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Closet Cleaning Tips

Posted by My Sister's Closet


This is gonna’ sound crazy, but turn every hanger in your closet backwards. Now as you wear items, hand them back up the normal way. Before you know it you’ll see what you should consign. Time to bid adieu to all that closet clutter.


Now that your nice, new hangers are facing forward and your closet doesn’t have multiple personalities, dedicate a place year round for what’s destined for My Sister’s Closet or Well Suited. Don’t forget accessories, shoes and while your at it, that nice jewelry box your evil Aunt gave you that you’ve never opened. Best of all, you can drop off your consignments any day at your convenience. No appointments necessary.



If you like having a neat and orderly home why does your closet always look like a hurricane just blew through? Sorting everything out will make it so much easier (and fun) to get dressed!

How to start? Your pants want to hang next to the other pants. They told us. Sweaters like being folded—not hung – and laying on top of other comfy sweaters. They told the pants to tell us. Speaking of which, invest in quality hangers. Joan Crawford was right. Bring all those ugly wire hangers back to the dry cleaner. Incredible how much more room you’ve got now isn’t it?

Next, group each type of clothing so that short sleeves are all together, long sleeves hang side by side, short reside next to shorts… You get the picture. Finally, organize each section by color. Go from light to dark, left to right. Feeling better about your wardrobe?



If you’re lucky and have some extra closet space, try this one. Take everything that’s out-of-season and tuck it out of sight (out of mind). Kind of like your ex. It’s now easy to see you really don’t need another white tee, however, a black blouse is a whole other story. After you’ve make all that cash consigning the stuff you never wear, it’s time to shop!


You know how we just suggested hanging up the pieces you plan to consign? Please launder and press whatever needs some extra TLC before bringing them in. The better condition your items are in, the more likely we will consign them and that means you’ll make money. Remember, if you don’t want to buy less than perfect items, why would you expect us to take them from you and sell them to your friend?


Speaking of friends, now that you have some tips for cleaning and organizing your closet, share them with those you love. Maybe they’ll let you consign them on your account so you can save up faster for that Chanel or Prada. Now that’s a good friend.