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Youre Not Wearing Enough Pastels

Posted by My Sister's Closet

What the pros in our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix are going to say might surprise you.

You’re not wearing enough pastels.

Now before you grab your navy sweatshirt to pull on over your 1990s faded jeans and scuffed black Vans, hear us out: pastel isn’t just for yacht club gatherings at the Hamptons anymore. In fact, it can be downright boss if you know how to pull it off.

Yup – that’s where we come in.

Welcome to the Well Suited guide to going pastel. We’ll teach you how to shop for it, how to rock it, and maybe most importantly, how to never overdo it.

Class in is session, gentlemen.


  1. For the newbie: Worried that pastels will have you dressing like a year-round Easter Bunny? Relax and start slow. For the pastel newbie, keep the rest of your wardrobe the same but switch up your dress shirt. Instead of a starched white button down, go for a soft purple, a cool mint (rock it like Kanye has this season), or a light pink. Yeah, we said it. Light pink. 
  2. The pant: Though we’re always fans of going bold, if you’re comfortable with color down below, try lightening it up a couple shades. Green and blue are instant staples, and can easily be paired with a black or white shirt and loafers, giving you a masculine, modern look that’s anything but high maintenance. 
  3. Beachfront: Low key and comfortable, swim trunks are also a totally viable option when it comes to incorporating pastel into your wardrobe. Prints, stripes, whatever; owning pastel on vacation is the perfect way to go lighter without having to worry about overdoing it.


Still doubting the badassery that is manly pastel? Don’t worry; our fashion pros will set you straight. Just stop by one of our Well Suited locations or check us out online to take a look at our men’s designer clothes in San Diego and Phoenix.