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MySistersCloset Twitterviews Gary Brown from Napoli Management Group

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Gary Brown joined Napoli Management Group as Vice President, Talent Development and as a Talent Representative in March of 2013. Considered one of the most respected leaders in television news and known as an innovator, strategist, mentor and coach for many in the industry, Gary has a keen eye for spotting talent. He has helped guide the careers of both talent and management in television stations across the country.

My Sister's Closet (MSC): Dress for Success today at 1:30! We exclusively talk to Hollywood Agent @NewsVP! #twitterview

Gary Brown (GB): honored to be asked by [email protected] to talk about #dressing4success today 1:30pm pacific. Think I have the color thing down #justsayin

MSC: You're Hollywood's favorite TV agent! Do you think it has to do with your sense of style?

GB: Well, I think it can't hurt,but also think it is my background and experience too. #butlookinggoodneverhurts

MSC: SO TRUE! Plus, we hear you're a hustler! ;) Q1: Is there a specific designer that dominates your closet?

GB: A1: Yes, @robertgrahamNYC shirts, over 30 of them

MSC: We �� @RobertGrahamNYC! - See! Q2: Why is #fashion important to your industry?

GB: A2: TV is a visual medium, gotta pop off the screen and I try to do that in my world too.

MSC: Great answer! Q3: What is one item every woman should have in her closet to conquer the world?

GB: A3: A pair of red sole heels? #imsuchaguy

MSC: Q4: Professionally, is it better to stand out with your wardrobe or blend in?

GB: A4: Stand out to a point, bright vivid colors, minimal patterns, tailored and fitted outfits

MSC: Q5: Any general advice for the working woman on wardrobe? Watch for deodorant stains? Dress like you've already got the job?

GB: A5: #tvnews is a first impression biz, but this works in any field, you want to make a positive 1st impression

MSC: That is great advice. Thanks for your time! Get back to kicking butt and taking names!

GB: back at ya!