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Must Haves from Fashion Week 2014

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Ladies, its that time of year again. Our San Diego resale pros have been waiting, watching, and deliberating for weeks now and we’ve finally got exactly what you want.

The official My Sister’s Closet Fashion Week 2014 Must Haves List.


Hold on to your Fendi baguette, because here is our (gorgeous) top three:



From sexy shawls to to-die-for scarves, we must admit: we were simply taken by the new Michael Kors collection. But through it all, there was one look our San Diego resale pros dropped jaws for: metallic. Similar to this drop dead sexy one shoulder belted dress and on a number of other signature pieces (an almost Gatsby-inspired skirt, an embellished slate blouse), steal the spotlight on your own in your metallic get up by pairing one eye-catching piece with dark or neutral accessories.

The Belt and Go

Switching gears from Mr. Kors to the fabulous Tory Burch, we’re shining the MSC spotlight on a style we simply can’t get enough of: the belted mini. The trick here is to belt your dress low – unlike the empire waist look (though still another favorite), when you’re rocking the belted mini, buckle your belt loosely so that it rides just above your hips. This will give you a gorgeous structured look which offsets the casual and feminine quality of the mini perfectly. For added sex appeal, follow Ms. Burch’s vision by picking a frock that’s anything but run-of-the-mill. Long sleeves, show-stopping pattern, jet-black knee socks (love it), go unique or go home.

Bright Wear, Don’t Care

Hello Betsey Johnson, we’ve missed you! This year, the ever-amazing Ms. Johnson wowed (like always) with crazy color. Ladies, we’re talking flamingo pinks, lemon yellows, and got-to-have-it greens up and down the runway. Love her look, but nervous to incorporate the fluorescent into your closet? Here’s the how to: start with just one color and start small. At first, try rocking a neutral palate and spice things up with a bright yellow tote. If you’re loving it (let’s get real here; we know you will) trade up to an eye-catching blazer or jacket, like this gorgeous fuchsia Lafayette number. (Bonus points for rocking the neon thigh-highs to the left).

Ladies, we could go on and on about the gorgeous new looks we saw at this year’s  Fashion Week, but until next time, these are our absolute top three. Suggestions of your own? We’d love to hear ‘em. Post your comments, questions, badass new   looks in the section down below.

But for now, we’ve got to run – Paris Fashion Week is up next, and trust us, we won’t be missing a thing.