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Tank Tops and Bros A Love Story

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Our men’s consignment store San Diego and Phoenix pros see them all the time.

They march through our stores, glaring and multicolored. They head toward our walls of clothes, neon bubble letters beaming like traffic lights, catchy slogans and organization names dancing through the aisles.

And when our pros see them, matched dutifully with backwards hats and black canvas Vans, there’s only one thing we can say.

The bros are back in town.

Though we know the bro code by heart and though we’ll never say no to a comfortable pair of sneakers (especially when rocking them with a suit), we do feel the need to hold a bro tank intervention. Yes, you may have been a badass running through campus in your shin-high crew socks, flask akimbo, but gentlemen, why not leave your frat-tastic days in the past?

While unfortunately, we won’t be able to help out with your Alpha-Beta-Kappa-Gamma withdrawal, we can help when it comes to leaving your old tanks behind and moving forward into the land of the refined tank.

Yes. You will still be able to ‘Sun’s out, guns out!’ if you really feel inclined. If you decide to veer in a much classier direction, we'd love to help you get there. But in the meantime, for God's sake, AT LEAST follow a few rules (for the children's sake).

Here’s the Well Suited way to own the modern tank:


  1. Go big: Try to stay away from small lines or designs that will give you the 14-year-old-in-a-screen-tee look. Instead, go big. Thick stripes, total solids, interesting colors (no neon, please) – if you’re going to commit, commit. You might also be surprised to find out that many top designers these days are jumping in on the tank trend (check out our collection of men’s designer clothes in San Diego and Phoenix for a low-stress find. And yes, we know our racks aren't brimming with tank tops - we're not gonna go there, man.) 
  2. The perfect fit: Aim for the perfect fit. For tanks, this means structured, slightly loose (we do not recommend the Russell Simmons look), and (far) above the thighs. Somewhat slouchy is alright, but remember: this isn’t the gym and it isn’t your childhood front yard during summer when your dad was garnering looks from the neighbors by mowing the lawn in that used-to-be-white, grease-stained, seven-inches-from-the-armpit sleeveless shirt. 
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  3. Down under: If we had to pick two words to sum up the perfect tank look, we’d quote GQ in saying, aim for “urban gentlemen.” You are not Tony Soprano on his day off (or, let’s face it, day on), nor are you, most likely, Vin Diesel. Pair a tank with well-fitting Chino shorts, or if you’re on the beach, a pair of modern trunks. And unless you’re heading to the gym, no athletic shorts. 

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