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Youll Never Forget Your First Time...

Posted by My Sister's Closet


That's the headline of our clever ad running in San Diego. Besides the fact that it is catchy, there is some truth to the emotions affiliated with a consigner's first visit to My Sister's Closet, Well Suited or My Sister's Attic.

After more than two decades and 100,000 consigners, we've learned a lot from those of you that trust your once treasured possessions to us. We are in the business of finding new homes for "stray" and now abandoned clothing, accessories and home goods.

The reasons for consigning are more than just about money.

Are you a hoarder? Perhaps you are a shopaholic? Your husband threatened to move to another house if you don't clean out your closet. You changed jobs, retired or finally got a job. The kids finally moved out and you are redecorating their room so they can't move back in. Their furniture has to go.

Whatever the reason, you did once like or even love the item brought in to sell. And it's our job to find your once loved clothing and furniture a new owner.

Your closet or your home is an anthology of you. You are sharing your life's past memories and your personal style in your possessions. A dress worn to a son's wedding, your favorite jeans (that you've outgrown), or a piece of jewelry that no longer fits your lifestyle, are but a few examples of what we see come in our stores daily.

For a first time consigner, you don't realize it, but you are a sharing person.

The beauty of consigning is that each piece is now handed from one person, man or woman, to another. And new memories will now be made by someone else thanks to you.