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On Dressing Like a Man

Posted by My Sister's Closet

For years, the pros at our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix have been working hard to help you navigate the fashion waters for every event, celebration, and office function.

From helping you retire your vibrant collection of tanks to helping you rock pastels (yeah, we said it), they’ve talked individual pieces and looks to help you dress for success (and on a budget) every time. But today, they’re going to take it a step further: they’re going to give you a crash course in something every guy needs to know like the back of his brand new, perfectly tailored suit jacket: here is the Well Suited guide to dressing like a man.


  1. The fit matters now: Sure, back in the day, there was nothing cooler than those slouchy jeans that demonstrated your social status just as much as your boxer choice. But today, thankfully, those lower-than-low rise jeans (and all-too-“cool” backwards baseball caps) can finally be put to rest in the nostalgic 90s as we move into brighter days of better fits. Rule number one of dressing like a man? Fit matters. Your jeans should never be baggy, your jackets should be tailored to your body (none of that “this was my dad’s!” stuff), and your sweaters should never be older than you are.

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    Embrace color: Yes, we’ve covered pastels and bright solids before, but this is a rule of thumb that needs to top our list when it comes to dressing like a man: don’t be afraid to embrace color. Sure, neutrals work nicely (especially in a cable knit sweater or winter jacket), but a little color never hurt anyone. Incorporate color into your wardrobe slowly: steer clear of neon and gravitate toward plumbs, greens, and yes,
    even pinks. You might just be surprised.

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    The go-to: Last but not least, always rely on the go-to. No, we’re not talking about your Nike athletic shorts and Class of 99’ sweatshirt combo, we’re talking classy and classic. Every man should have
    a properly tailored suit hanging in his closet, along with a casual cardigan (yes), a good-looking button down, a dark-colored blazer, and a pair of nice shoes. We are not talking Converse here. No, even if they’re black.


Don’t worry, just because we’ve covered the staples behind dressing like a man doesn’t mean we’re pushing you out of the nest just yet. Our men’s designer clothes in San Diego and Phoenix pros will be there day and night, rain or shine to help you rock that (even last minute) look.

No need to thank us.