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MySistersCloset Twitterviews GoodGirlShops

Posted by My Sister's Closet

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @GoodGirlShops

Elana Pruitt AKA “Good Girl Gone Shopping” writes a fashion blog, helping gals everywhere find the perfect outfit on a budget. She also is a fashion columnist for Agenda Magazine. We were lucky enough to “Twitterview” her last month!

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @GoodGirlShops

@MySistersCloset: love leopard print, love making it a neutral and putting it with everything!

@GoodGirlShops: Same here! And comfy w/ a peep-toe. I’m in love :-)

MSC: OK 2nd Q: Stranded on fashion island. If you could only keep ONE item from your closet what would it be?

GGGS: My Grandmother’s pearl necklace. I’ve never worn it, but I like holding it & remembering her fabulousness.. xo #vintage

MSC: OOO you should start wearing it! Sounds fab! Good answer :)

GGGS: One day...:-)

MSC: 3rd Q: who/what is your go-to designer/brand?

GGGS: I’m obsessed with @xoBetseyJohnson accessories. Adds fun and drama to ANY outfit. Hard to have a bad day wearing Betsey!

MSC: Such happy fun stuff from her, her stuff always sells fas at our stores! :)

GGGS: Yes! Just always makes me smile and feel all giddy and kiddie...haha

MSC: LOL :) 4th Q for our “Twitteringview” What is one trend you are digging right now?

GGGS: As a writer, I love T-Shirts w/ random, silly sayings. The ones w/ hashtags are great! I don’t own any, but I dig it!

MSC: #Twiterview shirt? LOL...

GGGS: Ha!! Totally! I’d sport THAT one, for sure!

MSC: OK LAST Q :( What is the best advice on style you’ve ever been given?

GGGS: I have 2: “Not every trend should be worn by EVERYone” and “Dress your body and size. Be honest with yourself!”

MSC: Seriously, I mean harem pants are not meant for most people! Great Advice

GGGS: Ummm... exactly! haha

MSC: :) Thanks so much for twittering with us! Make sure if your in SD to stop by our shop for some #DEALS!!!