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We are gaga for tulle and not a bit sorry

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Ask any fashion pro at our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores and they’ll tell you: My Sister’s Closet is gaga for tulle. We simply cannot get enough.

But, fabulous fashionistas, there are those out there who question the wonder that is tulle.

“Where do you find tulle designer clothing?” they might ask. “And isn’t hard to wear?”

To our beautiful tulle-timid friends, we have just two words for you:

Carrie. Bradshaw.

Not only does the witty and gorgeous New Yorker - portrayed by the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker - don the unforgettable look in the Sex and the City title sequence (don’t pretend you haven’t lusted over her simple and feminine pink tank and white tutu ensemble), but the relatable and relevant Ms. Bradshaw brings tulle back to her Manolo-heeled, cab-hailing world time and time again.

From wispy skirts to fabulous European evening gowns to the mint green ballet-inspired dress she wore through the streets of Paris during that amazing series finale, the verdict is in: our girl knows how to rule the tulle.

But before you start comparing your shoe count to Carrie’s, take a look at our three, fail-proof My Sister’s Closet tips on how to rock tulle the right way:

1.       Focus on flattering: Though it may seem obvious, when incorporating tulle into your wardrobe, focus on flattering. Because tulle is all volume, too much can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for dresses or skirts, keep an eye out for a-line: the natural shape will flatter both your waist and your hips, while creating a soft and dramatic effect.

2.       Keep it simple: Have you happened upon a gorgeous, layered tulle skirt (perhaps at one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store locations)? Is your new favorite tank adorned with gorgeous tulle embellishments? If so, keep the rest of your outfit simple – it’ll help to highlight the whimsical fabric without overdoing it.

3.       Think outside the skirt: Another good rule of tulle is to think outside the skirt. Though the empire waist is gorgeous and classic, don’t be afraid to try tulle where you might least expect it. From swimsuits to handbags to eye-catching pumps, tulle doesn’t need to be overstated to have an effect.

No matter how you choose to rule the tulle, our favorite fabric’s flow and flattering fit makes the look a true showstopper any day of week.

(Just make sure you avoid New York puddles and those pesky city buses.) For more tulle, stop by any one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores today or shop online at