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A Guide to Leather Jackets

Posted by My Sister's Closet

So you’re on your way to your favorite San Diego resale store when you notice your attractive new neighbor drive by in a brand new car. He catches your eye, rolls down the window, and offers you a ride. You politely decline, hop on your sweet motorcycle, and drive off into the sunset, laughing. 

Ok, so maybe you don’t own a motorcycle, but every woman does need one accessory to express her inner badass – and that’s a leather jacket. Not only is leather a fall essential, it’s a necessity for every fashionable chick. And with so many different styles, we here at your San Diego resale store compiled this guide to help you decide which type best channels your inner wild child.


The moto style is a must-have for every aspiring biker chick. The trendiest style this fall is anything asymmetrical, adding some interest and edge to your coat. The more zippers the better this season, as we’re seeing them on pockets and sleeves as well. A lot of the best jackets have details like quilted leather, belts, straps, or studs to add even more appeal to your outerwear. Pick a jacket with one or two of these added details, like the one pictured below. 

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The bomber jacket is a classic style and a throwback to the 40s. This season, anything retro is in style, and so is menswear for women. Bomber jackets used to be worn by men in the military, but we can’t let the boys have all the fun – ladies’ bombers are made with lightweight leather and are given some feminine touches. Pair it with a contrasting girly top, like the one below, to create an amazing look.

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Light Colors

The ‘no-white-after-labor-day’ rule can be thrown out the window this year with the growing popularity of white outerwear. The combination of ethereal white with rugged leather creates a great contrast and gives your feminine look and edge. Other pale leather colors are popular this season as well, such as beige and blush pink. 

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Cowboy chic is in, and you can pull it off the trend with a suede jacket. Don’t overdo it with too much fringe or crazy beads, but choose suede that comes in a modern silhouette, like he zip-up hoodie shown below, to harness the modern cowgirl look.

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Faux leather is vegan friendly, and also easy on your wallet! While you’re already saving money by shopping at our San Diego resale store, the budget-conscious shopper can find faux leather in every style for a cheaper price.

Different Silhouettes

This season leather is being used in a lot of different and inventive ways. We’ve seen it in peplum, draped, cropped, and used as an accent in jackets, shirts, pants, and more.                                       

There are so many different styles of leather jackets, we know you will be able to find the perfect one for you. We have a huge inventory for you to choose from at our San Diego Resale store, and it changes every day! So come stop by to find some amazing clothes at even greater prices, and visit our blog for more fashion news and tips!