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Look Delicious While Traveling Abroad Because Italian Women Arent into Jerseys

Posted by My Sister's Closet

From the dress sneaker to the modern tank, our men’s consignment store in San Diego, Encinitas and Phoenix pros have been there to help you through even the most difficult style conundrums.

They’ve helped you rock shorts without looking like a cast member from Jersey Shore. They’ve helped you don pastels on days you weren’t headed to Easter brunch with the parents. And today, they’re going to prove that their style badassery stretches even farther than our purple mountains majesty.

Thanks right gentlemen; today, Well Suited talks international style.

Because let’s be honest: Italian women just aren’t into jerseys.

  1. Ditch the athletic look: Not that you can’t don a pair of Nike shorts during a morning run by the Seine, but for all other activities other than, you know, actually being athletic, its best to leave the Reebok hoodies and puma crew socks at home. Instead, stock your wardrobe with the basics: buy a few Chinos, invest in some nicer pants, and layer on the sweaters (cable knit, cardigans, have at it). The more well-fitting, the better.

  2. Don’t be afraid to accessorize: Relax; we know we just used the A-word, and it wasn’t a mistake. Example? Go out and get yourself a scarf. Don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. But with a light cotton scarf (stay to neutrals: gray, navy, brown) you will end up looking like a fashion forward man of Europe. Bonjourno, ladies.

  3. Color: We’ve talked about embracing color before (from pastels to bold pants), and we’re going to talk about it again: when dressing for a trip aboard, don’t shy away from color. Though there’s no need to dress like a stoplight, pair a neutral shirt with a pair of colored Chinos: red, blue, green. Later on, mix it up by doing the opposite, with a pair of neutral Chinos and a bold tee.

Looking to Europe-up your wardrobe without dropping some serious dough? Just check out our Well Suited men’s designer clothes in San Diego, Encinitas and Phoenix.

You’ll be looking effortlessly awesome at a café in no time.


Oh, and by the way - from what we hear, European ladies dig the American accent.