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Spring Is In The Air

Posted by My Sister's Closet

What the Frock?

As fashionistas we love looking through the glossies, we like to analyze fashion week trends and we like to talk about the latest Loubiton’s. Yet as women of Scottsdale, in the spring, we have one thing in mind. SPRING TRAINING…baseball.

Getting dressed in everyday life can be a test. Getting dressed to go to the ballpark and look stylish is an important test. How can a girl be comfortable, appropriately turned out and still let our personal style fly high??? Well, here are a few essentials to wear to the ballpark that will make you feel happy, look great and get high marks.

What the Frock?

Let’s start from the bottom up. Invest in a great pair of kicks. So many tennies to choose from this season. Get a trendy pair in a basic color and keep it sockless. Cut off a pair of your tired winter denims and create not too short, cut up shorts. Add a sporty mesh long sleeve baseball inspired top. This will add sun coverage and keep you warm during the shady times. A cute baseball cap or fedora and mirrored Ray Bans are a must. Don’t forget sunscreen and chap stick, all neatly tucked into this spring’s IT bag, the backpack. All designers have their spring 2014 version of a backpack. I love my black leather Gucci that I picked up for a steal at our Well Suited store.

Keep life simple and remember to wear your self-confidence. Best foot forward please, even at the ballpark. Need fashion guidance, just ask.

Tess Loo is the stylist for My Sister’s Closet, with 14 locations in Arizona and California. She can be reached at [email protected].