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@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @AliLevineDesign

Ali is a celebrity stylist based in Los Angles. She has styled for numerous TV shows and movies, such as New Girl and X-men First Class. She also recently styled two celebrities, Kat Opplet and Tess Broussard, for the red carpet at the Emmy’s this past weekend. Make sure to follow her amazing blog:

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @AliLevineDesign

@AliLevineDesign: Can’t Wait!!! TY! #MySistersCloset #Twitterview

@MySistersCloset: Thanks for “talking” to us! We know you are a super busy lady these days Q1: What has been your favorite styling job so far?

ALD: AWW TY! Wow! I’ve had so many amaze ones.. but recently @JoeyKingActress for @glamoholicmag we had a blast w/ her outfits!

MSC: Oooo so rocker chic!

ALD: Yes!! Very! We had a lot of fun, and she’s amazing :*

MSC: 2nd Q: When you style where do you get your biggest inspirations from?

ALD: I pull my inspiration from so many places! Blogs, magazines, my own clothes, ever day people watchin it’s a mix of everything!

MSC: It never ends does it? ALD: Never!! I was inspired last night at 1 am from my husbands new golf shirt!! LOLL #Stylistproblems

MSC: Hey never know where it will come from. Best ideas are at 1AM sometimes...

ALD: haha this is true dolls!! Especially when I barely sleep!

MSC: Q3: What trends/designers were you most excited about at #FashionWeek?

ALD: Oh goodness! I had so many! @marcjacobs was amaze! So was @NicoleMillerNYC! I love all the creams and rust colors...

ALD: Olive Greens, and golds! @marissawebbnyc is a new designer I also loved #NYFW was fabulous this year!

MSC: Omgosh were you at @marcjacobs? So jealous...I’d be shipwrecked or whatever that was nay day with him...

ALD: @marcjacobs - Ladies I wish! Ughh Amaze! But I did watch it LIVE from my IPAD!! :* Obsessed with his nautical show!

MSC: Ok, back on track sort of... 4Q: If you could keep ONLY ONE items from your closet, what would it be?

ALD: LOL sorry!! I can get off track...It’s #Fashion and well I’m a #Stylist what can I say?! :)

MSC: It’s ok we do that a lot here too.

ALD: Yikes!!! So I’m stranded on a non fashionable island and its just my one item in my closet?! It’d have to by my shoes

ALD: They are just my #favorite!! I have a whole wall of them! #guilty #shoegame

MSC: Which shoe if you could only pick one? hahaha

ALD: Thank god it’s almost Friday! Are you trying to make me stress?! LOL!! Okay fine my @Dior!

Ali Levine

MSC: LOL good choice, pink goes well with a straw skirt and coconut bra...

ALD: Ahemmmm and my umbrella straw and possibly the flower in my hair?! LOL!! #sassystylist

MSC: OK last Q: What can we expect to see from you next? What’s on the agenda.

ALD: Well there’s quite a bit! A few new editorials, Red Carpet premiers, another feature in a magazine on me...busy year!

ALD: You can always stay up to date on the blog too! New work & fashion tips! Can’t wait to share :*

MSC: Sounds amazing & busy! We appreciate the time you took to “tweet” with us! If you are in the SD/Encinitas area come see us! Or better yet stop by our stores in #Phoenix...14 stores and counting...

ALD: Thanks for having me!! It was fun! I’d love to come say hello! Maybe my next shoot in #SanDiego or #Phoenix Xox.