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Sunglasses the Blinds to the Soul

Posted by My Sister's Closet

We don’t think we’re far off when we say that sunglasses, whatever shape or size you’re rocking, are both a statement and an absolute necessity. Pop into second hand stores in San Diego and Phoenix and you’ll see what we mean - be they oversized, undersized, black, green, or mauve, sunglasses speak volumes about the wearer in question. It’s not just about the sun; it’s about an attitude and a vibe. Disinterested in small talk? Put on your sunglasses. Avoiding an old flame’s eye contact because you’re too cool to care? You know what to do.

Oozing sophistication, mystery and allure, a gorgeous pair of designer sunglasses is essential to complete any ensemble. Pair that Tory Burch pattern sundress with Michael by Michael Kors Bella sunglasses.



Lounge poolside in your Yves Saint Laurent gold aviators and proceed-with-caution red lips. 


Because while the eyes may be the windows to the soul, the sunglasses are the shades - blocking out all unwanted views and engagements. Decide what you’d like your sunglasses to say for you and choose a designer who speaks true to your message. Don a pair of limousine tinted shades and let the sunnies do the talking. Believe us - a pair of Prada aviators or Kate Spade wayfarers and we’ll hear you loud and clear.

More so than other states, Arizona and California demand a high regard for some decent frames, as a pair can (and should) be rocked year round to protect one’s eye health and reputation. Come into My Sister’s Closet second hand stores in San Diego and Phoenix for a gorgeous pair of designer shades that express the vibe you’re oozing. Your shades say everything you want to and more - now be quiet already so ours can dish.