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Fashion News, Lauren Bacall dies at age 89

Posted by My Sister's Closet

All of the pros here at our second hand stores in San Diego were saddened by the news of Lauren Bacall’s passing at the age of 89. The legendary actress and model will be greatly missed, but will continue to inspire all of us as a style icon. 

Image: Laura Loveday                              

Bacall began her career as a model at the tender age of 16, and she was already recognizable for her cat-like grace, blonde hair, and stunning green-blue eyes. After appearing on the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, her husky voice and sultry sex appeal quickly landed her acting roles in Hollywood. 

Image: Laura Loveday                              


Bacall found success in Tinsel Town and will be remembered as one of the greats that came out of Hollywood’s Golden Age of film. She starred in her first film, To Have and Have Not, at age 19 opposite Humphrey Bogart. They went on to star in more hits together, including The Big Sleep, Dark Passage, and Key Largo. Bacall also worked on Broadway in musicals, earning Tony Awards for Applause in 1970 and Woman of the Year in 1981. Later, her performance in the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996) earned her a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination.


Bacall was also the star of one of Hollywood’s greatest love stories; after meeting on the set of her first film and falling in love, she married actor Humphrey Bogart. She was 20 and he was 45. Despite the age difference, they were together until Bogart’s death of esophageal cancer, after thirteen years and two children together. 


Image: James Vaughan                             

Bacall was captivating on and off-screen, in her roles as an actress and in her personal life. The Golden Age was a time of glamour and romance, and the silver screen was lit up by gorgeous women and handsome men. Bacall herself stood out among this elite group for her unique style. She wore her clothes – they never wore her. Her style was effortlessly sexy, and she could confidently make a casual outfit look chic and appealing. She was the embodiment of the classic Hollywood starlet, and her style is still just as classy today as it was in the 50s. That’s why in 1995 she was named the 6th sexiest film star in history by Empire Magazine, and it’s why we here at MSC still look up to her today for style inspiration.


Bacall’s timeless style will make her a fashion icon forever, and some of her most notable looks are still wearable today. Stop by your local MSC second hand stores in San Diego to pay tribute to the always flawless Ms. Bacall and find pieces that will give you some of her confidence. And for styling tips and more fashion news check out our blog