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MySistersCloset Twitterviews The Arizona Humane Society

Posted by My Sister's Closet

The Arizona Humane Society is Arizona’s largest nonprofit animal-welfare and protection agency. My Sister’s Closet, My Sister’s Attic and Well Suited donated thousands of items last year, raising $117,000 at AHS thrift stores. We had a little fun with them on Twitter, Friday.

@MySistersCloset: Haha, never though of it that way :) 2nd Q: Why do pets, dogs mostly, like to destroy expensive shoes?

@AZHumane: Maybe because they look better in their mouths? Maybe they’re just jealous they can’t wear them...

MSC: They would be jealous about the most expensive, nicest pair. 3rd Q: Funniest name you’ve ever heard for a pet?

AHS: That has to be “Lord Beefcastle”, He’s a 3-year-old #corgi adopted from AHS two weeks ago.

MSC: LOL! Can you imagine calling for him: Lord Beefcastle come on boy! He sure is cute. 4th Q: Garfield or Snoopy?

AHS: No offense to Snoopy, but it’s definitely Garfield. We have similar views on lasagna and Mondays.

MSC: Yeah and he talk or talk thinks.... :) 5th final Q: What is the biggest misconception people have about rescuing pets?

AHS: People think there aren’t purebreds at #shelters, so they go to breeders. They’re about 25% of our intake, so come #adopt!

MSC: Seriously!! Rescue pets have the best personalities and demeanors, they really do seem to know you save them. #rewarding #adopt

AHS: 100%. They know you’ve done something for them and they pay it back tenfold.

MSC: Thanks so much for answering our Q’s! It was fun!!

AHS: Thanks for the opportunity and all you do for our pets!

MSC: It’s our pleasure! Thanks for everything YOU ALL do for our homeless pets! :)