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I Have Nothing to Wear Screamed Every Woman in Unison

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Our Phoenix and San Diego consignment gurus know: it is the age old conundrum.

It’s the moment you wake up fifteen minutes before your big Monday morning meeting. Its the moment you realize you forgot to pick up this week’s dry cleaning and your favorite sweater still has last week’s mimosa stain on the bottom lefthand corner.

It’s the moment you stand in front of your closet - clothes strewn across chairs, shelves, laundry baskets; the clock ticking away and the cab horn beeping – and you suddenly scream: I have nothing to wear!

Rest assured, fabulous fashionistas, you are not alone. In fact, we’re willing to bet one pair of patent leather Prada pumps that at any given time, in any given country, at least 10,000 other women are throwing their hands in the air and screaming the exact same thing.

The solution? Get ready ladies – the My Sister’s Closet “What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear” mini-course is now in session!

1.       Closet Cleanse: Step number one is to start with a clean closet pallet. You know that wide brim sunhat you were convinced you were going to wear every day a la Audrey Hepburn? What about that yellow stripe romper you bought on a whim before your vacation last year? And don’t even get us started on that itty-bitty Spice Girls halter you simply had to have circa 1997 (we love you, Posh). To reduce the stress, reduce the clutter and start anew!

2.       Stick to the Staples: The more wardrobe staples you have, the better. Because the classics never go out of style (and are easy to mix and match!), making an “I’m running late and still haven’t had my latte yet” decision becomes a cinch. The shopping list? One black structured blazer, one cable knit sweater, one pair of fitted black trousers, two pairs of jeans (one slouchy, one skinny), two work-appropriate button downs, one gray pencil skirt, a an eye-catching scarf/handbag combo, and of course, that gorgeous LBD.

3.       Organization is your new BFF: Once you’ve ditched the drab and stocked up on the staples (still looking? Have you checked our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store yet?), it's time to get organized. Separate your clothes, first by piece (shirts on hangers to the left, pants folded to the right), and then by function. To cut down on digging time (through clothes piles, that is), keep your cocktail attire away from your go-to interview look.

Whether you’re looking for a place to trade in old designer styles for the new or you’re on the hunt for the classic must-haves, our My Sister’s Closet Phoenix and San Diego consignment collections will have you covered – so you won’t have to ever go uncovered.