charities is our own 501(c)3 foundation that also hosted A Dinner with Wolves for years to benefit groups that help save the Mexican Grey Wolf (the second most endangered wolf species in the world). We also gave a $1 million donation to the AZ Humane Society to help build their new shelter.

As a family business goes, sometimes the family moves on. After working as the director of Marketing at Petsmart Ann started the business with her own money in 1991. She’s proud to say she has never borrowed one penny to finance the business. Her sister Jenny joined along back in the beginning but decided to leave in 2019. Sister Tess joined in 2016 but a series of miscreant behaviors have led her out the door. This leaves Ann as the only sister once again and she is quick to tell you she has no desire to retire. It might be a little lonely at the top but if you have any siblings you also know it’s a little quieter too.

With a seasoned, talented management team, the My Sister’s family of stores will continue to expand with brick and mortar stores as well as shopping online. Thanks to our consigners and customers, we sell the best of the best at amazing prices for second hand shopping.

Why We Dumped Single Use Plastics

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My Sister’s Closet's entire business is built on sustainability, so it’s no surprise that we’re strict on our ban on single use plastics. Single use plastics cause a huge detriment to the environment and to the health of people. It is important to be knowledgeable about these dangers to make better decisions for the well being of the planet and for our families. That’s why Ann Siner, CEO of our company, banned single use plastics all the way back in 2014 for a multitude of reasons that include the health and safety of our employees and customers, as well as the wellness of our planet over all.

Out of the 50 billion plastic water bottles used just last year, only about a fourth were recycled. That means that the rest of this waste went to dumps and littered the environment. Plastic never goes away, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually turning into something called microplastics. In aquatic environments, plankton will eat these microplastics and these toxic materials will work all the way up the food chain to be ingested by people. By the year 2050 there will be more plastic by weight than there will be fish, which is a terrifying prospect.

Plastics that make their way into the human body are dangerous to our normal everyday functions. As mentioned before, because of microplastics found in the food chain, studies have shown that human beings are suffering the consequences of their actions through hormonal imbalances, reproductive problems, and even cancer. Single use plastics have a huge effect on climate change as well. Single use plastics are made using fossil fuels, and it is estimated that 12.5 to 1.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gas from these fuels is being admitted to our atmosphere. Furthermore the removal of forested land to make space for these plastic factories has created more carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere with no trees to turn it back into oxygen. 1.6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide have already been released.

This is why we’ve banned plastics from our stores. The dangers of using single use plastics far outweigh the ‘convenience’ of them. Our employees use reusable water bottles, and we offer paper bags for 25 cents instead of the plastic alternative, because we care about the environment and the people that live in it. Take a stand against single use plastic today, and we can guarantee that ocean denizens, our atmosphere, and even more affected by plastic will thank you!  

San Diego Humane Society Animal Rescue Initiative

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My Sister’s Closet and The San Diego Humane Society have joined forces to help animals who are affected by the California fires. 

Last week the amazing people at SDHS sent crews into these affected areas to rescue animals trapped in this disaster. Our company made a donation of $10,000 to support efforts initiated by the SDHS as well last week.

You Can Help Too By Cleaning out your Closet or Home:

Drop off your items to any location of My Sister’s Closet, My Sister’s Attic or Well Suited and ask to consign them to the San Diego Humane Society account. When your items sell, proceeds will go to the amazing people at the San Diego Humane Society. 

Designer handbags and jewelry are best sellers as are current home furnishings. Click here for consignment information.

My Sisters Closet: The Standard in Profitability, Sustainability, Charity, and Style

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What was happening in 1991?

- The first commercial website was launched
- Neiman Marcus opened in Scottsdale
- The US liberated Kuwait from Iraq

What wasn’t happening was the practice of sustainability. Nobody even knew what it was. So, not surprisingly, discerning consumers didn’t want to wear other people’s used clothing – luxury or not. Nevertheless, we had this crazy idea that buying and selling high-end used items could be good business if we created an experience that equaled traditional retail. That meant designing a store that looked, felt and smelled like a trendy boutique, not like some dingy thrift shop. Impeccable customer service was non-negotiable. With our plan in place, we opened the first My Sister’s Closet store in 1991 in Central Phoenix. This would prove to be the first of many crazy ideas over the ensuing decades.

After 28 years, our stores continue to show vibrant year-over-year growth. In the retail world, that’s rare. While we’ve had great success adding home furnishings, men’s apparel and expanding our brands into Southern California, we’ve also learned some lessons along the way. For example, selling and consigning wedding dresses and kid’s items weren’t such hot ideas in hindsight. Eleanor Roosevelt once famously said, “every day do something that scares you” and owning a retail business more than helps us meet her challenge.

Whereas people once were embarrassed or ashamed to wear used clothes, nowadays they brag about the smoking deal they got on designer jeans or shoes. Sustainability and recycling have become retail buzzwords and societal trends. Today the resale bandwagon is jam-packed with wannabe stores, some of which are even backed by venture capitalists. However, My Sister’s Closet continues to be the gold standard for the industry.

One of the areas where we have always forged a new path is our dedication to community involvement. For 20+ years we donated unsold merchandise to the thrift stores of our favorite non-profits. We came to realize those stores weren’t producing as much revenue as they could have been for their organizations. Which shouldn’t be such a surprise since running a retail store is pretty different than administering a successful nonprofit. On the other hand, we do know a thing or two about retail, and that gave us an idea. It was time to raise the bar and raise it we did.

In 2014, thanks to the flexibility of our landlord, we opened our own 501(c)3 thrift store in Chandler. This would be the first brick and mortar initiative of our nonprofit arm, My Sisters’ Charities. Over $100,000 was generated in less than six months and in 2018 the store netted $300,000. This helped propel us to making a $1 million donation to the Arizona Humane Society. My Sisters’ Charities also proudly supports Fresh Start, Defenders of Wildlife, Phoenix Art Museum, SW Autism Center and Rancho Coastal Humane Society (San Diego), to name a few.

As community leaders, the sisters also serve as board members for some of Phoenix’s most respected organizations. Ann currently sits on the Board of Directors for both the Arizona Humane Society and the Phoenix Art Museum, after previously serving on the boards of Fresh Start, The Nature Conservancy and SW Wildlife Conservation Center. Tess was recently named a Trendsetter in 2019 for her charitable work for the Arizona Humane Society, Fresh Start, SW Wildlife Center and the Phoenix Art Museum.

Another major initiative in our commitment to sustainability has been eliminating single-use plastic items likes bags, cups and straws in all of our stores. This initiative began internally years ago and in 2019 we launched an external awareness campaign targeting local and national consumer businesses. Slowly but surely, people are learning about the devastation plastic has unleashed on our environment and wildlife, and we are proud to say they are starting to do something about it thanks in part to our advocacy.

What’s next? Well, we plan to make the 20’s roar! Initiatives are being rolled out that will yield even higher quality inventory, improve customer service and enhance the look and feel of the stores. We’re as committed to our brick and mortar locations as we were back in 1991. We remain passionate about being community leaders, specifically supporting homeless pets, the environment, wildlife, and women’s organizations. We might have graduated from the school of hard knocks when we started out, but as our mom taught us, “until you fail you don’t succeed.”

Fashanthropists: Tess Loo

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Posted originally on Giving in Style's blog. Tyler Butler's Giving in Style showcases the convergence of fashion and philanthropy.

Tess Loo is the infectious creative force behind the My Sister's Closet (MSC) brand. Her sunny disposition and focus on positivity are evident in her work and in the way in which she herself dresses. At her core she is an artist and she expresses herself through many different mediums. Tess has taken the MSC brand and elevated its cool quotient through her visual window displays, imaginative fashion shows and her undeniable eye for exceptional finds at unheard of prices. She sets trends rather than following them. And her influence extends well beyond the MSC stores and advances the visibility and sophistication of many important causes. Tess's personal brand is based on the concept of love and sharing and she is often compared to being a ray of sunshine in what can be an otherwise cloudy world. Plus, MSC is the official fashion partner for Giving In Style - keeping fresh, current, designer looks popping up at every special occasion thanks to their many boutique locations. Learn more about Tess Loo...

How do you describe what you do:

I describe myself and what I do in several different ways, first as a designer. The definition I like for designer describes what I do on a daily basis. If I am given a problem the needs to be solved, I design a solution. I am also a designer in a different way. I design, create and execute store visuals 7-8 times per year for our stores in Arizona and California. My visuals are creative, bright and fashion forward capturing the latest trends, colors and styles. My designs feature styles and fashion I create such as my Have a Very Gucci Holiday displays, where I crafted Gucci-esque fashions for our 43 mannequins.

Multi-media artist. At our stores we consign fashion for women and men and home. There are times I have the opportunity to work with local TV stations to talk about these topics. I will do segments on what to wear to an event. I just did a segment on what to wear to Barrett Jackson. We also completely change The Closet and Well Suited inventory, twice a year and I do segments discussing our amazing deals and steals and what to look to wear for the upcoming season. I have spent time talking about home décor and offering creative ideas for gift-wrap and DIY projects. My former home in PV has been featured on Cool Homes and the AZ Republic. Decorating my living space is something I have always enjoyed doing. In my early 30's when I lived in Colorado I was featured in Better Homes and Gardens living in zany loft I painted from floor to ceiling. As a multi-media artist I also used to write a column for So Scottsdale called "What the Frock". Today I write a newsletter for MSC. Personally I write a blog where I express life.

Fashion Stylist?. Naturally I talk, breathe and live fashion. I was born with a handbag on my tiny arm and fashion is something that I naturally love. How we dress is a way of expression. It is a sign of self-respect to put our best foot forward always. At our stores I help clients select the best looks for their lifestyle, I have dressed local TV and radio personalities and I will assist anyone that asks for advice on what or what not to wear. We have done social media contests where the winner gets to send an afternoon with me selecting new looks. This is my favorite thing to do. Helping a person find their inner-beauty and express externally it with their clothing.

What is the mission for your giving:

Giving back to my community through my creativity and fashion is something I have always done and believed in. In my past in Colorado I owned a high-end women's boutique called LuLu and I gave back to various organizations in my hometown. On many occasions I was producing fashion events that always involved a non-profit. I supported The Colorado Springs Fine Art Center and my ex-husband and I created a fundraiser for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that is still profitable today.

How do you give back to society through your business:

At My Sister's closet we give back to society in so many ways. First of all we are recycling quality products to extend their life. In our society of instant gratification and mass-produced low quality clothing, it's key to buy and recycle quality wearables with hopes of less waste heaping up our massive waste landfills. A beautiful designer handbag has decades of life being passed from one fashionista to another.

In 2017 we started a campaign to end the use of single use plastic. We installed water vessel refilling stations in our stores and eliminated our use of plastic shopping bags. We are amping up this campaign and doing our best to stop the use of single use plastic before the plastic waste takes over the oceans and landfills.

My sisters donates hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to a handful of charitable causes. Ann and I have co-chaired several large galas in the valley that have raised close to a million dollars each. We have chaired the Fresh Start Women's Organization Gala, The Phoenix Art Museum party, (WARHOL) and now Compassion with Fashion 2018. We have also produced the fashion show for AHS for 4 years and I have headed up the décor committee for Compassion with Fashion in 2012. As an extreme creative I always go into these projects with a mission to do my absolute best to make each event unique. For Fresh Start, I used the working name The Best Gala Ever and changed the energy of the event. For the PAM we had the party in the parking lot and created a warehouse environment complete with go-go dancers and a graffiti'd storage container entrance.

Charity or Charities of choice:

My charities of choice are The Arizona Humane Society, of course and The Fresh Start Women's Organization. Both have a very special place in my heart. I believe in helping those without a voice.

Why have you supported these causes:

I support the AHS because I was raised with Ann as my sister. She taught me the beauty in helping a homeless animal in need. Ann and I have traveled many places together and where ever we have been in the world she is always rescuing an animal. How could I not help her and them? Our pets give us so much love. The least we can do is keep them safe and healthy.

Fresh Start Women's Organization holds a very special place in my heart. When Ann and I chaired their gala I photographed over 100 women walking through the doors at FS. I met them, hugged them, listened to their stories and cried with them. I understand because I too have been them. I know what abuse feels like. I am a survivor. We need a big voice against emotional, verbal and physical abuse. I am a big cheerleader for women that have the courage to ask for help and are brave to start fresh through all adversities.

Favorite business based on their giving efforts and why:

I like fashionable companies that give back. I am a big fan of H and M, Madewell, Lorna Jane and others that recycle the clothes you bring back to them. There's so much waste in the world. I believe in recycling as a form of giving back to Mother Earth. H and M also gave school supplies to refugees this holiday season. Pura Vida gives artisans full time jobs and gives back to over 190 charities.

Who influenced your spirit of giving and how:

My spirit of giving has been influenced by several people in my life. Growing up and as a young woman, I was associated with families of philanthropy and I learned why and how to give back. I am an empath so I naturally can feel compassion for others and always want to help. To me giving back is natural. As I mentioned above Ann has influenced my love for animals and nature. These days as a single woman with a daughter at University, I cannot write a large check but I can be there with my creativity to give what I can. We all can give back and help others.....

How do you believe fashion can aid philanthropy:

Fashion is a way of communicating and carrying a message. At this year's Golden Globes all the actress's wore black and both men and women had lapel pins with the Times Up message. A popular trend for the past few years that is gaining momentum is "sloganeering", the trend of wearing your message on a tee, handbag, belt straps, etc. Dior, Gucci and other popular fashion houses have been doing this for years. It's really just a sophisticated version of the message tee of the past. We can dress our bodies to communicate a stand we are taking for or against a cause. H and M, Madewell and other companies have their recycling programs where you bring in old clothes and they recycle them to new denims, blouses and more. And of course there is the fashion show that always brings in a crowd and can raise money for philanthropy.

What is your biggest philanthropic accomplishment:

True philanthropy requires creativity, a positive mindset and is no longer about writing a $10,000 check. There was a time in my life my ex-husband could write a very large check, I could have made a decision to sit back and do nothing but let him give money. I never did that. I always said I would give back just as much if not more by using my creativity. I designed logos, invitations, ballrooms, table décor and any element that needed to be created. I knew that if an event had a strong visual appeal it would bring in more guests and more money. I give back to our community and to the world any way I'm able. To me the meaning of life and love is giving and receiving and it is through the helping of others we heal ourselves. My biggest philanthropic accomplishment is yet to be achieved. I hope to help women that have lost their voice by sharing my voice and story?stay tuned. I do think this is the year of the woman.

Favorite philanthropic quote:

"To move forward one must give back." - Oprah Winfrey

Spring Unveiling with My Sister's Closet

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It's almost Spring time which is totally bizarre since let's be honest, my Christmas tree is still up, but with temperatures in the high 70's and sunshine everyday I'm not complaining. With the gorgeous weather comes gorgeous clothing so I've teamed up with my friends at My Sisters Closet (pretty much the only place I shop for clothing!) to share a few of my favorite colorful outfits for Spring.

Dolace & Gabbana Floral pencil skirt $99.95
Ted Baker Scarf $34.9
Equipment blouse- $59.95
Jo Jo Cat purple butterfly pumps $14.95

Kate Spade blue cuff- $24.95
Kate Spade Gold white bangle- $19.95
Kate Spade red white script cuff - $15
J Crew Orange bangle- $14.95
Jay Godfrey Red dress- $79.95
Cameo Pearl Pumps $12.50

Jo Jo Cat purple butterfly pumps $14.95
Laundry Shelli Segal Dress $24.95
J Crew shocking pink necklace $14.95
Kate Spade purple necklace $14.95

Rainbow cat butterfly shoes yellow $14.95
Sportmax Skirt- $49.95
Frame Striped blouse- $39.95

Moschino Cheap & Chic Floral Skirt $59.95
Moschino Cheap & Chic Floral Jacket $69.95
Foree Multi strand pearl necklace $145

Jamaro Maxi dress $14.95
Blue Wing Heels $12.50

The Real Housewife of Scottsdale Mandy Holmes Shops MSC For The Holidays

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Fall is my very favorite time to get dressed, as it allows for everything I love: texture, prints, pops of color, and layers. This season I've teamed up with my favorite consignment boutique in town, My Sister's Closet to share a few of my favorite holiday finds.

Starting with this whimsical dress from Diesel ($34.95) - it is truly a showstopper! The material moves with every step you take and with the cut and neckline details, doesn't require many accessories. I love the mint green hue and forgiving shape (since we all know I LOVE holiday cookies) and the leather snap neck embellishment adds a bit of an edge. Think nice list meets naughty list. I paired this dress with a crystal bracelet ($39.95) in the fine jewelry section of My Sisters Closet.

Adding a pop of color is always a good idea, especially red during the holidays. I adore these wide leg red pants by Leifsdottir ($24.95) with a patterned top like this Joie brand houndstooth ($34.95) blouse. These pants still had the original tag attached and retailed for over $125! A bargain and style? Can't beat that! With the help of Maggie at My Sisters Closet, we paired a just-the-right-size cross body Marc Jacobs metallic blue bag ($89.95) to complete the look.

With the AZ temperatures dipping into the 50's at night, I was on a mission for a stylish but functional jacket and the fact that velvet is HOT this season, the gals at My Sisters Closet and I thought this was the perfect combo. The faux fur coat from Betsy Johnson ($29.95) and cocoa colored velvet dress from Rachel Roy ($24.95) combine to create the coziest look that with a shoe and jewelry change is versatile enough for the office or that after work holiday get together. In this case, the necklace adds just the right pop of sparkle.

Speaking of mixing textures, I will thrilled to find this sparkly little number from Dress the Population (on sale for $19) and combine it with a leather biker jacket ($55) to create a little rockstar vibe. If you're looking for a New Years option, this could be it. Rock and roll meets glam if you ask me.

One of my favorite parts of shopping at My Sister's Closet is when you find an expected piece that feels like it was designed just for you and the cost is less than your morning Starbucks. That's exactly what happened when I picked up this Michael Kors fur lined sweater poncho ($12.50). Not only did it fit like a glove, the price was incredible. Full disclosure, I purchased this sweater right away but they have others very similar you can get your hands on! It looks adorable with a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans like these by Vince ($49.95)

The key to dressing for an Arizona winter is layering. Not only is this grey sweater dress from James Perse ($24.95) SO comfortable, it's the perfect piece to pile on a print jacket or vest like this one by Angel of the North ($14.95) and a cute bag like this versatile black and white satchel from Marc Jacobs ($245.00)

If this next outfit doesn't scream "holidays" I don't know what does. The sangria hued cozy wool blend coat ($395.00) puts the "burrrrr" in Burberry and is the perfect outerwear option for days the temps dip below 70. I paired it over a Haute Hippie forest green dress ($35.00) for an unexpected play on traditional Christmas colors. The green accent ring ($14.95) is all this outfit needs!

Mixing patterns and prints is something I love to do but I get it, it can be totally scary! My rule for mixing is go with what feels comfortable, it doesn't have to match but it will definitely make sense. I try to stick with 2 patterns and a few textures if I'm feeling extra wild. Speaking of wild, these cheetah print pants ($24.00) and the textured Tory Burch ruffle ivory top ($39.95) are the ideal match for a cropped jacket such as this one with gold thread details from Amanda Uprichard ($24.00).

I hope you have a fun and fashionable holiday season- Be sure to make it a December to remember by stopping my the My Sister's Closet location nearest to you!

Visit Mandy's blog for more here:

California Stores Donated 1.5 Million Dollars in Clothing Donations to Rancho Coastal Humane Society

Posted by My Sister's Closet


Dear Ann,

There's no way that we can express in a letter how much My Sister's Closet and Well Suited have done to help support Rancho Coastal Humane Society's programs for people and animals. 

Over the past six years, clothing donations to us from My Sister's Closet and Well Suited exceed $1.5 million and provided more than $600,000 in revenue to the shelter through our thrift shop. 

Thanks to My Sister's Closet and Well Suited, the animals in Rancho Coastal Humane Society's pet adoption program receive the best care possible. Children are learning lessons in humanity. Senior citizens and their pets stay together because of the food they receive from the RCHS Pet Food Bank. Pet Assisted Therapy dogs visit extended care facilities and struggling students with the gift of "fur therapy." Victims of domestic violence are able to escape with their lives thanks to the safety net of the RCHS Animal Safehouse Program.

All of this thanks to the generosity of My Sister's Closet and Well Suited. 

For those who have no voice, Thank You!


Jim Silveira, President/CEO


California Well Suited & My Sister's Closet donated clothing worth more than $1.2 million to Rancho Coastal Humane Society

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Dear Ann,

There's no way that we can express in a letter how much My Sister's Closet and Well Suited have done to help support Rancho Coastal Humane Society's programs for people and animals. 

Over the past six years, clothing donations to us from My Sister's Closet and Well Suited exceed $1.5 million and provided more than $600,000 in revenue to the shelter through our thrift shop. 

Thanks to My Sister's Closet and Well Suited, the animals in Rancho Coastal Humane Society's pet adoption program receive the best care possible. Children are learning lessons in humanity. Senior citizens and their pets stay together because of the food they receive from the RCHS Pet Food Bank. Pet Assisted Therapy dogs visit extended care facilities and struggling students with the gift of "fur therapy." Victims of domestic violence are able to escape with their lives thanks to the safety net of the RCHS Animal Safehouse Program.

All of this thanks to the generosity of My Sister's Closet and Well Suited. 

For those who have no voice, Thank You!


Jim Silveira, President/CEO


California Well Suited & My Sisters Closet donated clothing worth more than 1.5 million to Rancho Coastal Humane Society

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Dear Ann,

There's no way that we can express in a letter how much My Sister's Closet and Well Suited have done to help support Rancho Coastal Humane Society's programs for people and animals. 

Over the past six years, clothing donations to us from My Sister's Closet and Well Suited exceed $1.5 million and provided more than $600,000 in revenue to the shelter through our thrift shop. 

Thanks to My Sister's Closet and Well Suited, the animals in Rancho Coastal Humane Society's pet adoption program receive the best care possible. Children are learning lessons in humanity. Senior citizens and their pets stay together because of the food they receive from the RCHS Pet Food Bank. Pet Assisted Therapy dogs visit extended care facilities and struggling students with the gift of "fur therapy." Victims of domestic violence are able to escape with their lives thanks to the safety net of the RCHS Animal Safehouse Program.

All of this thanks to the generosity of My Sister's Closet and Well Suited. 

For those who have no voice, Thank You!


Jim Silveira, President/CEO


My Sister's Closet Holiday Style: The Traveling Little Black Dress

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This holiday season My Sister's Closet is showing how everyone's holiday staple - the LBD (Little Black Dress), can take you from a trip to the grocery store to a fabulous holiday party. It's one dress, five ways - the perfect way to be ready for any occasion this busy holiday season. This Blaque Label black dress, only $34.95 at My Sister's Closet, will take you anywhere.

Running Around Town

With the holiday season comes tons of shopping - from picking up groceries for a delicious meal to buying presents for your family, and of course stopping by My Sister's Closet for some amazing designer fashion finds.

Style it with an adorable knit sweater, like this Yaya Aflalo sweater for only $14.95, to stay warm in the mornings. Pair it with these comfortable Yohji Yamamoto red shoes for $195.00 (retailed for $400) that won't slow down a woman on the run and this STM cross body bag for $14.95 to hold all of your shopping lists and daily necessities.

Working Through the Day

For a busy career woman, this take on the LBD is great for the office or even if your job takes you away from your desk. In the mad rush to tie up loose ends before the end of the year and of course the excitement of time off for the holidays, this outfit is perfect for any woman on the go.

Layer a collared blouse, like this white Elizabeth and James top for $44.95, under your classic LBD to give it a more structured feel. Top it with a whimsical tie, like this Penguin tie for $14.95, to show off some personality and throw on a cute jacket, like this one from Babette for $99.95 (retailed for $495), to take off the chill from the winter weather. And for accessories? These Gucci black shoes for $145.00 (retailed for $550) keep the outfit comfortable, but classic. And off-set this classic look with a bright statement bag, like this Reed Krakoff handbag for $795.00 (retailed for $1,700).

Racing to the Holidays

Have Thanksgiving dinner with your family? Brunch on Christmas morning? A holiday get-together with friends? Holiday celebrations always provide a great reason to dress-up and show off your style.

Pull in the traditional holiday red to spice up an outfit that can easily take you from picking up a list minute gift to racing straight to a family gathering.

This great Moschino plaid jacket, only $44.95, is a great addition to your LBD and instantly makes the outfit perfect for the holidays, and show off your waist by adding a cute belt, like this Moschino one for $34.95.

Finish off the look with this beautiful red and black Love Moschino handbag for $99.95 (retailed for $1,000) and these Miu Miu pumps for $79.95 (retailed for $750).

Meeting Up with the Girls

Thanks to Arizona's warmer winter weather going sleeveless for the holidays isn't out of the question. For a night out with your girls keep it chic and monochromatic.

A great way to dress for fall in Arizona, this sleeveless turtleneck top by Malo for $44.95 adds a wintery edge to your LBD. Nip in your waist and accessorize all at the same time with this Ralph Lauren belt for $17.50. Add this beautiful Daniele Alessandrini handbag for $49.95 and Jeffrey Campbell booties for $39.95 to finish the look.

Don't forget the jewelry! Put on a cute cuff and a bowtie, like the ones pictured for only $14.95 and $12.50 to be the envy of all of your friends at happy hour.

Party Time

Office parties, Christmas gatherings, New Year's - tis the season for parties!

Let the jewelry do the taking with this party look. Dress up your LBD with a statement necklace like these BeBe strands of pearls for $44.95 and add a fun cocktail ring like this one by KJL for $59.95.

Bring a small bag that holds only the essentials - lipstick, wallet and keys, like this one by Beverly Feldman for $34.95 and slip into a pair of strappy, patent shoes like these Ralph Lauren heels for $125.00.

Shop all of these looks and more at My Sister's Closet. It's the perfect place to find gifts for friends and loved ones with something for everyone at My Sister's Closet, Well Suited and My Sister's Attic. Don't forget to pick up a few things for yourself too!

'Tis the Season for Shopping! Holiday Decorating Ideas from My Sister's Attic

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Have an enchanted holiday with My Sister's Attic! Get amazing decorating finds and furniture just in time for the holidays.

Gnome for the Holidays

Minimalism is in - downsize and go miniature this year with your holiday decorations! These cute mini gnmoes and creatures create a magical, festive feel in any home! Keep it small and shop for a 4" to 12" mini Charlie Brown Christmas tree or old world greenery, perfect for any home! A Little DIY can take you a long way - find a cute container, empty paint can, shopping bag, coffee can or garden pot to plant your tiny tree.

Owl Be Home for Christmas

If you're feeling a little more glam than woodsy consider pastel feather trees. Display these fun trees on a coffee table or end table, they can even double as a centerpiece for dinner. Use faux snow blankets, gumballs or mini marshmallows to fill in the space around the tree for whimsical feel. A touch of moss and a tree topper help finish the look.

An Enchanted Christmas

A fun and easy alternative to the traditional wreath is to create a cute, custom sign for your front door. Make a quick trip to the hardware store, pick up a few cedar planks and you're on your way to a great looking, old world sign. Plus, the smell of cedar is a great way to welcome visitors coming to your home! Hang it up or prop it up on the side of the door with moss and pine cones. A fun family craft, let the kids do the letters to give it a loose, free and authentic feel.

Come up with text that can match your décor or is just fun: Enchanted Christmas, Gnome for the Holidays, Welcome to Our House, the list of possibilities is endless!

Winter Wonderland

Perfect for a holiday party backdrop or to spruce up your entryway, create an enchanted forest right here in the desert. Wintertime evokes memories of skiing through tall aspen trees and blankets of white snow on the mountains. Recreate it yourself with an outdoor winter scene that doesn't require you to leave your home.

Use long, vertical pieces of plywood to paint a simple scene of aspen trees using black and white paint. Create several shades of gray for your trees by mixing different amounts of the paint. Paint the trees on using a 2" and 4" roller, and then add in detail with a small brush to create shading and detail.

Place white velvet or faux snow below the painted trees to complete the wintery scenes and if you're feeling extra festive you can drill holes into the plywood and insert mini lights to light up the scene.

"The Holiday season is already here and there's no better time of the year to start saving," said CEO and Founder, Ann Siner. "My Sister's Attic is the perfect place to save on holiday shopping and we just love these low cost, do it yourself decorating ideas."

For amazing holiday décor and home items visit My Sister's Attic. Don't forget to pick up some amazing pieces that make for the perfect holiday gift. Visit to view some of the items in store.

How to Look Hot When It is Hot

Posted by My Sister's Closet

When popular magazines talk about dressing for the summer heat, they probably aren't talking Arizona HOT. It is hot enough to bake delicious cookies in your car while at work and melt your favorite lipstick in minutes. When it tops 110 or higher it can be enough to make anyone question how to stay cool. Here at My Sister's Closet, Arizona's favorite Consignment shop, we have some tips/advice to dress in the heat for work/play/weekend:

ALL ABOUT THE DRESS: We love the idea of chic shirt dresses, they are super easy and professional. This Akris shirt dress for $59.95 is on point or this floral sleeveless one from Opening Ceremony for $59.95.

SHOW SOME SKIN: Unless you are working at a law office, in finance or another industry with a strict dress code, wearing a tasteful sleeveless top to work is totally appropriate. Be sure to always keep a sweater or jacket with you for that sometimes frigid A/C. This Kate Spade, size medium floral top for $59.95 is as cute as can be, or this simple orange top from Brunelli Cuccinelli works perfect.

FREE FLOW: Tight fitting clothing might look good other days of the year, but the sweat marks on your back won't look good any day of the year. This Chan Luu dress for $69.95 at our Scottsdale store is just perfect or this Lorenzo Antoniazzi green cotton dress for $89.95.

Lounging by the pool is a great way to stay cool. In July we shelter under the shade or just stay in the pool for hours on end. Make sure to have a hat and sunnies on hand at all times, that sun can be fierce.

This Emilio Pucci graphic one piece is just $69.95, paired with an open knit cover up from Kaktus for $12.50, sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs for $39.95, Betsey Johnson hat for $12.50, Stuart Weitzman sandals for $24.95 and Kate Spade straw bag for $89.95. All at our Lincoln Village store: 480-443-4575.

WEAR SUNSCREEN/DRINK WATER: Seems like an obvious tip, but as chic as your summer wardrobe might be, sunscreen and water will keep you looking young and feeling great. We love tinted moisturizers such as Neutrogena's Healthy Skin tinted moisturizer And this Hydro Flask water bottle will keep your fluids cool all day long even in your hot car (seriously we tried it) and they come in lots of cute colors.


What I Wore to Coachella

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Ah, Coachella - the land of the free, home to the wanderers with flower crowns adorned on shiny golden locks, Woodstock-era clothing and festival-goers who want to get lost in the tunes. But what’s a festival without some fashion? We checked in on one of our employees, Stephanie.  She is a Coachella alumni (she’s gone nine times!) and attended this year to experience the fashion, the music and everything in between. Check out some of her looks from Weekend 1 - all from My Sister’s Closet!

Despite the somewhat tricky weather, Stephanie rocked some adorable, distressed high-waisted shorts ($9.95) paired with a perforated Free People off the shoulder top ($24.95) - a trending favorite. She finished off the look with rugged Jeffrey Campbell boots ($49.95) and layers of her own jewelry.

On Sunday, she wanted to go for a more boho-comfy look and wore a bold Free People floral maxi skirt ($34.95) styled with a white Max Mara crop top ($34.95), delicate gold jewelry and topped it off with a Free People hat ($17.50). Finished off with this fab teal Rebecca Minkoff bag ($79.95)!

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Spring Trends: 

Fashion lovers rejoice - we’ve checked out the best trends from the spring runways that are practical enough for you to rock everyday, while incorporating your own personal flair. From oversized florals to statement-making 70’s style flares and bare shoulders here are the must-have styles you should try this spring.

Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu and Givenchy all showcased flirty, off the shoulder tops that make for the perfect Coachella-inspired ensemble. Not only did we see them on tops, but shirts, dresses and even coats - making it the perfect choice for transitioning from daytime to evening. Pair a ruffle off the shoulder top with a maxi skirt and some embellished booties for a killer ensemble. 

Alright ladies, it’s time to stash away those skinnies and bust out the flares and wide-legs. Both Alice & Olivia and Coach showcased a 70’s revival with boho-looks straight from Woodstock - including the resurgence of denim flares. It’s the new silhouette of the season, so why not pair some wide leg jeans with a loose-fitted top and a blazer for a sophisticated, polished look.

Florals, florals, florals everywhere! This season we’re still ogling over Spanish-roused details like oversized florals done in a dreamy abstract way that we’re spotted on the runways in Milan - including, floor-length maxi dresses at Dolce & Gabbana and decadent pastels at Blumarine. Try pairing a matching floral blazer and cropped pants for a ladylike, tailored look.


Dinner With The Wolves:

HOWL you pass this up? Join the wolves for dinner Sunday, April 10th for a unique event at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale. Dine on fine chow feet away from the most endangered mammal in North America, the Mexican Grey Wolf. You’re sure to hear them howling throughout the night. Inquire about tickets here:


Three Paws Ain’t No Thang:

It was March 11, 2011. I woke up at a shelter on the West side of Phoenix and just had a sense that this was going to be an important day.  Little did I know, I was scheduled to be euthanized in just 24 hours… read more:


Paws in Paradise: 

The Arizona Humane Society’s Compassion with Fashion is back this April. Join your fellow animal lovers and fierce fashionistas in a seated island feast, surf a silent auction filled with treasures and take in a splashin’ fashion show featuring AHS’ dreamy adoptable pets and My Sister’s Closet Fashions! Tickets for the cutest day in fashion are available now at

My Name is Chi Chi

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Hello everyone!  My name is Chi Chi.  I’m so blessed today to be living in a beautiful home filled with endless love, but I need to share my story because life didn’t start out so sunny.

It was March 11, 2011. I woke up at a shelter on the west side of Phoenix and just had a sense that this was going to be an important day.  Little did I know, I was scheduled to be euthanized in just 24 hours.

The clock kept ticking down.  I watched as other dogs were adopted, none of whom had all my baggage. You see, my back leg was severely injured in an accident, turning me into the photogenic, three-legged love muffin that I am today.  But none of those other dogs had my spunk and personality!

Time was slipping away and then someone finally came to my rescue!  Ann Siner, the co-founder of My Sister’s Closet, had received an email about me and was so moved she welcomed me into her extended family of furry friends, all of which were adopted from similar shelters. Without Ann's generosity and compassion I would be writing to you from doggy heaven (I know, that's an assumption).

Needless to say, it was puppy love from the start.  Now I get to bask in the desert sun, take long walks (or in my case, hops) and enjoy a life that I never could have imagined.
I hope that you feel compelled to adopt a pet like me.  After all, there is nothing more fashionable than saving the life of an animal.
I look forward to sniffing you soon,

- Chi Chi

Top 5 Most Wearable Fall Trends

Posted by My Sister's Closet

With the temperatures dropping, pumpkin-spice flavored everything and Halloween right around the corner it’s safe to say that Fall is officially upon us, and with that comes a slew of wardrobe changes; cue the heavy breathing. But, fear not, we’ve rounded up the top 5 coolest trends of the season that are current favorites and totally budget-friendly.

Fringe Benefit

By far one of the biggest trends this season is fringe which has been seen on everything from pencil skirts, to 70’s style leather jackets to maximum fringe detailing on dresses. With designs ranging from boho glam to the Western frontier the look is both edgy and ladylike, unexpected but still easily wearable. Luckily we found some great options at My Sister’s Closet that won’t break the bank including these fringe-tastic Coach booties and sophisticated green Tribute fringe slingbacks by Yves Saint Laurent.

Coach Black Leather Fringe Laurel Booties- retailed $365, now $99.95


Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Fringe Slingbacks - retailed $995, now $245


Chunky Knits

We’re all for cozy knits, top knots and hot chocolate and even though this may not seem like a brand new trend, it’s nonetheless, a classic wardrobe staple. Knits were all the rage on the runway from Prabal Gurung to Altuzarra and can easily be paired with your favorite pair of jeans or thrown over a lightweight maxi dress for a polished fall ensemble. This See by Chloe top is perfect paired with skinnies and booties while the Rag & Bone striped sweater can easily be thrown over a black maxi skirt.

See by Chloe Black & White Knit Top - $54.95


Rag & Bone Black and Grey Striped Knit Sweater - $59.95


Lacey Affair

It’s no surprise that hints of lace will always make us feel feminine and sexy. With featherweight lace tops, flared pants and romanticized dresses the design will add an air of aristocracy and can easily be topped with a weather appropriate fur coat. We found some great lacy ensembles including these Escada pumps and this stunning red Valentino lace dress.

Escada Black Lace Peep Toe Pumps - retailed $550, now $175


Valentino Red Rose Guipure Lace Sheath Dress - $275


Furtastic Collars

Fur finishes always holds court during the fall season and by the looks of it the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Whether its in faux or shearling, the statement-making trim is prominent on oversized collars - which can gravitate beyond the lapel, all the way to the top and down along the edges. The design speaks volumes without having to say a thing. We’re loving this luscious Escada lamb jacket that will keep you warm all-season long and the Tracy Reese leopard fur vest will instantly add some updated edge to your look.

Escada Black & White Lamb Trim Jacket - $295


Tracy Reese Leopard & Grey Suede Fur Vest - $69.95


Micro Minis

Yes, you’ve read that right, hemlines are getting considerably hiked up this season thanks to designers like Laurent and Carven. With short hemlines, to midi to long, they can easily be paired with tights and booties for the perfect fall ensemble. We love the effortless edge on this Chanel mini skirt as well as the cool, unexpected design on the Kelly Wearstler painted skirt.

Chanel Quilted Skirt: $225


Kelly Wearstler Leather Painted Skirt $145


We hope this list has given you fashionistas some much needed #OOTD inspiration while saving some $$! You’ll be able to find all these looks above and so many more by visiting our website and be sure to follow our social media accounts for even MORE fashion news, tips and inspiration.

MSC Talks Style & Success With Career Blindspot

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Juan Kingsbury is an assessment and selection specialist for Career Blindspot. He is primarily responsible for working with clients to review assessment results and provide insight for their hiring decisions. Juan's main focus is changing the way people think about careers and owning their decisions. Juan is a frequent shopper at Well Suited Men's Resale Apparel. Here, we ask him a few questions about his style and how to dress for career success.

Juan Kinsbury

Well Suited: Juan, tell us a little bit about Career Blindspot...

Juan: We all know the term "square peg, round hole," Career Blindspot helps companies deal with the square pegs, if not avoid them all together. I align the wants of the individual with the needs of the company. From talent selection to improving sales performance, we help companies and employees leverage their greatest strengths. 


MSC: Is the way people dress associated with career success? 

Juan: Completely. Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want. Up your style game if you want to move up. But make sure it's a reflection of you. Don't let the clothes wear you. I cringe when I see people trying too hard, but then I sympathize when I see someone just not try at all. I've been guilty of both but like to think I've struck a balance and made my style work for me. 


MSC: Is there a specific designer that dominates your closet?

Juan: Kenneth Cole. Because it's classic iconic style that my fiancé has approved. 

Kenneth Cole, Well Suited Men's Resale


MSC: What is one item every man should have in his closet to conquer the world?

Juan: Every man needs a well tailored suit. When it fits right, you know it and you know everyone else knows it. Looking like Tom Hanks at the end of the movie BIG doesn't look good on anyone. I don't get it but apparently good shoes go a long way for women. I'd hate to get that wrong. 


MSC: Professionally, is it better to stand out with your wardrobe or blend in?

Juan: It’s better to stand out by being the best dressed than to blend in with everyone else. You want to be remembered but not for anything obnoxious. Unless that is in your industry. Don't be afraid to ask a peer or mentor what they think. 


MSC: Last thing you bought at Well Suited?

Juan: I’m always looking for new dress shirts but my most favorite purchase was a Yves Saint Laurent tie

MSC: Any general advice for people looking for work on wardrobe? Watch for deodorant stains? Dress like you've already got the job?

Juan: Dress in clothes that make you look and feel good NOW. Don't think about 10 lbs from now. And if you're  wearing clothes just because they fit, go treat yourself and find something that you can't wait to rock. 

2014 the Year in Review

Posted by My Sister's Closet

As 2014 comes to a close, the pros here at your second hand stores San Diego reflect on what an eventful year it’s been in the fashion world. We’ve made our own list of 2014’s biggest trends, most important moments, and made predictions for what’s to come in the New Year. 


second hand stores san diego

Photo Credit

·         Crop Tops

The crop top seemed to be everywhere this year. The skin-baring trend started in Spring and continued through Summer, but didn’t go way when the weather got colder. Now cropped sweaters are showing up in stores, showing this trend is still going strong. 

·         Boyfriend Jeans

This year we finally got a break from the super-skinny jean trend thanks to the boyfriend jean – casual pants that are not tight fitting yet still manage to make you look great while staying comfortable. That’s probably the reason these styles were selling out in stores all year. 

·         Animal Print

2014 was a wild year for fashion, and everything from pants to skirts to shoes to sweaters were covered in leopard, tiger, zebra, snake and more. Designers used muted colors and accents to make animal prints chic and not tacky.

·         Leather

Leather became a lot more versatile this year. It is no longer only seen in accessories like boots, purses, and jackets, but leather shirts and pants seemed to be on sale everywhere as well. Designers chose soft, lightweight leather fabrics to avoid the biker look and make leather chic. 

·         The 90s

2014 was apparently a nostalgic year for shoppers, as styles popular in the nineties seemed to be available everywhere. Overalls, velvet, and choker necklaces experienced a resurgence in popularity, but it is yet to be seen whether or not this trend will make it to 2015.



second hand stores san diego

Photo Credit

·         Lupita Nyong’o at the Oscars

2014 was a tremendous year for Nyong’o – she won an Academy Award, emerged as a style icon, and was named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful person. She had many amazing looks this year, but arguably her most memorable was the ‘Nairobi Blue’ Prada gown she wore to accept her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.  

·         Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

The Kardashian clan dominated social media this year, and while Kim’s backside tried to break the Internet, her most memorable moment this year (while she was clothed) was definitely her over-the-top wedding to rapper Kanye West and the Givenchy gown she wore. 

·         Rihanna’s CFDA appearance

Rihanna made headlines throughout the year for her daring fashion choices, but she shocked many when she received her CFDA ‘Style Icon’ Award wearing a dress that was completely sheer, with nothing underneath it. 

·         Blake Lively’s baby bump

Blake Lively proved that maternity wear can look incredible when she walked the red carpet looking unbelievably gorgeous in a tight, yellow Gucci gown that showcased her growing baby bump. That will be one beautiful baby to welcome in 2015!

·       Oscar De La Renta’s Death

The fashion world mourned when news of De La Renta’s death broke. He was an icon, a visionary, and the creator of his own fashion house. He will be deeply missed.



second hand stores san diego

Photo Credit

·         Wine-colored everything

Pantone named Marsala the color of the year for 2015, so expect to see burgundy jeans, maroon sweaters, pomegranate accessories and lots more in stores everywhere soon. 

·         Work-out chic

The single most popular item of 2014 was probably yoga pants. Labels like Lululemon, Nike, and Athleta are creating clothes that women can workout in and wear comfortably around town. Women with active lifestyles now have fashionable wardrobe choices to go along with them.

·         La Boheme

In Spring 2015, the pros here at your second hand stores San Diego are expecting a lot of clothes that we like to call ‘Hippie-chic’ – anything flowy and retro with a Bohemian flair. Think florals, maxi skirts, and lace.

·         Gingham

This pattern is making a huge comeback in 2015. A gingham button down is going to be your must-have basic fashion item next year that you can wear everywhere.

·         White

White isn’t just for the summer anymore. All-white outfits are classic, stylish, and now totally ok to wear during any season. White coats for winter, white blazers for work, and a little white dress instead of an LBD for nights on the town are all going to be very popular in 2015. Just make sure you’re very careful when drinking your coffee!

2015 is going to be an amzing year for everything, including fashion. Start your year off right by visiting the best second hand stores San Diego to buy some new clothes for the new you, and follow our blog for more fashion news and tips! 

Steal this Celebrity Style

Posted by My Sister's Closet

With all the options available at your favorite San Diego resale store, choosing an outfit might seem overwhelming. That’s why the pros here have put together a celeb-inspired look using pieces from our stores that is guaranteed to make you look fabulous. 

Anllywood starlet can look good on the red carpet thanks to teams of stylists and makeup artists, but the true test of fashion sense is the quality of their street style. Reese Witherspoon, while flawless on the red carpet, also has amazing style when spotted around town. You can steal this look thanks to San Diego resale.


san diego resale

Photo Credit: People Magazine 

The first piece needed for this outfit is this Yigal Azrouel knit sweater. It’s similar in color to Reese’s coat, and its draped silhouette achieves the same flowy, casual elegance that she has in the photo. This sweater can be dressed up with shiny black jeans and stilettos, like the ones Reese has on, or can be dressed down with a simple pair of skinnies and flats.


 san diego resale

Yigal Azrouel Size Small Knit Open Sweater

Retail $400.00
Our Price $100
You Save 75%

Shoes can make or break your outfit. Reese chose an edgy pair of booties to make this outfit a little more daring, and it paid off. Add interest to your ensemble with these super stylish  L.A.M.B. open-toed booties from MSC.

 san diego resale

REDUCED L.A.M.B. Size 10 Grommet Woven Booties

Our Price $44.95

Red is always a bold color and a great choice for statement pieces that won’t overwhelm the rest of your outfit. Reese highlights her look with a red-accented scarf and a bold red lip, but we think this outfit would look even better with this red Michael Kors purse. It’s classy, versatile, and a gorgeous deep red hue that will definitely attract a lot of compliments (and some serious bag envy!)


 san diego resale

Michael Michael Kors Red Nylon Belford Satchel

Our Price $69.95

The temperatures might be cooling down but the sun is still shining, so why go anywhere without the perfect pair of sunnies? Not only do they make you look mysterious and cool, but they also protect your eyes and face from sun damage, meaning less wrinkles for you! Your San Diego resale store has a huge selection of designer sunglasses, and these pair from Gucci are a huge steal.

 san diego resale

Gucci 3079 Flora Sunglasses

Retail $330.00
Our Price $125
You Save 62%

We’re sure you, like Reese, have a busy schedule to keep to and important meetings to get to. Go through life with purpose and always arrive stylishly on time with the help of this beautiful Burberry stainless steel watch.

san diego resale

REDUCED Burberry Stainless Steel Check Watch

Retail $495.00
Our Price $236
You Save 52%

The final piece you need for this outfit is a great coat. This season, anything fur-trimmed is in huge demand, and this Burberry pea coat is an amazing steal for such a finely crafted jacket.

 san diego resale

REDUCED Burberry Size 48 Rabbit Collar Brown Pea Coat

Retail $2000.00
Our Price $716
You Save 64%

Hopefully this has given you shoppers style inspiration. It turns out looking like a celebrity is not as hard as you’d think with the help of San Diego resale! Get this look and many others by visiting our website, and follow our blog for more fashion news and tips. 

Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Well-Suited has you covered for men’s designer clothes San Diego this holiday season, but you probably need some help shopping for the women in your lives this Holiday season. We know how you feel, so we made this convenient gift giving guide for you to use to have the best, least stressful holiday season ever.

mens designer clothes san diego

Photo Credit

1. Winter wear

Women love to accessorize, and they also love to be cozy – winter wear combines these two favorite things. It can be hard to stay fashionable while bundling up for the cold, so getting them some chic but still useful pieces will be greatly appreciated by the ladies.

Our gift idea for this season is a pair of gloves with special fingertips that are compatible with smart phones so your girlfriend’s hands can stay toasty and warm while she texts you. Other great options are infinity scarves, a nice plush robe, or even earmuffs or a pair of fuzzy socks for a more casual gift.

2. Holiday Sweaters

Every lady loves some Christmas cheer, and holiday sweaters are actually in style these days. Rather than a tacky wool turtleneck that your mother made you wear for the family photo each year that haunts you on her Facebook profile to this day, the new take on the Holiday sweater is chic while still cute. Pick something for the special women in your life that features a cute pattern, is soft, and will actually fit them. We’re sure they would love something to replace the scratchy old thing they were forced to wear last year. (Bonus points if you pick up a matching one for yourself from men’s designer clothes San Diego).

3. Sparkles

Women all over the country use the Holidays as a time to use glitter with reckless abandon and to dress in clothes covered with sequins and sparkle and fairy dust or whatever else they can find that will fuel their glitter addiction. Use this to your advantage. Buy them something shiny – this can come in many forms, from jewelry to sweaters to shoes to dresses. If you really want to impress a girl, show her you’re cool and comfortable with buying makeup by giving her a glitter eyeliner.

4. T-Swift

Taylor Swift has had a huge year – record breaking album sales, performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and turning 25, making everyone in the world jealous. As we all know, women love Taylor Swift, so this year think of her when you’re buying something for the women in your life. Whether it’s Taylor’s album or something she would wear, like a high-waisted skirt and crop top (or even a Victoria Secret robe).

5. Shoes

Women love shoes. The dozens of pairs of shoes in your girlfriend’s closet that she never wears yet refuses to get rid of have made you aware of that fact. So it would make sense that she would love you even more if you got her a great pair of shoes. In winter a pair of chic boots or booties would be especially appreciated.

6. Bags

Women also love things to put all of their other things in. A designer purse is one of the greatest gifts a woman can receive, so if you’re willing to spend a little extra money on a bag from Michael Kors or Kate Spade, the women in your life will not be disappointed.


Hopefully this guide will help you find something perfect for the special people in your life. And once you’ve finished shopping for them, you can find men’s designer clothes San Diego here at Well-Suited at great prices and a give a gift to yourself for the holidays. For more fashion tips and news, follow our blog.  

Our Favorite Things

Posted by My Sister's Closet

The best consignment stores San Diego are getting ready to ring in the Holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time for giving and receiving, so if you are looking for the perfect gift for a special woman in your life, or you just want to give yourself a well-deserved treat, we have a huge selection for you to choose from here at My Sister’s Closet. To give you some ideas of great gifts and purchases, we made a special ‘Favorite Things’ list just for you. So keep reading to be inspired by some of the items the best consignment stores San Diego right now that we love!

best consignment stores san diego

Rebecca Taylor Size 2 Navy Cut Out Flared Dress

Our Price $79.95

This gorgeous dress by Rebecca Taylor is perfect for a Holiday Party or New Year’s date. Navy is one of the hottest colors this season, but is dark enough to still look neutral. The cutouts on the sleeves add visual appeal to your collarbone area, and the a-line waist accentuates your curves. Pair it with some colorful accents to really make your look incredible!

best consignment stores san diego

Magaschoni Size Medium Cream & Gold Knit Sweater

Our Price $49.95

The best part about cold weather? Getting to wear snuggly sweaters like this one, that are perfect for relaxing and cuddling in. This sweater will look great on anyone, and its gold accents make it subtly sparkly and perfect for the holidays.

best consignment stores san diego

Truth & Pride Size Large Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Retail $695.00
Our Price $195
You Save 72%

Every cool chick needs a leather jacket, and this one from Truth & Pride is the perfect fit for any sassy lady who needs to cover up in the cold. The asymmetrical zipper in the front, the zippered pockets, and the detailing on the sleeve makes this an interesting and trendy jacket that you can wear with jeans or even over a cute dress.

best consignment stores san diego

Our Price $125

This Kate Spade bag is the perfect flirty accessory. It’s classic lines and bubblegum pink color combine to create a beautiful bag that will enhance any neutral outfit, while still looking timeless.

best consignment stores san diego

Sachin & Babi Size 4 Black & Cream Printed Sheath Dress

Our Price $100

Here at the best consignment stores San Diego, our attitude toward the holidays is the more glitter, the better. This elegant Sachin & Babi sheath dress will flatter your figure, and has just the right amount of sparkle for you to celebrate the season’s tidings in. Paired it with a cardigan and black pumps to tone it down, or wear some even glitter-ier heels and go all-out.

best consignment stores san diego

REDUCED Chan Luu Sheer Cream Scarf

Our Price $47.95

Keeping warm without feeling like a dork can sometimes be a struggle, as you find yourself considering your old legwarmers, your huge puffy ski coat, or your (very sexy) long underwear. With this scarf, your neck can remain warm and cozy and you will look like a chic winter goddess while doing it.

best consignment stores san diego

Manolo Blahnik Size 39 Leopard Print Pony Hair Booties

Our Price $175

Animal print is a huge trend this season, and so are ankle-high booties. When we saw these Manolos we instantly fell in love, as they are the perfect combination of the two styles.

We hope you have been inspired by the great fashion ideas from our favorite things list! Celebrate the holiday season with the best consignment stores San Diego and buy items now from our website! For more fashion tips and style news, follow our blog. 

How to Look like You Are Carving the Turkey this Thanksgiving

Posted by My Sister's Closet

The pros here at your mens’ consignment store San Diego know that all eyes will be on you during the Holidays. All of your family and friends will be gathering round, so you need to dress to impress. Look like the man of the house this holiday season by following these guidelines.

mens consignment store san diego

Photo Credit

1. Layers

We’re sure you’ve heard the women in your lives getting all excited about ‘sweater weather’ lately, and while you may not share their enthusiasm for bulky clothes and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, layers are an inevitable part of your winter wardrobe. However, there are many options that allow the modern man to stay warm and masculine. A rugged sweater says “I drink expensive whiskey but I also like to cuddle” while a blazer says “I have my life together”. Layers can be your friend if you wear them well, so stick to solid colors or simple patterns, nothing too big or bulky, and of course the cardinal rule: no deep v’s.

2. Wear Clothes that fit

For some reason men have to be told this over and over again. No, we’re not suggesting you wear pants so tight that you begin to lose circulation, but saggy jeans and baggy sweatshirts don’t look good on anyone. Buy a pair of designer jeans that aren’t too loose or too tight, and invest in some-button downs and tailored tees and sweaters. You’ll look put together without actually having to put much effort into your style, giving you more time for your hobbies like blacksmithing or beer brewing or whatever else you do for fun.

3. Wear a nice watch

While carving your delicious turkey this holiday season, your hands will be on full display. In order to distract from all the callouses you’ve gotten chopping wood this winter, you need a designer watch. The watch is the ultimate male status symbol, and you can get one at ridiculously low prices from our mens’ consignment store San Diego.

4. Get yourself groomed

You’re a man now, so it’s time to get a real haircut. If you’re not sure what style to get, just turn on the TV and watch an episode of Mad Men and you’ll get the picture. And if you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to say goodbye to the bangs and head to your local barber for a professional cut. You should also grow a beard for the ultimate manly look, just make sure you are keeping your facial hair well groomed and trimmed often.

5. Shoes are important

Many an outfit has been ruined by a pair of sneakers. Jogging shoes are not appropriate unless you are actually jogging, so put the Nikes down and find a pair of shoes that a gentleman would wear. If your holiday festivities are more casual, go with a rugged pair of boots. For a more formal occasion, every man needs a pair of shiny black leather dress shoes for work, special events, and just looking classy in general.

6. Embrace patterns

Luckily, there are a lot of things that will never go out of style when it comes to manly fashion. Don’t be boring this holiday season and stick to your same old solid colored shirts. Tweed is making a huge comeback, and plaid, checkered, and striped are always great choices as well. So be bold this holiday season with a patterned shirt or textured blazer.  

Carve the turkey this Holiday season with confidence, and impress all your friends and family thanks to mens consignment store San Diego. We have a huge selection of manly looks for you to look awesome this winter, so visit our store and follow our blog for more fashion tips and news.


A Guide to Leather Jackets

Posted by My Sister's Closet

So you’re on your way to your favorite San Diego resale store when you notice your attractive new neighbor drive by in a brand new car. He catches your eye, rolls down the window, and offers you a ride. You politely decline, hop on your sweet motorcycle, and drive off into the sunset, laughing. 

Ok, so maybe you don’t own a motorcycle, but every woman does need one accessory to express her inner badass – and that’s a leather jacket. Not only is leather a fall essential, it’s a necessity for every fashionable chick. And with so many different styles, we here at your San Diego resale store compiled this guide to help you decide which type best channels your inner wild child.


The moto style is a must-have for every aspiring biker chick. The trendiest style this fall is anything asymmetrical, adding some interest and edge to your coat. The more zippers the better this season, as we’re seeing them on pockets and sleeves as well. A lot of the best jackets have details like quilted leather, belts, straps, or studs to add even more appeal to your outerwear. Pick a jacket with one or two of these added details, like the one pictured below. 

san diego resale store



The bomber jacket is a classic style and a throwback to the 40s. This season, anything retro is in style, and so is menswear for women. Bomber jackets used to be worn by men in the military, but we can’t let the boys have all the fun – ladies’ bombers are made with lightweight leather and are given some feminine touches. Pair it with a contrasting girly top, like the one below, to create an amazing look.

san diego resale


Light Colors

The ‘no-white-after-labor-day’ rule can be thrown out the window this year with the growing popularity of white outerwear. The combination of ethereal white with rugged leather creates a great contrast and gives your feminine look and edge. Other pale leather colors are popular this season as well, such as beige and blush pink. 

san diego resale store



Cowboy chic is in, and you can pull it off the trend with a suede jacket. Don’t overdo it with too much fringe or crazy beads, but choose suede that comes in a modern silhouette, like he zip-up hoodie shown below, to harness the modern cowgirl look.

san diego resale store 



Faux leather is vegan friendly, and also easy on your wallet! While you’re already saving money by shopping at our San Diego resale store, the budget-conscious shopper can find faux leather in every style for a cheaper price.

Different Silhouettes

This season leather is being used in a lot of different and inventive ways. We’ve seen it in peplum, draped, cropped, and used as an accent in jackets, shirts, pants, and more.                                       

There are so many different styles of leather jackets, we know you will be able to find the perfect one for you. We have a huge inventory for you to choose from at our San Diego Resale store, and it changes every day! So come stop by to find some amazing clothes at even greater prices, and visit our blog for more fashion news and tips!



MySistersCloset Twitterviews Lynda Quintero Davids of Focal Point Styling

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Lynda Quintero-Davids of Focal Point Styling is an Interior Stylist, a Visual Merchandiser, and a Design Blogger who has specialized in home and store lifestyling for the past 25+ years. A fashionista at heart, Lynda enjoys thrifting, managing to find the look for less for fashion and decor, with style that is right on trend.

My Sister's Closet (MSC): Blogger, Interior Designer, and all around FASHIONISTA, @nyclq will be talking to us on Twitter in half an hour!

MSC: Q1: How would you describe Focal Point Styling (blog) to newbies?

Focal Point Styling (FPS): A1: A diversified lifestyle journal sharing #seasonal #fashion&decor #designideas #thrifttips #locallove & #marketevents

MSC: Q2: What is one item you have in your "One" Night Stand?

FPS: A2: A fave #thriftfind: A white Murano glass lamp - Scored the pair back in Ft. Lauderdale at Faith Farm Thrift!

MSC: Q3: Do you have any items in your closet that you refuse to give away or get rid of?

FPS: A3: Yes actually a few! sq vintage rhinestone covered evening bag & OscarDeLaRenta opera gloves I scored #thrifting FL. Also fur coats. One blk floor length coat (gifted from a neighbor) & another (a #thriftfind) I'd bring on trips to NYC

MSC: Q4: What is your greatest #thrift find?

FPS: A4: Tough 'one' to answer! For home: A pair of Milo Baughman chairs I scored for $16 & a wood buffet w slate top for $30! Scored great #thriftfinds @ MySistersCharity #thrift such as a camel wool robe coat @ $8 & a Cashmere sweater @ $4!! The New Yorker in me loves coats! <3

MSC: Q5: How would you define a "Well Suited" gentleman in 140 characters or less?

FPS: A5: Still go gaga for the character style of John Preston - aka Mr. Big from #SATC - #swoon!

MSC: Q6: What advice would you give to new bloggers?

FPS: A6: Tips I've learned: from #dbc: Content is king! From @ssalk: Be fearless, share your design spirit & groom your photos. 1st tip I learned from @VisualVamp: It takes time to find your voice but #keeponblogging. AND, of major importance today Utilize keywords to increase SEO when: 1. Tagging post 2. Image saving & 3. Creating blog post title. Also: #collaborate with like minded or industry people to learn and grow + create your community or join anothers building SM.

MSC: Q7: What can we look forward to on Focal Point Styling?

FPS: A7: would like to do more #local #collaborations, especially #fashion. Looking forward to attending and blogging events: @PHXFashionWeek Oct 2-4, #hpmkt #fall & attend in spring, also go to #dbc2015 & mb #bashcon + share upcoming #Miami trip! Of course also #holiday #tips&tricks for #fashion&decor! Be sure to follow me @Pinterest - Lynda | FocalPointStyling @nyclq. BTW: #dbc was short for @DesignBlogConf - a must event for #bloggers to attend! Happening next in Atlanta #dbc2015

MySistersCloset Twitterviews Gary Brown from Napoli Management Group

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Gary Brown joined Napoli Management Group as Vice President, Talent Development and as a Talent Representative in March of 2013. Considered one of the most respected leaders in television news and known as an innovator, strategist, mentor and coach for many in the industry, Gary has a keen eye for spotting talent. He has helped guide the careers of both talent and management in television stations across the country.

My Sister's Closet (MSC): Dress for Success today at 1:30! We exclusively talk to Hollywood Agent @NewsVP! #twitterview

Gary Brown (GB): honored to be asked by .@MySistersCloset to talk about #dressing4success today 1:30pm pacific. Think I have the color thing down #justsayin

MSC: You're Hollywood's favorite TV agent! Do you think it has to do with your sense of style?

GB: Well, I think it can't hurt,but also think it is my background and experience too. #butlookinggoodneverhurts

MSC: SO TRUE! Plus, we hear you're a hustler! ;) Q1: Is there a specific designer that dominates your closet?

GB: A1: Yes, @robertgrahamNYC shirts, over 30 of them

MSC: We �� @RobertGrahamNYC! - See! Q2: Why is #fashion important to your industry?

GB: A2: TV is a visual medium, gotta pop off the screen and I try to do that in my world too.

MSC: Great answer! Q3: What is one item every woman should have in her closet to conquer the world?

GB: A3: A pair of red sole heels? #imsuchaguy

MSC: Q4: Professionally, is it better to stand out with your wardrobe or blend in?

GB: A4: Stand out to a point, bright vivid colors, minimal patterns, tailored and fitted outfits

MSC: Q5: Any general advice for the working woman on wardrobe? Watch for deodorant stains? Dress like you've already got the job?

GB: A5: #tvnews is a first impression biz, but this works in any field, you want to make a positive 1st impression

MSC: That is great advice. Thanks for your time! Get back to kicking butt and taking names!

GB: back at ya!

MySistersCloset Twitterviews Kinsey Schofield

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Crowned 2014's “Most Fashionable in the Valley,” Kinsey is a TV Personality that has been seen on The E! Channel, Dr. Drew on Call, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, KTLA’s Tech Report, Fox & Friends, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Fox’s Happening Now, & Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld (to name a few.) With over a quarter of a million Twitter followers, and a My Sister's Closet consigner, we thought she would make a great Twitterview!

MySistersCloset (MSC): Q1: You were crowned, "Most Fashionable in the Valley." What is your definition of "Fashionable"?

KinseySchofield (KS): A1: Standing out in a packed room. Bold colors. Funky cuts. Wearing something that no one else will be wearing.

MSC: Fun! Q2: Do you have any items in your closet that you refuse to give away or get rid of?

KS: A2: I refuse to get rid of my William Rast jeans. I love Justin Timberlake and I love their fit. The perfect booty jean!

MSC: We �� a good booty jean! Q3: What is your greatest thrift find?

KS: A3: My Black Chanel Leather Chain Tote that I found at @MySistersCloset LV (Lincoln Village location)! & a Herve Leger dress!

MSC: Q4: PERF segue! Q4: If you visit right now, what is one item you âÂ?¤ï¸Â??

KS: A4: Obviously this turtleneck.

MSC: HAHA! Q5: What is your signature style? Turtlenecks?

KS: A5: Look at me! Look at me!

MSC: Q6: How would you define a "Well Suited" gentleman in 140 characters or less?

KS: A6: J-a-m-e-s F-r-a-n-c-o (James Franco)

MSC: ������ Q7: Do you enjoy any fashion bloggers?

KS: A7: I love @ChiaraFerragni & have recently discovered @nuclq!!!

MSC: Q8: Anything else you would like to promote or tell us about?

KS: A8: Coming soon to a TV near you!

MSC: Thank you @KinseySchofield!

KS: Thank you @MySistersCloset! I love you the most!

Fashion News, Lauren Bacall dies at age 89

Posted by My Sister's Closet

All of the pros here at our second hand stores in San Diego were saddened by the news of Lauren Bacall’s passing at the age of 89. The legendary actress and model will be greatly missed, but will continue to inspire all of us as a style icon. 

Image: Laura Loveday                              

Bacall began her career as a model at the tender age of 16, and she was already recognizable for her cat-like grace, blonde hair, and stunning green-blue eyes. After appearing on the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, her husky voice and sultry sex appeal quickly landed her acting roles in Hollywood. 

Image: Laura Loveday                              


Bacall found success in Tinsel Town and will be remembered as one of the greats that came out of Hollywood’s Golden Age of film. She starred in her first film, To Have and Have Not, at age 19 opposite Humphrey Bogart. They went on to star in more hits together, including The Big Sleep, Dark Passage, and Key Largo. Bacall also worked on Broadway in musicals, earning Tony Awards for Applause in 1970 and Woman of the Year in 1981. Later, her performance in the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996) earned her a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination.


Bacall was also the star of one of Hollywood’s greatest love stories; after meeting on the set of her first film and falling in love, she married actor Humphrey Bogart. She was 20 and he was 45. Despite the age difference, they were together until Bogart’s death of esophageal cancer, after thirteen years and two children together. 


Image: James Vaughan                             

Bacall was captivating on and off-screen, in her roles as an actress and in her personal life. The Golden Age was a time of glamour and romance, and the silver screen was lit up by gorgeous women and handsome men. Bacall herself stood out among this elite group for her unique style. She wore her clothes – they never wore her. Her style was effortlessly sexy, and she could confidently make a casual outfit look chic and appealing. She was the embodiment of the classic Hollywood starlet, and her style is still just as classy today as it was in the 50s. That’s why in 1995 she was named the 6th sexiest film star in history by Empire Magazine, and it’s why we here at MSC still look up to her today for style inspiration.


Bacall’s timeless style will make her a fashion icon forever, and some of her most notable looks are still wearable today. Stop by your local MSC second hand stores in San Diego to pay tribute to the always flawless Ms. Bacall and find pieces that will give you some of her confidence. And for styling tips and more fashion news check out our blog

San Diego Resale MSCs Favorite Things

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Here at our San Diego resale store, we know you need some new outfits for the steamy summer months. Whether you’re searching for the perfect date night outfit or just need some new pieces to add to your wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. We are the best at giving you some of the hottest designer clothes, shoes, and accessories - all at fabulous prices.


To get you started on your quest for your hot new wardrobe, we wanted to share with you some of the pieces we are crushing on right now. Our inventory changes every single day, which means we have a great selection, but if you do fall in love with a piece definitely consider buying it. All our pieces won’t be here forever, so don’t let that dress that looks fabulous on you be the one that got away. Here are some of our faves:


St. John Tan Sleeveless Dress

This dress is simple and sophisticated, and the belted waist is flattering for all figures. Get playful and pair it with colorful accessories and some sexy pumps, or keep it classy with neutrals for the office. This dress is great because it can be worn for work during the day or for a night on the town.

Diane von Furstenburg Pink Suede Heels

Be pretty in pink this summer! Every girl needs a pair of pink heels, and these sexy kicks can be paired with a white dress or pant with a cute blouse for the perfect daytime date look. And of course oversized sunnies and a floppy wide-brimmed hat for the day-after Sunday brunch.

Kate Spade Teal Embossed Pumps

A true fashionista knows better than anyone that colorful heels are not only a great way to add color to an outfit, but they help bring life to summer fashion. These Kate Spade heels are too die for!

Diane von Furstenburg Black Knit Mini Skirt

This is a great piece to transition into as we approach these last few summer months. A knit skirt is perfect for the beginning of Fall, and a tight black mini is an essential part of every party girl’s wardrobe.

Just Cavalli Multicolor Floral Print Sheath Dress

We love this piece because it is fun, fresh and bright! It’s a great staple dress for summer, and the floral pattern would also be great next spring. It could be easily paired with some nude wedges and light sweater for a flirtatious yet ladylike look.

Etro Navy Two Pocket Skirt

This two-pocket skirt has a lot going for it – its simple design allows for hundreds of oufit options, its texture makes it interesting, it’s pretty on any skin color, and its gathered waist will make you look fierce. They had me at pockets, so all those other features are the cherries on top.

We hope these looks have inspired you to add to your closet, and you can shop our San Diego resale store now before these fabulous pieces are gone! For more styling tips and the latest fashion news check out the MSC blog.



Closet Cleaning Tips

Posted by My Sister's Closet


This is gonna’ sound crazy, but turn every hanger in your closet backwards. Now as you wear items, hand them back up the normal way. Before you know it you’ll see what you should consign. Time to bid adieu to all that closet clutter.


Now that your nice, new hangers are facing forward and your closet doesn’t have multiple personalities, dedicate a place year round for what’s destined for My Sister’s Closet or Well Suited. Don’t forget accessories, shoes and while your at it, that nice jewelry box your evil Aunt gave you that you’ve never opened. Best of all, you can drop off your consignments any day at your convenience. No appointments necessary.



If you like having a neat and orderly home why does your closet always look like a hurricane just blew through? Sorting everything out will make it so much easier (and fun) to get dressed!

How to start? Your pants want to hang next to the other pants. They told us. Sweaters like being folded—not hung – and laying on top of other comfy sweaters. They told the pants to tell us. Speaking of which, invest in quality hangers. Joan Crawford was right. Bring all those ugly wire hangers back to the dry cleaner. Incredible how much more room you’ve got now isn’t it?

Next, group each type of clothing so that short sleeves are all together, long sleeves hang side by side, short reside next to shorts… You get the picture. Finally, organize each section by color. Go from light to dark, left to right. Feeling better about your wardrobe?



If you’re lucky and have some extra closet space, try this one. Take everything that’s out-of-season and tuck it out of sight (out of mind). Kind of like your ex. It’s now easy to see you really don’t need another white tee, however, a black blouse is a whole other story. After you’ve make all that cash consigning the stuff you never wear, it’s time to shop!


You know how we just suggested hanging up the pieces you plan to consign? Please launder and press whatever needs some extra TLC before bringing them in. The better condition your items are in, the more likely we will consign them and that means you’ll make money. Remember, if you don’t want to buy less than perfect items, why would you expect us to take them from you and sell them to your friend?


Speaking of friends, now that you have some tips for cleaning and organizing your closet, share them with those you love. Maybe they’ll let you consign them on your account so you can save up faster for that Chanel or Prada. Now that’s a good friend.

Second Hand Stores San Diego Back to School Bests

Posted by My Sister's Closet

It’s not easy to find unique pieces that no one else has. With My Sister’s Closet’s second hand stores in San Diego you will find unique designer clothes at some of the best prices. Keep your back to school wardrobe fresh and different than all your friends.

Here are our tips for looking your best on campus this year!

1. Bargain Shop. Look for deals ladies. There is no need to overpay for clothes that all of your friends have too!  Bargain shopping is the best way to get a great deal on the most unique pieces of clothing. Sometimes the hunt for a good deal just adds to the shopping fun.

2. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Try something new. Maybe try on something you wouldn’t normally have or maybe you change your style all together. Use fashion as an extension of your personality.

3. Stay comfortable. It’s nice to take risks but never step too far out of your comfort zone. If the crop top scene isn’t for you there’s no need to follow the trend. Your style is yours for a reason.

4. Accessorize! The best way to add a little something extra or new to your outfit or wardrobe is through accessories. Whether it’s a fabulous pair of shoes, a new purse, or a fabulous statement necklace it is sure to raise your confidence!


Find some of your back to school wardrobe with MSC today! Our second hand stores San Diego are hidden gems! If you are looking for more fashion tips be sure to check out the MSC blog.

We Gave Back 32 Percent to Charity Last Year

Posted by My Sister's Closet

We're proud to report on something that you'll probably take great pride in too.

Most people consign with us because their closet or home has become a little cluttered or they have some great clothes or furniture that can generate some new income.

Well, there might be another reason too. Last year we contributed 32% of our profits to a diverse group of charities. They include but are not limited to…

  • AZ Humane Society
  • Friends of Animal Care & Control
  • HALO Animal Rescue
  • Phoenix Art Museum
  • Fresh Start Women's Foundation
  • Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation
  • Trends Charitable Fund
  • Defenders of Wildlife
  • Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center
  • Helen Woodward Animal Center (San Diego)
  • Rancho Coastal Humane Society (San Diego)
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The Science Center
  • ASU (Women and Philanthropy)
  • Arizona Costume Institute
  • ADLA (Animal Defense League of AZ)
  • Yellowstone Association
  • The Beatitudes
  • Board of Visitors
  • Telluride Animal Foundation

Working with us at My Sister's Closet, Well Suited and My Sister's Attic doesn't just help your wallet. It helps thousands of people, animals and those in need too.

So call, email, shout or just stop by if and when you think you may have some extra stuff on hand. It's worth it, in more ways than one.

Ann Siner,
CEO and founder of My Sister's Closet, Well Suited and My Sister's Attic


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News Peg Rihanna and the CFDA Fashion Icon Award

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Image: Huffington Post


This just in, fashionistas. The pros at our Phoenix and San Diego consignment store are excited to break the news to our west coast ladies. In case you haven’t heard, the one and only Rihanna will officially be receiving the incredible CFDA Fashion Icon award this June 2014.


For those of you who know (and love) the CFDA – or the Council of Fashion Designers of America – we feel your excitement, girl. But for those who are a little newer to the fashion block, we’ll give you a brief lowdown on the organization and its latest icon award recipient announcement.


As a not-for-profit trade association, the CFDA is made up of more than 400 of America’s most incredible jewelry, womenswear, menswear, and accessory designers. It is also the creator of the separate CFDA foundation, a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to raise funds for charity activities.


So what exactly is the CFDA Fashion Icon award? Well, its just one of the most incredible awards given out at the annual CFDA Fashion Awards event (this year, held on June 2) designed to honor those who have made countless contributions to the fashion industry.


Past winners have included Lady Gaga, Iman, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp, Sarah Jessica Parker, and C.Z. Guest.



And this year, our favorite Bad Girl RiRi will accept the gorgeous award due to the impact she’s made in the industry and pop culture as well as her incredible philanthropic partnership with the MAC AIDS Fund’s Viva Glam campaign.

MySistersCloset Twitterviews Defenders for Dinner With Wolves

Posted by My Sister's Closet

The Mexican Grey Wolf is one of the most endangered species in North America. Dinner with Wolves' mission is to bring awareness to the species and help protect them from extinction. Beneficiary Defenders of Wildlife Twitterviewed with us on Friday to talk Wolf.

MSC: Yes great resources, we adopted our CEO Ann a Wolf for her birthday this year!
Such a great idea! :)
What are the most PAWpular places to witness wolves in their natural habitat?

DW: @YellowstoneNPS in WY and @DenaliNPS in AK are both great wolf-watching spots.

MSC: Can't beat the scenery there :) 3rd Q: How would you describe the Dinner With Wolves experience is 3 words?

DW: Oooh, tough one. Lets go with encouraging, inspiring and up-close. How often do you get to see real wolves?

MSC: Exactly....Especially Mexican Grey Wolves, only 85 left in the wild! 4th Q: If you would have dinner with anyone dead or alive who who would it be and why?

DW: Aldo Leopold, father of the conservation ethic. Anti-predator until he saw the importance of wolves in the southwest.

MSC: Very good answer! Last Q: HOWL can people learn more about Defenders of Wildlife?

DW: Aside from our website, anyone can sign up here to get action opportunities & updates

MSC: excellent. Thank you for #Twitterviewing with us. We can't wait for Dinner With Wolves Sunday night!

DW: You're very welcome. We're excited for it as well!

Dinner With Wolves will be held at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center on April 6, 2014 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

MySistersCloset Twitterviews The Arizona Humane Society

Posted by My Sister's Closet

The Arizona Humane Society is Arizona’s largest nonprofit animal-welfare and protection agency. My Sister’s Closet, My Sister’s Attic and Well Suited donated thousands of items last year, raising $117,000 at AHS thrift stores. We had a little fun with them on Twitter, Friday.

@MySistersCloset: Haha, never though of it that way :) 2nd Q: Why do pets, dogs mostly, like to destroy expensive shoes?

@AZHumane: Maybe because they look better in their mouths? Maybe they’re just jealous they can’t wear them...

MSC: They would be jealous about the most expensive, nicest pair. 3rd Q: Funniest name you’ve ever heard for a pet?

AHS: That has to be “Lord Beefcastle”, He’s a 3-year-old #corgi adopted from AHS two weeks ago.

MSC: LOL! Can you imagine calling for him: Lord Beefcastle come on boy! He sure is cute. 4th Q: Garfield or Snoopy?

AHS: No offense to Snoopy, but it’s definitely Garfield. We have similar views on lasagna and Mondays.

MSC: Yeah and he talk or talk thinks.... :) 5th final Q: What is the biggest misconception people have about rescuing pets?

AHS: People think there aren’t purebreds at #shelters, so they go to breeders. They’re about 25% of our intake, so come #adopt!

MSC: Seriously!! Rescue pets have the best personalities and demeanors, they really do seem to know you save them. #rewarding #adopt

AHS: 100%. They know you’ve done something for them and they pay it back tenfold.

MSC: Thanks so much for answering our Q’s! It was fun!!

AHS: Thanks for the opportunity and all you do for our pets!

MSC: It’s our pleasure! Thanks for everything YOU ALL do for our homeless pets! :)

Must Haves from Fashion Week 2014

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Ladies, its that time of year again. Our San Diego resale pros have been waiting, watching, and deliberating for weeks now and we’ve finally got exactly what you want.

The official My Sister’s Closet Fashion Week 2014 Must Haves List.


Hold on to your Fendi baguette, because here is our (gorgeous) top three:



From sexy shawls to to-die-for scarves, we must admit: we were simply taken by the new Michael Kors collection. But through it all, there was one look our San Diego resale pros dropped jaws for: metallic. Similar to this drop dead sexy one shoulder belted dress and on a number of other signature pieces (an almost Gatsby-inspired skirt, an embellished slate blouse), steal the spotlight on your own in your metallic get up by pairing one eye-catching piece with dark or neutral accessories.

The Belt and Go

Switching gears from Mr. Kors to the fabulous Tory Burch, we’re shining the MSC spotlight on a style we simply can’t get enough of: the belted mini. The trick here is to belt your dress low – unlike the empire waist look (though still another favorite), when you’re rocking the belted mini, buckle your belt loosely so that it rides just above your hips. This will give you a gorgeous structured look which offsets the casual and feminine quality of the mini perfectly. For added sex appeal, follow Ms. Burch’s vision by picking a frock that’s anything but run-of-the-mill. Long sleeves, show-stopping pattern, jet-black knee socks (love it), go unique or go home.

Bright Wear, Don’t Care

Hello Betsey Johnson, we’ve missed you! This year, the ever-amazing Ms. Johnson wowed (like always) with crazy color. Ladies, we’re talking flamingo pinks, lemon yellows, and got-to-have-it greens up and down the runway. Love her look, but nervous to incorporate the fluorescent into your closet? Here’s the how to: start with just one color and start small. At first, try rocking a neutral palate and spice things up with a bright yellow tote. If you’re loving it (let’s get real here; we know you will) trade up to an eye-catching blazer or jacket, like this gorgeous fuchsia Lafayette number. (Bonus points for rocking the neon thigh-highs to the left).

Ladies, we could go on and on about the gorgeous new looks we saw at this year’s  Fashion Week, but until next time, these are our absolute top three. Suggestions of your own? We’d love to hear ‘em. Post your comments, questions, badass new   looks in the section down below.

But for now, we’ve got to run – Paris Fashion Week is up next, and trust us, we won’t be missing a thing. 

Spring Is In The Air

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What the Frock?

As fashionistas we love looking through the glossies, we like to analyze fashion week trends and we like to talk about the latest Loubiton’s. Yet as women of Scottsdale, in the spring, we have one thing in mind. SPRING TRAINING…baseball.

Getting dressed in everyday life can be a test. Getting dressed to go to the ballpark and look stylish is an important test. How can a girl be comfortable, appropriately turned out and still let our personal style fly high??? Well, here are a few essentials to wear to the ballpark that will make you feel happy, look great and get high marks.

What the Frock?

Let’s start from the bottom up. Invest in a great pair of kicks. So many tennies to choose from this season. Get a trendy pair in a basic color and keep it sockless. Cut off a pair of your tired winter denims and create not too short, cut up shorts. Add a sporty mesh long sleeve baseball inspired top. This will add sun coverage and keep you warm during the shady times. A cute baseball cap or fedora and mirrored Ray Bans are a must. Don’t forget sunscreen and chap stick, all neatly tucked into this spring’s IT bag, the backpack. All designers have their spring 2014 version of a backpack. I love my black leather Gucci that I picked up for a steal at our Well Suited store.

Keep life simple and remember to wear your self-confidence. Best foot forward please, even at the ballpark. Need fashion guidance, just ask.

Tess Loo is the stylist for My Sister’s Closet, with 14 locations in Arizona and California. She can be reached at [email protected].

Ready to Ride Biker Jackets Are In

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It’s no secret that our Phoenix and San Diego consignment store pros have been around the block once or twice. But what you might not know is that they’ve done it while on the back of a Harley.


(Or at least they’ve dressed the part.)


Ladies, welcome to the era of daring ensembles, of edgy attire, of true fashion badassery. In the MSC Spotlight today? The not-so-classic biker jacket.



At first thought, you might start to conjure up images of poodle skirts, slicked back hair, and (too)popped collars. And while we’d never deny you a mini mental vacation flashback to 1980s-era John Travolta in those tight (tight) dark jeans, we’ll stop you right there. These jackets aren’t for your average T bird. With one for work, one for date night, and one for, well, just for looking gorgeous, you’ll be able to rock a brand new take on the classic biker jacket any day of the week.



Neutral Perfect



We’re going to start you off with a little neutral perfection – your go-to biker jacket pick for the workplace. The pic stitch above (credit to one of our favorite fashion bloggers, Christine Andrew from Hello Fashion) pairs a drop dead gorgeous peplum dress with a creamy biker jacket – the perfect blend of structure, edginess, and feminine charm. Notice that the jacket – though still definitely biker – isn’t your typical black leather. It’s subdued, it’s sexy, and it’s perfect for rocking that meeting on the books for next week.

Double Take Date Night



Ladies, our Phoenix and San Diego consignment pros are simply loving this look. Why? It’s got the oh-so-badass feel of the classic biker jacket combined with soft and true couture. To get the look (worn by Zina Charkoplia of the blog, Fashion Vibe), simply balance a cropped, semi-fitted leather jacket with a long, flowing skirt (bonus points for pastel). Though Zina’s wearing a gorgeous multi-length skirt, you can also go with a more standard ankle-length skirt (though you won’t be able to show off those killer stems and booties quite as much).

The Everyday


For the everyday biker chic look, we look, of course, to the beautiful Ms. Alba. We love this look for three reasons: 1. Pair it with jeans and a crop top and you have the perfect “Oh, I just wake up like this” ensemble. 2. You can wear it in any color. Literally. Any. Color. Mocha, blue, white – do it. 3. It also looks adorable with a maxi or sundress. Oh, and don’t forget the designer shades.


Love our looks? Comment below. Tried one on? Even better – snap a pic and share it! Our fashion pros are always excited to see what you’ve come up with. Vroom, vroom, ladies. 

New Year, New Yves Inside Our Favorite Spring 2014 Line

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Ladies, it is official. Here at our Encinitas, Phoenix and San Diego resale locations, we are a mess over the new Yves Saint Laurent spring 2014 collection.

It is sexy, it is sleek, and it will blow your little-black-dress-loving mind.

What exactly has us quaking in excitement in our Prada Buckle Wrap booties? Three words: prints, minis, menswear.

Fellow fashionistas, it should come as no surprise that the gorgeous YSL has yet again produced another jaw-dropping collection. We’re talking the-first-time-you-saw-trailers-for-Magic-Mike jaw dropping. And because the pros at our Encinitas, Phoenix and San Diego designer resale stores are always working to help you sexify your wardrobe, we’ll give you the DL on everything you need to know to YSL the hell out of your current look.



We’ve gone Gaga for Tulle, we’ve rocked it for a night out in New York, but today, we’ve got our eyes on something a little more…dangerous. Yes, we’re talking prints. From huge, lush lips to the classic jungle cat to geometric shapes, YSL proves that all print is hot print and their spring 2014 collection is full of it. Want to get a little crazy? (We know you do.) Mix and match bold short-shorts with patterned sweaters or pair your favorite new print dress with a zebra-striped leather jacket. The final YSL touch? Va-va-voom hair. 



During the winter months, we flirted with fleece, ogled the oversized, and worked it out in wool, but girls, it’s time, once again, to don the mini. Lucky for us, the YSL collection is all about showing off those stems. Whether you’re rocking a wrap dress, lace shorts, or a gorgeous high-waisted (animal print?) skirt, we have one rule and one rule only: make it mini. Oh, and don’t forget the pumps.



Just a few weeks ago, we wrote a how-to when it comes to menswear called In His ShoesShirtsJeans. And while we love the slouchy comfort of boyfriend jeans, YSL has kicked the look up a notch by making menswear form-fitting, flattering, and flat out fabulous. Case in point, the fitted and glamorous pantsuit. Start with a pair of skinny, high-waisted, capri-style trousers and add a looser jacket. Chanel Diane Keaton with a white collared shirt and black skinny tie, and top it off with black heels and loose, wavy hair. Looking for something a little more casual? Skip the trousers and rock the look with a pair of skinny jeans. Add a blazer for added oomph. Bonus points to the girl who tops off the look with a cocked fedora. Bogart, who?

If we had to sum up our new fave style in just one word, we’re pretty sure it’d be daring. And we’re pretty sure we won’t be able to get enough of it. Dare to join us? We thought so.


All Photo Credit:


On Dressing Like a Man

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For years, the pros at our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix have been working hard to help you navigate the fashion waters for every event, celebration, and office function.

From helping you retire your vibrant collection of tanks to helping you rock pastels (yeah, we said it), they’ve talked individual pieces and looks to help you dress for success (and on a budget) every time. But today, they’re going to take it a step further: they’re going to give you a crash course in something every guy needs to know like the back of his brand new, perfectly tailored suit jacket: here is the Well Suited guide to dressing like a man.


  1. The fit matters now: Sure, back in the day, there was nothing cooler than those slouchy jeans that demonstrated your social status just as much as your boxer choice. But today, thankfully, those lower-than-low rise jeans (and all-too-“cool” backwards baseball caps) can finally be put to rest in the nostalgic 90s as we move into brighter days of better fits. Rule number one of dressing like a man? Fit matters. Your jeans should never be baggy, your jackets should be tailored to your body (none of that “this was my dad’s!” stuff), and your sweaters should never be older than you are.

  2. men’s designer clothes in San Diego
    Embrace color: Yes, we’ve covered pastels and bright solids before, but this is a rule of thumb that needs to top our list when it comes to dressing like a man: don’t be afraid to embrace color. Sure, neutrals work nicely (especially in a cable knit sweater or winter jacket), but a little color never hurt anyone. Incorporate color into your wardrobe slowly: steer clear of neon and gravitate toward plumbs, greens, and yes,
    even pinks. You might just be surprised.

  3. men’s designer clothes in San Diego
    The go-to: Last but not least, always rely on the go-to. No, we’re not talking about your Nike athletic shorts and Class of 99’ sweatshirt combo, we’re talking classy and classic. Every man should have
    a properly tailored suit hanging in his closet, along with a casual cardigan (yes), a good-looking button down, a dark-colored blazer, and a pair of nice shoes. We are not talking Converse here. No, even if they’re black.


Don’t worry, just because we’ve covered the staples behind dressing like a man doesn’t mean we’re pushing you out of the nest just yet. Our men’s designer clothes in San Diego and Phoenix pros will be there day and night, rain or shine to help you rock that (even last minute) look.

No need to thank us.

MySistersCloset Twitterviews GoodGirlShops

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@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @GoodGirlShops

Elana Pruitt AKA “Good Girl Gone Shopping” writes a fashion blog, helping gals everywhere find the perfect outfit on a budget. She also is a fashion columnist for Agenda Magazine. We were lucky enough to “Twitterview” her last month!

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @GoodGirlShops

@MySistersCloset: love leopard print, love making it a neutral and putting it with everything!

@GoodGirlShops: Same here! And comfy w/ a peep-toe. I’m in love :-)

MSC: OK 2nd Q: Stranded on fashion island. If you could only keep ONE item from your closet what would it be?

GGGS: My Grandmother’s pearl necklace. I’ve never worn it, but I like holding it & remembering her fabulousness.. xo #vintage

MSC: OOO you should start wearing it! Sounds fab! Good answer :)

GGGS: One day...:-)

MSC: 3rd Q: who/what is your go-to designer/brand?

GGGS: I’m obsessed with @xoBetseyJohnson accessories. Adds fun and drama to ANY outfit. Hard to have a bad day wearing Betsey!

MSC: Such happy fun stuff from her, her stuff always sells fas at our stores! :)

GGGS: Yes! Just always makes me smile and feel all giddy and kiddie...haha

MSC: LOL :) 4th Q for our “Twitteringview” What is one trend you are digging right now?

GGGS: As a writer, I love T-Shirts w/ random, silly sayings. The ones w/ hashtags are great! I don’t own any, but I dig it!

MSC: #Twiterview shirt? LOL...

GGGS: Ha!! Totally! I’d sport THAT one, for sure!

MSC: OK LAST Q :( What is the best advice on style you’ve ever been given?

GGGS: I have 2: “Not every trend should be worn by EVERYone” and “Dress your body and size. Be honest with yourself!”

MSC: Seriously, I mean harem pants are not meant for most people! Great Advice

GGGS: Ummm... exactly! haha

MSC: :) Thanks so much for twittering with us! Make sure if your in SD to stop by our shop for some #DEALS!!!

Dressing for a Night Out in LA vs. NY

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Thanks to our Phoenix, Encinitas and San Diego consignment stores, our girls in both gorgeous cities know how to rock their look when it comes to going out for a night on the town.

But with the holidays comes not only cooler weather (cable-knit, oversized sweaters, anyone?) but the promise of great travel and even greater winter wardrobe additions. So while our fabulous fashionistas may already know which pumps will help them have the perfect night at that little San Diego restaurant by the beach or which gorgeous bag is their best bet while bar hopping in Old Town Scottsdale, we’ve called in our consignment pros to help you learn the best new winter looks for two of our all time favorite cities: LA and New York.

LA: From rubbing elbows with the celebs to those perfect parties in the hills, dressing for success on gorgeous LA nights is one of our favorite things to do. And while the temperature never dips too low, during December, it may be time to replace that gorgeous Prada sundress you wore to the beach on vacay last summer with a new pair of Elie Tahari jeans. Pair them with a flowing tank (again, never too cool in Hollywood) and a gorgeous blazer or show-stopping tuxedo jacket. Top it all off, of course, with a killer pair of heels, and voila! You’ll be ready for that chance encounter with Ryan Gosling in no time (you’re welcome).

San Diego consignment store

NY: From Sex and the City to When Harry Met Sally, from the gorgeous Times Square to fashion week, our love affair with New York is never ending. But if you’re visiting the Big Apple during the (much) colder months, be prepared for chilly afternoons shopping in the Upper East Side and even chillier nights out on the town. So what’s a west-coast-in-the-big-city girl to wear? (Cue our Phoenix, Encinitas and San Diego consignment store pros). When dressing for a night out in NY, remember: the perfect balance between warmth and style is key. Start with your favorite pair of jeans and work your way up to something long sleeved and adorable like this Tory Burch tunic. From there, think big, beautiful coats: from a stunning (and animal friendly!) faux fur jacket to a classic Audrey Hepburn trench, go big and go striking. What to wear down below? Rock the heeled booties for maximum winter/runway effect.

san diego consignment


Whether you think the west coast is the best coast or that New York will always have your heart, we’re right there with you. Have fun out there ladies, and remember: from the west to the east, we’ve always got you covered.

Out with the Old Items in Your Closet Youre Better off Without

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Gentlemen, the fashion pros at our men’s consignment store in San Diego, Encinitas, and Phoenix know: there comes a time in every man’s life when he has to gear up, take a deep breath, and tackle one of the most challenging tasks there is.

We’re talking, of course, about the Great Post-College Closet Purge. What exactly is the Great Post-College Closet Purge, you ask? We’re glad you did.

To put it simply, every man collects an…interesting array of clothing throughout his college years. Maybe you were a dedicated frat boy, decked out in sleeveless tees, backwards hats, and Alpha Beta Kappa Phi insignia everywhere you went. Maybe you were the “Did we have class today?” type, the guy who rolls out of bed two minutes before his midterm, throws on a “clean” sweatshirt, a pair of I-bought-these-at-Gap-my-senior-year-of-high-school jeans, and sprints out the door.

But no matter what your personal college style, chances are, both you and your life have evolved since the days of too-late nights and that deep appreciation of PBR you were sure you’d always have. And chances are, your wardrobe has not.

So men, it’s time. It’s time to throw open those closet doors, scour your shelves, and replace the items you know you should not still be wearing with pieces that match your (hopefully) more mature look. Roll up those sleeves; here is our Well Suited how-to guide:


  1. mens designer clothes san diego
    Flip flops: Sure, they were great for late-night walks from those killer house parties, and yes, nothing gripped your long board as well as your trusty Rainbows, but it’s time to retire your worn out man flops. For your days off, look instead for awesome (non-athletic)
    sneakers and casual loafers. We promise, they’ll be just as comfortable.
  2. “Class of…”: While we know you love your alma mater as much as the next Animal House fan, it’s time to ditch your striking collection of “Class of 2001” t-shirts and sweats. Yes - you can still keep a few for working out or lounging around the house, but as far as the whole “going out in public” thing goes, it’s time to say goodbye.
  3. men’s designer clothes San Diego
    The ill-fitting suit: Maybe it got you through formal after formal. Maybe it was the suit you wore to your very first job interview. We know it can be sentimental, but no matter what fond memories you made in your trusty suit, when you’re constantly tugging at the sleeves and your morning sock decision becomes integral because they’ll be on display up to your shins, it’s time to
    get a new suit. (Looking to buy a designer suit without the designer price tag? Check out our collection of men’s designer clothes in San Diego, Encinitas, and Phoenix.)


We know it might be hard. We know it might be tiring. But men – it’ll be worth it. (Tell your girlfriend she's welcome.)

In His ShoesShirtsJeans

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From the slouchy boyfriend jean to the oversized button down, here at our Phoenix and San Diego consignment stores, we’re a huge fan of walking, not only in his shoes, but in his entire wardrobe.

These days, his-on-her styles are cropping up everywhere in the world of fashion. Citizens of Humanity, Free People, True Religion – you name it, fabulous fashionistas.  

But how do you go about incorporating menswear styles into your wardrobe? And more importantly, how do you make the look all your own?

(Did someone ask for some help from our Phoenix and San Diego consignment store pros? We thought so.)

Here is the My Sister’s Closet way to strut like you mean it in his shoes/shirts/jeans:

  1. san diego consignment boyfriend jeans
    Boyfriend jeans: Here at MSC, we love love love the boyfriend jean. Comfortable, flattering, structured and functional, search for a pair that hits you at the hips. Though belting is always an option, stay away from pairs that are too roomy up top and save the slouch for the leg (adios, skinny jeans!). Roll up the bottoms to right above your ankle and
    rock a gorgeous pair of heels for a show stopping, out-on-the-town look.
  2. san diego designer consignment
    The button down: When it comes to the
    men’s button down, we always take a cue from our girl Carrie Bradshaw. Look for something long and roomy, hitting mid thigh or slightly below (why not drop by Well Suited for a fast and fabulous find?). Keep the sleeves rolled down, the collar loose, and pair your look with a thicker belt at the waist. Feeling gusty? Go with heels. Something a little more casual? We love the look with underplayed gladiator sandals.
  3. The pantsuit: Chanel your inner Leighton, Halle, or the original badass, Ms. Diane Keaton for your pantsuit inspiration. Ladies, there is nothing more drop dead gorgeous than a woman rocking a suit. Look for fitted pants at the waist (similar to the boyfriend jean fit), a form fitting, tucked in button down, and a boxy suit jacket. Planning to go all out? (Please do.) Button up that top and throw on a tie. Hello, instant Annie Hall.

Feeling inspired? Just what we wanted to hear. Ladies, go forth and rock that menswear. After all, anything they can do…

Read a Special Note from Friends of Animal Care & Control

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November 14th, 2013


Dear Ann & the My Sister’s Closet Staff,

On behalf of Friends of Animal Care & Control and the animals of Maricopa County, we would like to thank you for the generous support you have given us over the years. In the past 12 months, the donations we have received from My Sister’s Closet have resulted in over $183,502 in sales for our non-profit organization.

The money that is raised from our thrift store goes to support the life-saving spay/neuter voucher program here in Maricopa County. In 2006 Maricopa County saw over 105,000 dogs and cats come through the shelter system; sadly less than half were adopted into loving homes. This spurred Friends of Animal Care & Control and Maricopa County Animal Care & Control to form the Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) for low-income families and their companion animals. In the 6 years since its inception Friends of Animal Care & Control has donated over 4.1 million dollars to the SNAP voucher program, resulting in a 21.4% decrease in the number of dogs and cats entering the shelters here in Maricopa County.

Thank you again My Sister’s Closet and your clients, our support of the SNAP voucher program and the resulting decrease in homeless animals would not be possible without you.


Leanna Taylor

Leanna Taylor
Executive Director


Read a Special Note from RCHS

Posted by My Sister's Closet


Dear Ann,

There's no way that we can express in a letter how much My Sister's Closet and Well Suited have done to help support Rancho Coastal Humane Society's programs for people and animals. 

Over the past two years, clothing donations to us from My Sister's Closet and Well Suited exceed $500,000 and provided more than $200,000 in revenue to the shelter through our thrift shop. 

Thanks to My Sister's Closet and Well Suited, the animals in Rancho Coastal Humane Society's pet adoption program receive the best care possible. Children are learning lessons in humanity. Senior citizens and their pets stay together because of the food they receive from the RCHS Pet Food Bank. Pet Assisted Therapy dogs visit extended care facilities and struggling students with the gift of "fur therapy." Victims of domestic violence are able to escape with their lives thanks to the safety net of the RCHS Animal Safehouse Program.

All of this thanks to the generosity of My Sister's Closet and Well Suited. 

For those who have no voice, Thank You!


Jim Silveira, President/CEO


Designer Trend Alert

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Ladies, as you know, here at My Sister’s Closet, our talented and fabulous San Diego resale pros are constantly on the lookout for the hottest new designer trend.

We let you know when we went gaga for tulle. We told you when it was time to rock the white suit.

And now (clutch your clutches, girls), we have another absolute obsession.

It’s time, fabulous fashionistas, to embrace the ankle boot.

From leather to suede, from Ferragamo to Gucci, the ankle boot is all the rage this season. They’re cute, they’re current, and they combine the best of both worlds: those sky-scraper-esque heels that you simply can’t get enough of and the ever-adorable wintery look of shin-high boots.

(Cue our San Diego designer resale fashion pros.)

The first thing to consider when selecting a pair of too-cool ankle boots is the heel. If you’re going for a sassier, more badass look, we recommend a chunky heel; thicker, shorter, more biker-chick-esque. But if you’re simply more haute couture, try a skinny heel; somewhere between boot and stiletto.

Once you’ve decided on which pair you’re going to rock, it’s time to think outfits, outfits, outfits. The great thing about ankle boots? You can wear them with anything. Yup, we said it: anything.

For a causal and cute vibe, pair them with black leggings and your very favorite oversized sweater. Looking for something a little riskier? We love a mini dress, a leather jacket, and a pair of sexy knee high socks. Date night? Pair a boot/stiletto combo with skinny jeans, a bright top, and a relaxed blazer.

One thing’s certain, ladies: no matter what look you decide to rock with your ankle boots, get ready.  


You’ll look just as badass and invincible as you feel.

Look Delicious While Traveling Abroad Because Italian Women Arent into Jerseys

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From the dress sneaker to the modern tank, our men’s consignment store in San Diego, Encinitas and Phoenix pros have been there to help you through even the most difficult style conundrums.

They’ve helped you rock shorts without looking like a cast member from Jersey Shore. They’ve helped you don pastels on days you weren’t headed to Easter brunch with the parents. And today, they’re going to prove that their style badassery stretches even farther than our purple mountains majesty.

Thanks right gentlemen; today, Well Suited talks international style.

Because let’s be honest: Italian women just aren’t into jerseys.

  1. Ditch the athletic look: Not that you can’t don a pair of Nike shorts during a morning run by the Seine, but for all other activities other than, you know, actually being athletic, its best to leave the Reebok hoodies and puma crew socks at home. Instead, stock your wardrobe with the basics: buy a few Chinos, invest in some nicer pants, and layer on the sweaters (cable knit, cardigans, have at it). The more well-fitting, the better.

  2. Don’t be afraid to accessorize: Relax; we know we just used the A-word, and it wasn’t a mistake. Example? Go out and get yourself a scarf. Don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. But with a light cotton scarf (stay to neutrals: gray, navy, brown) you will end up looking like a fashion forward man of Europe. Bonjourno, ladies.

  3. Color: We’ve talked about embracing color before (from pastels to bold pants), and we’re going to talk about it again: when dressing for a trip aboard, don’t shy away from color. Though there’s no need to dress like a stoplight, pair a neutral shirt with a pair of colored Chinos: red, blue, green. Later on, mix it up by doing the opposite, with a pair of neutral Chinos and a bold tee.

Looking to Europe-up your wardrobe without dropping some serious dough? Just check out our Well Suited men’s designer clothes in San Diego, Encinitas and Phoenix.

You’ll be looking effortlessly awesome at a café in no time.


Oh, and by the way - from what we hear, European ladies dig the American accent. 

Out with the Old Items in Your Closet Youre Better Off Without

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Gentlemen, the fashion pros at our men’s consignment store in San Diego, Encinitas, and Phoenix know: there comes a time in every man’s life when he has to gear up, take a deep breath, and tackle one of the most challenging tasks there is.

We’re talking, of course, about the Great Post-College Closet Purge. What exactly is the Great Post-College Closet Purge, you ask? We’re glad you did.

To put it simply, every man collects an…interesting array of clothing throughout his college years. Maybe you were a dedicated frat boy, decked out in sleeveless tees, backwards hats, and Alpha Beta Kappa Phi insignia everywhere you went. Maybe you were the “Did we have class today?” type, the guy who rolls out of bed two minutes before his midterm, throws on a “clean” sweatshirt, a pair of I-bought-these-at-Gap-my-senior-year-of-high-school jeans, and sprints out the door.

But no matter what your personal college style, chances are, both you and your life have evolved since the days of too-late nights and that deep appreciation of PBR you were sure you’d always have. And chances are, your wardrobe has not.

So men, it’s time. It’s time to throw open those closet doors, scour your shelves, and replace the items you know you should not still be wearing with pieces that match your (hopefully) more mature look. Roll up those sleeves; here is our Well Suited how-to guide:

  1. Flip flops: Sure, they were great for late-night walks from those killer house parties, and yes, nothing gripped your long board as well as your trusty Rainbows, but it’s time to retire your worn out man flops. For your days off, look instead for awesome (non-athletic) sneakers and casual loafers. We promise, they’ll be just as comfortable.
  2. “Class of…”: While we know you love your alma mater as much as the next Animal House fan, it’s time to ditch your striking collection of “Class of 2001” t-shirts and sweats. Yes - you can still keep a few for working out or lounging around the house, but as far as the whole “going out in public” thing goes, it’s time to say goodbye.
  3. The ill-fitting suit: Maybe it got you through formal after formal. Maybe it was the suit you wore to your very first job interview. We know it can be sentimental, but no matter what fond memories you made in your trusty suit, when you’re constantly tugging at the sleeves and your morning sock decision becomes integral because they’ll be on display up to your shins, it’s time to get a new suit. (Looking to buy a designer suit without the designer price tag? Check out our collection of men’s designer clothes in San Diego, Encinitas, and Phoenix.)

We know it might be hard. We know it might be tiring. But men – it’ll be worth it.


Oh, and tell your girlfriend she’s welcome.

I Have Nothing to Wear Screamed Every Woman in Unison

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Our Phoenix and San Diego consignment gurus know: it is the age old conundrum.

It’s the moment you wake up fifteen minutes before your big Monday morning meeting. Its the moment you realize you forgot to pick up this week’s dry cleaning and your favorite sweater still has last week’s mimosa stain on the bottom lefthand corner.

It’s the moment you stand in front of your closet - clothes strewn across chairs, shelves, laundry baskets; the clock ticking away and the cab horn beeping – and you suddenly scream: I have nothing to wear!

Rest assured, fabulous fashionistas, you are not alone. In fact, we’re willing to bet one pair of patent leather Prada pumps that at any given time, in any given country, at least 10,000 other women are throwing their hands in the air and screaming the exact same thing.

The solution? Get ready ladies – the My Sister’s Closet “What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear” mini-course is now in session!

1.       Closet Cleanse: Step number one is to start with a clean closet pallet. You know that wide brim sunhat you were convinced you were going to wear every day a la Audrey Hepburn? What about that yellow stripe romper you bought on a whim before your vacation last year? And don’t even get us started on that itty-bitty Spice Girls halter you simply had to have circa 1997 (we love you, Posh). To reduce the stress, reduce the clutter and start anew!

2.       Stick to the Staples: The more wardrobe staples you have, the better. Because the classics never go out of style (and are easy to mix and match!), making an “I’m running late and still haven’t had my latte yet” decision becomes a cinch. The shopping list? One black structured blazer, one cable knit sweater, one pair of fitted black trousers, two pairs of jeans (one slouchy, one skinny), two work-appropriate button downs, one gray pencil skirt, a an eye-catching scarf/handbag combo, and of course, that gorgeous LBD.

3.       Organization is your new BFF: Once you’ve ditched the drab and stocked up on the staples (still looking? Have you checked our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store yet?), it's time to get organized. Separate your clothes, first by piece (shirts on hangers to the left, pants folded to the right), and then by function. To cut down on digging time (through clothes piles, that is), keep your cocktail attire away from your go-to interview look.

Whether you’re looking for a place to trade in old designer styles for the new or you’re on the hunt for the classic must-haves, our My Sister’s Closet Phoenix and San Diego consignment collections will have you covered – so you won’t have to ever go uncovered.

MySistersCloset Twitterviews AliLevineDesign

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@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @AliLevineDesign

Ali is a celebrity stylist based in Los Angles. She has styled for numerous TV shows and movies, such as New Girl and X-men First Class. She also recently styled two celebrities, Kat Opplet and Tess Broussard, for the red carpet at the Emmy’s this past weekend. Make sure to follow her amazing blog:

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @AliLevineDesign

@AliLevineDesign: Can’t Wait!!! TY! #MySistersCloset #Twitterview

@MySistersCloset: Thanks for “talking” to us! We know you are a super busy lady these days Q1: What has been your favorite styling job so far?

ALD: AWW TY! Wow! I’ve had so many amaze ones.. but recently @JoeyKingActress for @glamoholicmag we had a blast w/ her outfits!

MSC: Oooo so rocker chic!

ALD: Yes!! Very! We had a lot of fun, and she’s amazing :*

MSC: 2nd Q: When you style where do you get your biggest inspirations from?

ALD: I pull my inspiration from so many places! Blogs, magazines, my own clothes, ever day people watchin it’s a mix of everything!

MSC: It never ends does it? ALD: Never!! I was inspired last night at 1 am from my husbands new golf shirt!! LOLL #Stylistproblems

MSC: Hey never know where it will come from. Best ideas are at 1AM sometimes...

ALD: haha this is true dolls!! Especially when I barely sleep!

MSC: Q3: What trends/designers were you most excited about at #FashionWeek?

ALD: Oh goodness! I had so many! @marcjacobs was amaze! So was @NicoleMillerNYC! I love all the creams and rust colors...

ALD: Olive Greens, and golds! @marissawebbnyc is a new designer I also loved #NYFW was fabulous this year!

MSC: Omgosh were you at @marcjacobs? So jealous...I’d be shipwrecked or whatever that was nay day with him...

ALD: @marcjacobs - Ladies I wish! Ughh Amaze! But I did watch it LIVE from my IPAD!! :* Obsessed with his nautical show!

MSC: Ok, back on track sort of... 4Q: If you could keep ONLY ONE items from your closet, what would it be?

ALD: LOL sorry!! I can get off track...It’s #Fashion and well I’m a #Stylist what can I say?! :)

MSC: It’s ok we do that a lot here too.

ALD: Yikes!!! So I’m stranded on a non fashionable island and its just my one item in my closet?! It’d have to by my shoes

ALD: They are just my #favorite!! I have a whole wall of them! #guilty #shoegame

MSC: Which shoe if you could only pick one? hahaha

ALD: Thank god it’s almost Friday! Are you trying to make me stress?! LOL!! Okay fine my @Dior!

Ali Levine

MSC: LOL good choice, pink goes well with a straw skirt and coconut bra...

ALD: Ahemmmm and my umbrella straw and possibly the flower in my hair?! LOL!! #sassystylist

MSC: OK last Q: What can we expect to see from you next? What’s on the agenda.

ALD: Well there’s quite a bit! A few new editorials, Red Carpet premiers, another feature in a magazine on me...busy year!

ALD: You can always stay up to date on the blog too! New work & fashion tips! Can’t wait to share :*

MSC: Sounds amazing & busy! We appreciate the time you took to “tweet” with us! If you are in the SD/Encinitas area come see us! Or better yet stop by our stores in #Phoenix...14 stores and counting...

ALD: Thanks for having me!! It was fun! I’d love to come say hello! Maybe my next shoot in #SanDiego or #Phoenix Xox.

The Urban Cowboy

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Gentlemen, get ready. Our men’s consignment store San Diego and Phoenix pros are about to tell you something that may or may not be just a little life changing.

And it has to do with your lifelong dream of dressing up like the epitome of badass.

No. We are not advocating you finally whip out the black cape and batman mask you currently have hidden (“waiting“) in that one box to the left in the back of your closet.

Men, we are talking about none other than the look that was rocked time and time again by the ultimate badasses of the wild, wild, west.

Prepare to become the Urban Cowboy.

Less is more: We know it, you know it, Peter knows it: with great power comes great responsibility. When we say “Urban Cowboy”, our men’s clothes pros are not giving you a free pass to return to your boyhood hobby horse or slap a pair of a spurs onto your workplace Oxfords. Keep in mind as you read our how-to: less is more. The goal is understated and classic, with just a hint of “Don’t worry, I’ll wrangle that bull, no problem.” 

Start slow: We’d never knock Mr. Travolta, but please – no denim on denim. Here’s our recommendation: start slow with a light-wash denim shirt, buttoned, rolled up to the elbows and pair it with dusty brown Chinos. Option number two? Find a not-so-fitted flannel (no neon), roll the sleeves, and pull on a pair of not-so-skinny jeans – any wash works. At a loss? Check out our men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix, y’all. 

Experts (or actual cowboys) only: Were going to get a little more intense here with the hat, the boots, and the buckle. Unless you’re Toby Keith, its Halloween, or you’re actually herding a group of cows, let’s go ahead and nix the hat. The boots? If you must, our recommendation would be to wear a pair as understated as you can – something shin length, slightly covered by jeans, and a deep brown. And the buckle? Hey – why the hell not? Go crazy, cowboy.

The number one rule to remember when going for the urban cowboy look? Stay understated and own it.


Were Gaga for Tulle and Were Not Sorry

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Ask any fashion pro at our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores and they’ll tell you: My Sister’s Closet is gaga for tulle. We simply cannot get enough.

But, fabulous fashionistas, there are those out there who question the wonder that is tulle.

“Where do you find tulle designer clothing?” they might ask. “And isn’t hard to wear?”

To our beautiful tulle-timid friends, we have just two words for you:

Carrie. Bradshaw.

Not only does the witty and gorgeous New Yorker - portrayed by the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker - don the unforgettable look in the Sex and the City title sequence (don’t pretend you haven’t lusted over her simple and feminine pink tank and white tutu ensemble), but the relatable and relevant Ms. Bradshaw brings tulle back to her Manolo-heeled, cab-hailing world time and time again.

From wispy skirts to fabulous European evening gowns to the mint green ballet-inspired dress she wore through the streets of Paris during that amazing series finale, the verdict is in: our girl knows how to rule the tulle.

But before you start comparing your shoe count to Carrie’s, take a look at our three, fail-proof My Sister’s Closet tips on how to rock tulle the right way:

1.       Focus on flattering: Though it may seem obvious, when incorporating tulle into your wardrobe, focus on flattering. Because tulle is all volume, too much can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for dresses or skirts, keep an eye out for a-line: the natural shape will flatter both your waist and your hips, while creating a soft and dramatic effect.

2.       Keep it simple: Have you happened upon a gorgeous, layered tulle skirt (perhaps at one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store locations)? Is your new favorite tank adorned with gorgeous tulle embellishments? If so, keep the rest of your outfit simple – it’ll help to highlight the whimsical fabric without overdoing it.

3.       Think outside the skirt: Another good rule of tulle is to think outside the skirt. Though the empire waist is gorgeous and classic, don’t be afraid to try tulle where you might least expect it. From swimsuits to handbags to eye-catching pumps, tulle doesn’t need to be overstated to have an effect.

No matter how you choose to rule the tulle, our favorite fabric’s flow and flattering fit makes the look a true showstopper any day of week.

(Just make sure you avoid New York puddles and those pesky city buses.) For more tulle, stop by any one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores today or shop online at

We are gaga for tulle and not a bit sorry

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Ask any fashion pro at our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores and they’ll tell you: My Sister’s Closet is gaga for tulle. We simply cannot get enough.

But, fabulous fashionistas, there are those out there who question the wonder that is tulle.

“Where do you find tulle designer clothing?” they might ask. “And isn’t hard to wear?”

To our beautiful tulle-timid friends, we have just two words for you:

Carrie. Bradshaw.

Not only does the witty and gorgeous New Yorker - portrayed by the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker - don the unforgettable look in the Sex and the City title sequence (don’t pretend you haven’t lusted over her simple and feminine pink tank and white tutu ensemble), but the relatable and relevant Ms. Bradshaw brings tulle back to her Manolo-heeled, cab-hailing world time and time again.

From wispy skirts to fabulous European evening gowns to the mint green ballet-inspired dress she wore through the streets of Paris during that amazing series finale, the verdict is in: our girl knows how to rule the tulle.

But before you start comparing your shoe count to Carrie’s, take a look at our three, fail-proof My Sister’s Closet tips on how to rock tulle the right way:

1.       Focus on flattering: Though it may seem obvious, when incorporating tulle into your wardrobe, focus on flattering. Because tulle is all volume, too much can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for dresses or skirts, keep an eye out for a-line: the natural shape will flatter both your waist and your hips, while creating a soft and dramatic effect.

2.       Keep it simple: Have you happened upon a gorgeous, layered tulle skirt (perhaps at one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store locations)? Is your new favorite tank adorned with gorgeous tulle embellishments? If so, keep the rest of your outfit simple – it’ll help to highlight the whimsical fabric without overdoing it.

3.       Think outside the skirt: Another good rule of tulle is to think outside the skirt. Though the empire waist is gorgeous and classic, don’t be afraid to try tulle where you might least expect it. From swimsuits to handbags to eye-catching pumps, tulle doesn’t need to be overstated to have an effect.

No matter how you choose to rule the tulle, our favorite fabric’s flow and flattering fit makes the look a true showstopper any day of week.

(Just make sure you avoid New York puddles and those pesky city buses.) For more tulle, stop by any one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores today or shop online at

The Walk of Game Mastering the Night to Day Look

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Don’t worry.

Here at our My Sister’s Closet Phoenix and San Diego consignment store, we don’t judge.

We’re talking of course about the one-thing-leads-to-the-next, which-bar-did-we-go-to, waking-up-wearing-last-night’s-makeup Walk of…well, you know.

Seriously – we’ve all been there.

But, gorgeous even-sans-hairbrush fashionistas, our Phoenix and San Diego consignment pros are here to help you go drab to fab, no matter what early morning-after brunch date you’re running late to. Here is the My Sister’s Closet way to turn your Walk of Shame into a Walk of Game.

1.       Get creative: So your eyeliner is a little smeared, your pout is not so perfect, and your hair is looking slightly reminiscent of one of those cartoon tumbleweeds on TV. Solution? A dollop of Vaseline and just a pinch of powder. Apply the Vaseline to your lips (it will smooth out whatever color you still have), your brows and your lashes to straighten up and lengthen. Apply the powder (not too much!) to your roots to get rid of the flat and greasies, and don’t be afraid to rock that overnight volume.

2.       Borrow, reinvent, and rock it: It’s time to channel your inner Clueless for a moment – yes, we’re talking about the fifteen different ways that Tai switched up her look before donning the perfect party outfit. Though you obviously (unfortunately), won’t have access to your closet, get inventive. Rock a guy friend’s flannel shirt with last night’s skinny jeans, through a friend’s vintage tee over your black bandage dress to get a laid-back, rocker feel. Hey, why not?

3.       Strut like you mean it: Our final piece of wisdom? Own your night to daytime look. Sure, you may not have been able to whip out the straightener for that pesky fly-away, but if you face the (too-bright) sun in your favorite pair of sunnies, a strut in your step, and a smile on your face, you may just be able to fool them all anyway.


And hey, at the very least, you’ll still have a damn good story.

MySistersCloset Twitterviews CareyPenaTV

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@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @CareyPenaTV

Carey Peña is a co-anchor of 3TV news at 9 and Politics Unplugged. She is avid bargain shopper and frequents our stores.

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @CareyPenaTV

  • CareyPenaTV: Twitterview! My go-to brands: @MyRebeccaTaylor, @MillybyMichelle, @Zara @BCBGMAXAZRIA @BananaRepublic and @MalandrinoBuzz

  • MySistersCloset: ooo we love them all! Opening Zara up in AZ soon!! All so classic

  • CP: I know! can’t wait for @Zara to open @ ScottsdaleFS Great looks, great prices!

  • MSC: K 2nd Q: If you could raid any celebs closet who would it be?

  • CP: Sarah Jessica Parker or Kate Moss. OR @TheRealOliviaP Love her blog

  • MSC: Obsessed with them all 3rd Q: If you could keep only ONE item in your closet what would it be? WE MEAN ONE lol ;)

  • CP: My @HouseofHerrera Wedding dress to pass down to my baby girl

  • MSC: Awe that is so special! I bet it’s stunning! 4th Q: What do you like to see men in the most?

  • CP: Clothes that fit! Don’t have to be super expensive, so long as they fit

  • MSC: The worst! Saggy bottoms and shirt are no bueno on anyone Last Q: What is the perfect girls night out?

  • CP: I love the #foodie scene. So, anywhere there is great food, wine and music=perfect

  • MSC: mmm making us hungry and thirsty

  • Thanks for letting us turn the tables on you! We look forward to see you in our stores and more importantly on air! :P

  • CP: Thanks for asking to Twitterview me. Always a please to talk #Fashion :)

Tank Tops and Bros A Love Story

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Our men’s consignment store San Diego and Phoenix pros see them all the time.

They march through our stores, glaring and multicolored. They head toward our walls of clothes, neon bubble letters beaming like traffic lights, catchy slogans and organization names dancing through the aisles.

And when our pros see them, matched dutifully with backwards hats and black canvas Vans, there’s only one thing we can say.

The bros are back in town.

Though we know the bro code by heart and though we’ll never say no to a comfortable pair of sneakers (especially when rocking them with a suit), we do feel the need to hold a bro tank intervention. Yes, you may have been a badass running through campus in your shin-high crew socks, flask akimbo, but gentlemen, why not leave your frat-tastic days in the past?

While unfortunately, we won’t be able to help out with your Alpha-Beta-Kappa-Gamma withdrawal, we can help when it comes to leaving your old tanks behind and moving forward into the land of the refined tank.

Yes. You will still be able to ‘Sun’s out, guns out!’ if you really feel inclined. If you decide to veer in a much classier direction, we'd love to help you get there. But in the meantime, for God's sake, AT LEAST follow a few rules (for the children's sake).

Here’s the Well Suited way to own the modern tank:


  1. Go big: Try to stay away from small lines or designs that will give you the 14-year-old-in-a-screen-tee look. Instead, go big. Thick stripes, total solids, interesting colors (no neon, please) – if you’re going to commit, commit. You might also be surprised to find out that many top designers these days are jumping in on the tank trend (check out our collection of men’s designer clothes in San Diego and Phoenix for a low-stress find. And yes, we know our racks aren't brimming with tank tops - we're not gonna go there, man.) 
  2. The perfect fit: Aim for the perfect fit. For tanks, this means structured, slightly loose (we do not recommend the Russell Simmons look), and (far) above the thighs. Somewhat slouchy is alright, but remember: this isn’t the gym and it isn’t your childhood front yard during summer when your dad was garnering looks from the neighbors by mowing the lawn in that used-to-be-white, grease-stained, seven-inches-from-the-armpit sleeveless shirt. 
    men's designer clothes San Diego
  3. Down under: If we had to pick two words to sum up the perfect tank look, we’d quote GQ in saying, aim for “urban gentlemen.” You are not Tony Soprano on his day off (or, let’s face it, day on), nor are you, most likely, Vin Diesel. Pair a tank with well-fitting Chino shorts, or if you’re on the beach, a pair of modern trunks. And unless you’re heading to the gym, no athletic shorts. 

Still refusing to turn around the hat? Go find our men’s consignment store in San Diego or Phoenix on our website at

Youre Not Wearing Enough Pastels

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What the pros in our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix are going to say might surprise you.

You’re not wearing enough pastels.

Now before you grab your navy sweatshirt to pull on over your 1990s faded jeans and scuffed black Vans, hear us out: pastel isn’t just for yacht club gatherings at the Hamptons anymore. In fact, it can be downright boss if you know how to pull it off.

Yup – that’s where we come in.

Welcome to the Well Suited guide to going pastel. We’ll teach you how to shop for it, how to rock it, and maybe most importantly, how to never overdo it.

Class in is session, gentlemen.


  1. For the newbie: Worried that pastels will have you dressing like a year-round Easter Bunny? Relax and start slow. For the pastel newbie, keep the rest of your wardrobe the same but switch up your dress shirt. Instead of a starched white button down, go for a soft purple, a cool mint (rock it like Kanye has this season), or a light pink. Yeah, we said it. Light pink. 
  2. The pant: Though we’re always fans of going bold, if you’re comfortable with color down below, try lightening it up a couple shades. Green and blue are instant staples, and can easily be paired with a black or white shirt and loafers, giving you a masculine, modern look that’s anything but high maintenance. 
  3. Beachfront: Low key and comfortable, swim trunks are also a totally viable option when it comes to incorporating pastel into your wardrobe. Prints, stripes, whatever; owning pastel on vacation is the perfect way to go lighter without having to worry about overdoing it.


Still doubting the badassery that is manly pastel? Don’t worry; our fashion pros will set you straight. Just stop by one of our Well Suited locations or check us out online to take a look at our men’s designer clothes in San Diego and Phoenix. 

MySistersCloset Twitterviews JavierSotoTV

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@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @JavierSotoTV

My Sisters Closet Creates Revenue for Nonprofits Project Charity

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Project Charity is an opportunity for nonprofit groups to ask for donations from their supporters without anyone having to reach into their pocketbooks. Let's face it, we all have excess in our homes and closets, often times in the form of some great items that we no longer wear or use. We can put those items to better use by recycling at My Sister’s Closet stores and giving back a portion of the sale to worthy organizations. Most recently, we have set up accounts to benefit the Phoenix Art Museum, AZ Humane Society, Rancho Coastal Humane Society, Project Sarah, and Friends of Animal Care & Control.

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up an account for your nonprofit and then let supporters know how simple it is to clean out closets for your favorite charity.

Project Charity is another way for nonprofits to have their own "thrift" store without the hassle of running or operating a retail thrift operation. The ease of simply dropping off your better used clothing, accessories and home goods at any of our multiple locations for your favorite charity, makes it easy for supporters to help when they may not be able to give a cash donation. All they have to do is ask My Sister's Closet to send them a check from the account!

Tweed. Yes, You Can.

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At our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix, we find we’re constantly encouraging everyday guys to take the fashion leap.Yes, rock the shawl-collar cardigan (if you’re still typing the words “shawl-collar” into Google, think Don Draper’s downtime attire).

Yes, confidently pair classic sneakers with a suit for the perfect look badass/feel badass combination.

Yes, ditch the I-wore-them-on-Spring-Break-freshman-year-so-I-know-they’re-cool, low-riding hibiscus swim trunks for a pair of flattering, modern swim shorts.

But what about tweed?

Well, to put it simply: yes. Yes, you can.

When most guys think about tweed, they immediately think about that calc professor they had senior year. Remember him? The guy who somehow always had chalk smeared across his sleeves and perpetually smelled like mothballs? 

Well, gentlemen, welcome to the future. Say goodbye to your stale notions of tweed (and the newly awoken, previously repressed memory of your C- in calc), and say hello to a style designed to make you look cooler than Harrison Ford during a history lesson. Here is the Well Suited way to do tweed:

1.  Go modern: Though most guys think that the words “tweed” and “blazer” go together like “foot-longs” and “beer,” you don’t have to go classic when you’re wearing tweed. Trade the old school look for something new, like an unstructured tweed bomber jacket, perfect for a date or just hanging out at the bar.

2. Dress it up: In the words of the ultimate gentleman, “Suit up!” That’s right, we’re talking tweed suits. The trick here is to stick to a neutral color. Like with all suits, make sure it’s fitted, and pair it with something simple underneath (think grey suit, white collared shirt, black tie). If that's too boring, experiment with a colored pant. Anything to draw attention to your crotch area is subliminally sexy, right?

      3. Classic: You say “tweed coat,” we say “absolutely.” Though mixing it up with something like a bomber jacket is one way to go, you can still rock the classic style while looking modern. Go for a structured overcoat; a light brown is a great pick. Make sure it has some type of a collar, is well tailored, and hits you a few inches above the knee (this is not the Matrix).

So the next time you’re on the hunt for men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix, drop by Well Suited. We’re just saying - Professor Henry “Indiana” Jones better watch himself.  

Mimosa Chic The Perfect Brunch Outfit

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You know those moments when you just can’t help but smile? Like when you snag that perfect find at our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store or when you score that amazing promotion you’ve been eyeing for months. Or, even better, when you find yourself sipping a free drink courtesy of that thighs-abs-shoulders-pecs situation across the bar.

And then, of course, there’s our all-time favorite: Sunday brunch with the crew. We love everything about brunch - mimosas, gossiping, napping through our afternoon plans, and looking absolutely fierce on an afternoon we’d otherwise spend running errands.

But after an exhausting Monday through Friday, after a way-too-fun Saturday night out (Advil and oversized sunnies, a must), sometimes the last thing you want to have to do on a Sunday morning is root through a closet full of couture clothes looking for the perfect ensemble.

Our solution? Master the mimosa chic look (with help from our fashion-forward Phoenix and San Diego consignment pros, of course) long before you’re getting ready to hit the eggs benny, and day-of styling will be a cinch. Here are three helpful My Sister’s Closet tips for picking the perfect brunch outfit:

  1. Cute and comfy? Yes, you can: Just because you’re aiming for effortlessly flawless doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to comfort and say hello to “I hope they have someone to carry me out of this restaurant because I’m too full to handle these Michael Kors skinny jeans.” Sure, Sunday brunch means glamour and Instragramming, but it is possible to combine cute and comfy. Stay away from skintight and stilettos and focus on A-line sundresses, super soft sweaters, and adorable flats. Dress up the look with an oversized designer bag and huge sunglasses.

  2. Sunny side up: Forget about that little black dress and rock a splash of color! There’s no better brunch staple than bright colors and bold prints (well, except for bottomless sangria, of course). Looking for inspiration? Stun in our bright red floral Alice and Olivia or turn heads in this gorgeous Kate Spade orange print strapless dress.

  3. Max out: Only ten minutes to get ready and still at a loss? Never forget the two brunch time M’s: mimosas and maxis. Sexy, slimming, easy, and comfortable, maxi dresses are a girl’s best friend. Accessorize with a show stealing necklace, a stunning watch, and of course, your favorite new bag.


So the next time you’re wondering what to rock at Sunday brunch, just drop by one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores. Trust us: you’ll be ready for a morning of mimos, French toast, and Saturday night dishing in no time.

Appropriately Rocking Shorts at Work

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At our Well Suited men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix, we know all about the “Should I or Shouldn’t I” dilemma.

It can happen on a first date, when you’re not quite sure if that new white blazer you bought (because, c’mon, Jay-Z looks so badass in his) is really just overkill.

It can happen the first time you meet the parents, when you suddenly realize halfway out the door that your light brown chinos have last week’s barbeque sauce stain on the right pocket, and you’re wondering if you really need to change or if you can just play if off like it happened this afternoon.

And it can happen when you’re trying to pair your favorite nine-year-old college t-shirt – you know, the one with the faded letters and the rip under the armpit – with a pair of Levis, because hey, isn’t it kind of vintage? (Dude, just don’t).

But today, we’re not talking about an awkward first date or dinner with the parents. We’re talking about articles of clothing you can wear in a professional setting. We’re talking about how to appropriately rock shorts at work.

The “Should I or Shouldn’t I” wear shorts to work dilemma is one that’s probably been debated for centuries. It is appropriate? Is it weird? Does anyone want to see that much man leg?

The short answer? Do it. Though there are definitely some styles to stay away from (in two words: athletic shorts), if you follow these easy guidelines, you’ll soon be dripping with swag instead of sweat during those harsh summer months at the office:

 Check the length and fit: Too long, and you’re wearing man capris. Too short, and…just don’t go too short. A safe length is at the knee, or at most, an inch above. Additionally, if you’re worried about your shorts being too tight, they probably are. While you should never lean toward “baggy” while at work (or, let’s be honest, in general), you’re going to want a comfortable fit: structured at waist, and loose around the knees.

 Color and make: Do not - we repeat - do not wear jean shorts to work. Stick to clean, classic Chinos, and leave the crazy prints to your swim trunks. Viable colors: white, gray, navy blue, royal blue. Check out our men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix for more options.

 Match the outfit: to the shorts. Just because you’re going more casual down below doesn’t mean you can dress down on top. Try a nice looking button down, potentially rolled up to the elbows, and a pair of clean boat shoes. The look you’re aiming for is simple, professional, clean cut, and low key. If your fashion sense just can't be tamed, opt for a preppy print like madris or argyle. Belts and tucked in shirts are optional, depending on how causal you want to look.

While it’s always a good idea to scope out the office before you show up to make that major business deal with knees exposed, shorts at work (provided they’re clean, wrinkle-free, and professional) are A-Okay.

Hey - if Kayne does it, it’s fine by us.

Busting Skulls XXX How to Rock this Cranial Trend

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If you have either eyes or ears, you noticed skulls in your favorite designer’s winter looks throughout 2013. But, just like the real thing, the skull trend isn’t disintegrating easily – skulls are everywhere this summer, and it’s up to you to rock them. So whether you primarily identify your style as athletic, hip, or glamorous, dive head first into the skull trend and continue to rock the look.

Skulls can be worn any which way, running the gamut of garments and accessories. But, like any trend, moderation is key. 

Fire and ice; ying and yang; skulls and lace: it’s all about equilibrium. Balance out the tough, edgy skulls with feminine touches. Put a flirty sundress, go all out with an elegant hairstyle, and think pink as you apply girlish makeup. Harden the look with a Skova Soul skull ring, brown leather jacket, combat boots and cheeky attitude.


Happy skulling, ladies.

Youll Never Forget Your First Time...

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That's the headline of our clever ad running in San Diego. Besides the fact that it is catchy, there is some truth to the emotions affiliated with a consigner's first visit to My Sister's Closet, Well Suited or My Sister's Attic.

After more than two decades and 100,000 consigners, we've learned a lot from those of you that trust your once treasured possessions to us. We are in the business of finding new homes for "stray" and now abandoned clothing, accessories and home goods.

The reasons for consigning are more than just about money.

Are you a hoarder? Perhaps you are a shopaholic? Your husband threatened to move to another house if you don't clean out your closet. You changed jobs, retired or finally got a job. The kids finally moved out and you are redecorating their room so they can't move back in. Their furniture has to go.

Whatever the reason, you did once like or even love the item brought in to sell. And it's our job to find your once loved clothing and furniture a new owner.

Your closet or your home is an anthology of you. You are sharing your life's past memories and your personal style in your possessions. A dress worn to a son's wedding, your favorite jeans (that you've outgrown), or a piece of jewelry that no longer fits your lifestyle, are but a few examples of what we see come in our stores daily.

For a first time consigner, you don't realize it, but you are a sharing person.

The beauty of consigning is that each piece is now handed from one person, man or woman, to another. And new memories will now be made by someone else thanks to you.

MustHaves for Music Festival Season

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Over the last few months, our San Diego consignment store experienced an influx of arguably questionable items. Desperate for cash with which to purchase music festival tickets, festival-bound groupies are pleading to pawn off their furry platform boots, neon fishnets, bedazzled bras and booty shorts into our stores and onto our customers. These consignment racks, however, are exclusively A-list; when a My Sister’s Closet shopper dresses to get down at a music festival, you better believe she’s doing it in style.

If you’ve always had a thing for Care Bears, there’s nothing sexier than your standard, cliché music festival outfit (think fake fur and rainbows everywhere). If you’re cruising the Phoenix and San Diego consignment scene for tasteful music festival fashions, however, check out these must-haves, available at My Sister’s Closet. Ditch the panda hat and opt for something more refined. (Yeah, yeah, we know it’s a music festival, but if you want to land the drummer you’re going to want to look hot, hot, hot.)

1. Tribal prints: embrace your wild side in geometric tribal prints in black and white or bold color combinations. However, we insist you learn from Victoria’s Secret’s insensitive faux pas – leave your Native American-style headdress at home.

2. Denim: nothing is more classically sexy than an all-American denim jean, like model Agyness Deyn rocked at the House of Holland pool party launching their Coachella 2013 line. Embrace the staple in jeans or push the envelope with a denim crop top. 

Big floppy hat – protect your skin and look chic in a 70’s sunhat. Put out a carefree vibe and pair it with a prairie print mini dress and combat boots, like model Audrina Patridge wore to Coachella. 

Dare We Suggest An Old Bag for Mothers Day

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My Sister's Closet and My Sister's Attic offer new ideas to help you give gifts from the heart

Remember serving Mom breakfast in bed? What a nice treat for a woman that works all the time. Just be sure to clean the kitchen when you are finished!

This year just in time for Mother's Day, the three sisters who own My Sister's Closet and My Sister's Attic have come up with some ideas to help you show your mom how much you love her and give Mom what she really wants this year.

"My daughter always makes me a coupon booklet. It is a stapled together book, colored and decorated, with coupons offering chores and niceties she will do for me," said Tess Loo, sister and head stylist for My Sister's Closet and My Sister's Attic. "The coupons are for things like 15 minutes of hair brushing, which I love."

Loo says let the bright festive colors of springtime lead you to an inspirational gift.

"There are so many happy yellow things in the marketplace for spring. Use a black sharpie marker and write positive affirmation messages on lemons then put them in a tall cylinder vase, tie a ribbon around it and bury your card inside. Just reading all the lemons will make mom smile."

A few more ideas for mom:

  • Find some pretty trays, platters, glassware that you can tie with ribbons for mom to enjoy later. The porcelain eggs on the cake stand are beautiful and musical.
  • Moms need to meditate and enjoy some private time. Make her a CD of gentle meditation music that you selected. Wrap it in a lovely scarf she can wear and enjoy later. Wearing the scarf will remind Mom of the calm and peace from the music and meditation. She will be happy and serene. You could also paint a watercolor for Mom and place it inside the cover of the CD case.
  • Every Mom loves a new handbag! Since buying a handbag directly from the designer might be too pricey head over to My Sister's Closet where floral, pastel and black and white are all the buzz. This Coach bag is $69.95 and Halo is $24.95. Both are perfect for Mom and affordable for you. Take it a step more and put a handmade card in the bag, or add an "I love you coupon" inside.
  • Remember Mom is a woman and women become giddy over all things beautiful. Every woman loves a Little Black Dress, pearls, earrings, perfume. Take her shopping, buy her a gift card, make her an appointment with a local stylist (most stores have one), or treat her to a manicure and brush her hair.

"Whatever you choose to do for Mom, remember to tell her she is valued and appreciated. Join her for a yoga class or a long walk. Remind her it is a day of gratitude and you are grateful she is your Mom," said Loo.

Sunglasses the Blinds to the Soul

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We don’t think we’re far off when we say that sunglasses, whatever shape or size you’re rocking, are both a statement and an absolute necessity. Pop into second hand stores in San Diego and Phoenix and you’ll see what we mean - be they oversized, undersized, black, green, or mauve, sunglasses speak volumes about the wearer in question. It’s not just about the sun; it’s about an attitude and a vibe. Disinterested in small talk? Put on your sunglasses. Avoiding an old flame’s eye contact because you’re too cool to care? You know what to do.

Oozing sophistication, mystery and allure, a gorgeous pair of designer sunglasses is essential to complete any ensemble. Pair that Tory Burch pattern sundress with Michael by Michael Kors Bella sunglasses.



Lounge poolside in your Yves Saint Laurent gold aviators and proceed-with-caution red lips. 


Because while the eyes may be the windows to the soul, the sunglasses are the shades - blocking out all unwanted views and engagements. Decide what you’d like your sunglasses to say for you and choose a designer who speaks true to your message. Don a pair of limousine tinted shades and let the sunnies do the talking. Believe us - a pair of Prada aviators or Kate Spade wayfarers and we’ll hear you loud and clear.

More so than other states, Arizona and California demand a high regard for some decent frames, as a pair can (and should) be rocked year round to protect one’s eye health and reputation. Come into My Sister’s Closet second hand stores in San Diego and Phoenix for a gorgeous pair of designer shades that express the vibe you’re oozing. Your shades say everything you want to and more - now be quiet already so ours can dish.

In Defense of the Man Purse

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As you saunter into our men’s designer clothes store in San Diego or Phoenix, it’s hard to ignore her allure, seducing you from the back of the store. Confused but confident, you approach - knowing how easy it’d be to slip one on, place her on the counter, and claim it as your own.

Indeed, you’re tempted by this man purse - its taut strap hugging your chest. This is wrong, you groan internally, remembering what your friends would say. And feels right.

We’ve all seen The Hangover; felt the sting of secondhand embarrassment as Zach Galifianakis adjusts his cross-shoulder satchel while his wolfpack roll their eyes.

As a male in this modern age, the need to carry a bag is laughable, superfluous - indicative of indulgence and excess only women get away with. The want or need to condense one’s belongings into a single, more convenient package is ridiculous, absurd - can’t it all fit in your pockets? No, we’re here to say - most items of any importance can absolutely not fit in our pockets. Our business smartphone, personal smartphone, iPad, gum, and swanky headphones absolutely cannot all fit in our pockets, and we shouldn’t have to explain ourselves.


How did the briefcase devolve into a “man purse”? Why is a working man with a bag considered eccentric?

It’s really only been a few short decades since men stopped carrying bags with them regularly, we’re here to point out. Since the modern working man genuinely drives from place to place (he no longer walks or takes mass transit), we generally carry fewer supplies with us - we stash them in our cars or store them in our smart phones. Certain items, however, simply must be carried. And for this reason, my friends, we carry satchels, garment bags, and briefcases.

Cast away the cloak of shame; disregard the snickers and sneers. Embrace your satchel with appreciation and pride. My friend, I insist - there is nothing wrong with a man purse.

The Art of the Dress Sneaker

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men’s designer clothes San DiegoAt our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix, we see a lot of looks. We see button downs and skinny jeans. We see blazers and scarves. And we see shoes.
We see a hell of a lot of shoes.

And though we see loafers and wingtips and studded cowboy boots (just don’t do it), we’re here today to talk about sneakers. 

Specifically, the Suit and Sneaker.

Allow us to introduce you.

Welcome to the age of looking
badass in your favorite tailored
suit and feeling badass in an
everyday sneaker. Drake does it. JT does it. Now you do it.

Here’s where: Because the Suit and Sneaker look is dressy without being too dressed up, the look is perfect for a Casual Friday at work, an after-hours party, or a night out in the city. Wear your suit jacket with a tie, wear it open with a white or black v-neck, wear it with the sleeves rolled up over a casual button down Henley.   

Here’s How: Owning the Suit and Sneakers combo is a great power. And as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Going classy on top and casual down below does not give you the right to wear just any sneakers with that single breasted suit of yours.

The Do’s: The trick is to keep it simple. Go classic: stick to white or black canvas Vans, or stark white leather sneakers. Inexpensive, awesome, and so ridiculously comfortable, you’ll be thanking us the moment you slip them on.  

The Don’ts: No gym sneakers. No basketball sneakers. No rhinestone Ed Hardy sneakers. We’re serious. The more tailored, the better. A good rule of thumb is that your sneakers should be as tailored as your suit. You don’t walk around in a chunky, ill-fitting suit; don’t match it with a pair of chunky, ill-fitting sneakers. Always respect the suit.

And though you’ll look like a million in your Suit and Sneakers style, you don’t have to spend that much. Got the suit? Drop by Well Suited for the sneakers. Got the sneakers? Come find the perfect suit. And as always, our pros will help you find all the men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix that a guy could need.

You’re welcome.

Men’s consignment store San Diego

(That's right - we taught Kanye what's up.)

Spring Fashion Trends Alert

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Look around, Phoenix and San Diego Resale fashionistas. It’s that time of year again. The sun is out. The sky is blue. Petal pink espadrilles and adorable lemon yellow wedges take the sidewalks by storm.

That’s right, ladies; it’s spring.

Welcome back to warm days filled with statement sunglasses and cherry popsicles. Spring – we’ve missed you (and so have our color pop structured totes). But even though there are some spring essentials that we’ll never throw out (sundresses, anyone?), with 2013 comes a brand new year to rock the seasons. Time to talk Phoenix and San Diego designer resale spring trends.

We’re ready if you are.

Bright pants: Toss those boring blue jeans back in the closet next to your Tori Burch riding boots; you won’t be seeing them for a while! Instead of denims, think bright. Teal, pink, baby blue, or mint green, pair your brightly colored pants with a neutral shade on top.


Bold prints: Dots, stripes, floral, geometric – go big, go bold, or go home! This spring is all about the attention-grabbing staple. Just like with your brightly colored pants, keep the rest of your outfit neutral and toned down – while a little bit of pattern clashing works every once and a while, you don’t want to dabble into Easter egg territory (trust us).

 The pretty, pretty peplum: Easy to wear, adorable, and ultra-feminine, the peplum is huge this spring.  Perfect on a thigh-length cocktail dress or a pastel cotton tank with shorts, the peplum is the optimum combination of sexy and cute.

So as we make our way into April and May, make sure to drop the drab and go bright, bold, and sexy! Grab your sunhat, your colorful clutch and your favorite pair of white heels, and strut your way into spring! For more fashion tips and tricks drop by our Phoenix or San Diego resale location, or check us out at