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Look Delicious While Traveling Abroad Because Italian Women Arent into Jerseys

Posted by My Sister's Closet

From the dress sneaker to the modern tank, our men’s consignment store in San Diego, Encinitas and Phoenix pros have been there to help you through even the most difficult style conundrums.

They’ve helped you rock shorts without looking like a cast member from Jersey Shore. They’ve helped you don pastels on days you weren’t headed to Easter brunch with the parents. And today, they’re going to prove that their style badassery stretches even farther than our purple mountains majesty.

Thanks right gentlemen; today, Well Suited talks international style.

Because let’s be honest: Italian women just aren’t into jerseys.

  1. Ditch the athletic look: Not that you can’t don a pair of Nike shorts during a morning run by the Seine, but for all other activities other than, you know, actually being athletic, its best to leave the Reebok hoodies and puma crew socks at home. Instead, stock your wardrobe with the basics: buy a few Chinos, invest in some nicer pants, and layer on the sweaters (cable knit, cardigans, have at it). The more well-fitting, the better.

  2. Don’t be afraid to accessorize: Relax; we know we just used the A-word, and it wasn’t a mistake. Example? Go out and get yourself a scarf. Don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. But with a light cotton scarf (stay to neutrals: gray, navy, brown) you will end up looking like a fashion forward man of Europe. Bonjourno, ladies.

  3. Color: We’ve talked about embracing color before (from pastels to bold pants), and we’re going to talk about it again: when dressing for a trip aboard, don’t shy away from color. Though there’s no need to dress like a stoplight, pair a neutral shirt with a pair of colored Chinos: red, blue, green. Later on, mix it up by doing the opposite, with a pair of neutral Chinos and a bold tee.

Looking to Europe-up your wardrobe without dropping some serious dough? Just check out our Well Suited men’s designer clothes in San Diego, Encinitas and Phoenix.

You’ll be looking effortlessly awesome at a café in no time.


Oh, and by the way - from what we hear, European ladies dig the American accent. 

Out with the Old Items in Your Closet Youre Better Off Without

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Gentlemen, the fashion pros at our men’s consignment store in San Diego, Encinitas, and Phoenix know: there comes a time in every man’s life when he has to gear up, take a deep breath, and tackle one of the most challenging tasks there is.

We’re talking, of course, about the Great Post-College Closet Purge. What exactly is the Great Post-College Closet Purge, you ask? We’re glad you did.

To put it simply, every man collects an…interesting array of clothing throughout his college years. Maybe you were a dedicated frat boy, decked out in sleeveless tees, backwards hats, and Alpha Beta Kappa Phi insignia everywhere you went. Maybe you were the “Did we have class today?” type, the guy who rolls out of bed two minutes before his midterm, throws on a “clean” sweatshirt, a pair of I-bought-these-at-Gap-my-senior-year-of-high-school jeans, and sprints out the door.

But no matter what your personal college style, chances are, both you and your life have evolved since the days of too-late nights and that deep appreciation of PBR you were sure you’d always have. And chances are, your wardrobe has not.

So men, it’s time. It’s time to throw open those closet doors, scour your shelves, and replace the items you know you should not still be wearing with pieces that match your (hopefully) more mature look. Roll up those sleeves; here is our Well Suited how-to guide:

  1. Flip flops: Sure, they were great for late-night walks from those killer house parties, and yes, nothing gripped your long board as well as your trusty Rainbows, but it’s time to retire your worn out man flops. For your days off, look instead for awesome (non-athletic) sneakers and casual loafers. We promise, they’ll be just as comfortable.
  2. “Class of…”: While we know you love your alma mater as much as the next Animal House fan, it’s time to ditch your striking collection of “Class of 2001” t-shirts and sweats. Yes - you can still keep a few for working out or lounging around the house, but as far as the whole “going out in public” thing goes, it’s time to say goodbye.
  3. The ill-fitting suit: Maybe it got you through formal after formal. Maybe it was the suit you wore to your very first job interview. We know it can be sentimental, but no matter what fond memories you made in your trusty suit, when you’re constantly tugging at the sleeves and your morning sock decision becomes integral because they’ll be on display up to your shins, it’s time to get a new suit. (Looking to buy a designer suit without the designer price tag? Check out our collection of men’s designer clothes in San Diego, Encinitas, and Phoenix.)

We know it might be hard. We know it might be tiring. But men – it’ll be worth it.


Oh, and tell your girlfriend she’s welcome.

I Have Nothing to Wear Screamed Every Woman in Unison

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Our Phoenix and San Diego consignment gurus know: it is the age old conundrum.

It’s the moment you wake up fifteen minutes before your big Monday morning meeting. Its the moment you realize you forgot to pick up this week’s dry cleaning and your favorite sweater still has last week’s mimosa stain on the bottom lefthand corner.

It’s the moment you stand in front of your closet - clothes strewn across chairs, shelves, laundry baskets; the clock ticking away and the cab horn beeping – and you suddenly scream: I have nothing to wear!

Rest assured, fabulous fashionistas, you are not alone. In fact, we’re willing to bet one pair of patent leather Prada pumps that at any given time, in any given country, at least 10,000 other women are throwing their hands in the air and screaming the exact same thing.

The solution? Get ready ladies – the My Sister’s Closet “What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear” mini-course is now in session!

1.       Closet Cleanse: Step number one is to start with a clean closet pallet. You know that wide brim sunhat you were convinced you were going to wear every day a la Audrey Hepburn? What about that yellow stripe romper you bought on a whim before your vacation last year? And don’t even get us started on that itty-bitty Spice Girls halter you simply had to have circa 1997 (we love you, Posh). To reduce the stress, reduce the clutter and start anew!

2.       Stick to the Staples: The more wardrobe staples you have, the better. Because the classics never go out of style (and are easy to mix and match!), making an “I’m running late and still haven’t had my latte yet” decision becomes a cinch. The shopping list? One black structured blazer, one cable knit sweater, one pair of fitted black trousers, two pairs of jeans (one slouchy, one skinny), two work-appropriate button downs, one gray pencil skirt, a an eye-catching scarf/handbag combo, and of course, that gorgeous LBD.

3.       Organization is your new BFF: Once you’ve ditched the drab and stocked up on the staples (still looking? Have you checked our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store yet?), it's time to get organized. Separate your clothes, first by piece (shirts on hangers to the left, pants folded to the right), and then by function. To cut down on digging time (through clothes piles, that is), keep your cocktail attire away from your go-to interview look.

Whether you’re looking for a place to trade in old designer styles for the new or you’re on the hunt for the classic must-haves, our My Sister’s Closet Phoenix and San Diego consignment collections will have you covered – so you won’t have to ever go uncovered.

MySistersCloset Twitterviews AliLevineDesign

Posted by My Sister's Closet

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @AliLevineDesign

Ali is a celebrity stylist based in Los Angles. She has styled for numerous TV shows and movies, such as New Girl and X-men First Class. She also recently styled two celebrities, Kat Opplet and Tess Broussard, for the red carpet at the Emmy’s this past weekend. Make sure to follow her amazing blog:

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @AliLevineDesign

@AliLevineDesign: Can’t Wait!!! TY! #MySistersCloset #Twitterview

@MySistersCloset: Thanks for “talking” to us! We know you are a super busy lady these days Q1: What has been your favorite styling job so far?

ALD: AWW TY! Wow! I’ve had so many amaze ones.. but recently @JoeyKingActress for @glamoholicmag we had a blast w/ her outfits!

MSC: Oooo so rocker chic!

ALD: Yes!! Very! We had a lot of fun, and she’s amazing :*

MSC: 2nd Q: When you style where do you get your biggest inspirations from?

ALD: I pull my inspiration from so many places! Blogs, magazines, my own clothes, ever day people watchin it’s a mix of everything!

MSC: It never ends does it? ALD: Never!! I was inspired last night at 1 am from my husbands new golf shirt!! LOLL #Stylistproblems

MSC: Hey never know where it will come from. Best ideas are at 1AM sometimes...

ALD: haha this is true dolls!! Especially when I barely sleep!

MSC: Q3: What trends/designers were you most excited about at #FashionWeek?

ALD: Oh goodness! I had so many! @marcjacobs was amaze! So was @NicoleMillerNYC! I love all the creams and rust colors...

ALD: Olive Greens, and golds! @marissawebbnyc is a new designer I also loved #NYFW was fabulous this year!

MSC: Omgosh were you at @marcjacobs? So jealous...I’d be shipwrecked or whatever that was nay day with him...

ALD: @marcjacobs - Ladies I wish! Ughh Amaze! But I did watch it LIVE from my IPAD!! :* Obsessed with his nautical show!

MSC: Ok, back on track sort of... 4Q: If you could keep ONLY ONE items from your closet, what would it be?

ALD: LOL sorry!! I can get off track...It’s #Fashion and well I’m a #Stylist what can I say?! :)

MSC: It’s ok we do that a lot here too.

ALD: Yikes!!! So I’m stranded on a non fashionable island and its just my one item in my closet?! It’d have to by my shoes

ALD: They are just my #favorite!! I have a whole wall of them! #guilty #shoegame

MSC: Which shoe if you could only pick one? hahaha

ALD: Thank god it’s almost Friday! Are you trying to make me stress?! LOL!! Okay fine my @Dior!

Ali Levine

MSC: LOL good choice, pink goes well with a straw skirt and coconut bra...

ALD: Ahemmmm and my umbrella straw and possibly the flower in my hair?! LOL!! #sassystylist

MSC: OK last Q: What can we expect to see from you next? What’s on the agenda.

ALD: Well there’s quite a bit! A few new editorials, Red Carpet premiers, another feature in a magazine on me...busy year!

ALD: You can always stay up to date on the blog too! New work & fashion tips! Can’t wait to share :*

MSC: Sounds amazing & busy! We appreciate the time you took to “tweet” with us! If you are in the SD/Encinitas area come see us! Or better yet stop by our stores in #Phoenix...14 stores and counting...

ALD: Thanks for having me!! It was fun! I’d love to come say hello! Maybe my next shoot in #SanDiego or #Phoenix Xox.

The Urban Cowboy

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Gentlemen, get ready. Our men’s consignment store San Diego and Phoenix pros are about to tell you something that may or may not be just a little life changing.

And it has to do with your lifelong dream of dressing up like the epitome of badass.

No. We are not advocating you finally whip out the black cape and batman mask you currently have hidden (“waiting“) in that one box to the left in the back of your closet.

Men, we are talking about none other than the look that was rocked time and time again by the ultimate badasses of the wild, wild, west.

Prepare to become the Urban Cowboy.

Less is more: We know it, you know it, Peter knows it: with great power comes great responsibility. When we say “Urban Cowboy”, our men’s clothes pros are not giving you a free pass to return to your boyhood hobby horse or slap a pair of a spurs onto your workplace Oxfords. Keep in mind as you read our how-to: less is more. The goal is understated and classic, with just a hint of “Don’t worry, I’ll wrangle that bull, no problem.” 

Start slow: We’d never knock Mr. Travolta, but please – no denim on denim. Here’s our recommendation: start slow with a light-wash denim shirt, buttoned, rolled up to the elbows and pair it with dusty brown Chinos. Option number two? Find a not-so-fitted flannel (no neon), roll the sleeves, and pull on a pair of not-so-skinny jeans – any wash works. At a loss? Check out our men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix, y’all. 

Experts (or actual cowboys) only: Were going to get a little more intense here with the hat, the boots, and the buckle. Unless you’re Toby Keith, its Halloween, or you’re actually herding a group of cows, let’s go ahead and nix the hat. The boots? If you must, our recommendation would be to wear a pair as understated as you can – something shin length, slightly covered by jeans, and a deep brown. And the buckle? Hey – why the hell not? Go crazy, cowboy.

The number one rule to remember when going for the urban cowboy look? Stay understated and own it.


Were Gaga for Tulle and Were Not Sorry

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Ask any fashion pro at our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores and they’ll tell you: My Sister’s Closet is gaga for tulle. We simply cannot get enough.

But, fabulous fashionistas, there are those out there who question the wonder that is tulle.

“Where do you find tulle designer clothing?” they might ask. “And isn’t hard to wear?”

To our beautiful tulle-timid friends, we have just two words for you:

Carrie. Bradshaw.

Not only does the witty and gorgeous New Yorker - portrayed by the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker - don the unforgettable look in the Sex and the City title sequence (don’t pretend you haven’t lusted over her simple and feminine pink tank and white tutu ensemble), but the relatable and relevant Ms. Bradshaw brings tulle back to her Manolo-heeled, cab-hailing world time and time again.

From wispy skirts to fabulous European evening gowns to the mint green ballet-inspired dress she wore through the streets of Paris during that amazing series finale, the verdict is in: our girl knows how to rule the tulle.

But before you start comparing your shoe count to Carrie’s, take a look at our three, fail-proof My Sister’s Closet tips on how to rock tulle the right way:

1.       Focus on flattering: Though it may seem obvious, when incorporating tulle into your wardrobe, focus on flattering. Because tulle is all volume, too much can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for dresses or skirts, keep an eye out for a-line: the natural shape will flatter both your waist and your hips, while creating a soft and dramatic effect.

2.       Keep it simple: Have you happened upon a gorgeous, layered tulle skirt (perhaps at one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store locations)? Is your new favorite tank adorned with gorgeous tulle embellishments? If so, keep the rest of your outfit simple – it’ll help to highlight the whimsical fabric without overdoing it.

3.       Think outside the skirt: Another good rule of tulle is to think outside the skirt. Though the empire waist is gorgeous and classic, don’t be afraid to try tulle where you might least expect it. From swimsuits to handbags to eye-catching pumps, tulle doesn’t need to be overstated to have an effect.

No matter how you choose to rule the tulle, our favorite fabric’s flow and flattering fit makes the look a true showstopper any day of week.

(Just make sure you avoid New York puddles and those pesky city buses.) For more tulle, stop by any one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores today or shop online at

We are gaga for tulle and not a bit sorry

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Ask any fashion pro at our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores and they’ll tell you: My Sister’s Closet is gaga for tulle. We simply cannot get enough.

But, fabulous fashionistas, there are those out there who question the wonder that is tulle.

“Where do you find tulle designer clothing?” they might ask. “And isn’t hard to wear?”

To our beautiful tulle-timid friends, we have just two words for you:

Carrie. Bradshaw.

Not only does the witty and gorgeous New Yorker - portrayed by the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker - don the unforgettable look in the Sex and the City title sequence (don’t pretend you haven’t lusted over her simple and feminine pink tank and white tutu ensemble), but the relatable and relevant Ms. Bradshaw brings tulle back to her Manolo-heeled, cab-hailing world time and time again.

From wispy skirts to fabulous European evening gowns to the mint green ballet-inspired dress she wore through the streets of Paris during that amazing series finale, the verdict is in: our girl knows how to rule the tulle.

But before you start comparing your shoe count to Carrie’s, take a look at our three, fail-proof My Sister’s Closet tips on how to rock tulle the right way:

1.       Focus on flattering: Though it may seem obvious, when incorporating tulle into your wardrobe, focus on flattering. Because tulle is all volume, too much can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for dresses or skirts, keep an eye out for a-line: the natural shape will flatter both your waist and your hips, while creating a soft and dramatic effect.

2.       Keep it simple: Have you happened upon a gorgeous, layered tulle skirt (perhaps at one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store locations)? Is your new favorite tank adorned with gorgeous tulle embellishments? If so, keep the rest of your outfit simple – it’ll help to highlight the whimsical fabric without overdoing it.

3.       Think outside the skirt: Another good rule of tulle is to think outside the skirt. Though the empire waist is gorgeous and classic, don’t be afraid to try tulle where you might least expect it. From swimsuits to handbags to eye-catching pumps, tulle doesn’t need to be overstated to have an effect.

No matter how you choose to rule the tulle, our favorite fabric’s flow and flattering fit makes the look a true showstopper any day of week.

(Just make sure you avoid New York puddles and those pesky city buses.) For more tulle, stop by any one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores today or shop online at

The Walk of Game Mastering the Night to Day Look

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Don’t worry.

Here at our My Sister’s Closet Phoenix and San Diego consignment store, we don’t judge.

We’re talking of course about the one-thing-leads-to-the-next, which-bar-did-we-go-to, waking-up-wearing-last-night’s-makeup Walk of…well, you know.

Seriously – we’ve all been there.

But, gorgeous even-sans-hairbrush fashionistas, our Phoenix and San Diego consignment pros are here to help you go drab to fab, no matter what early morning-after brunch date you’re running late to. Here is the My Sister’s Closet way to turn your Walk of Shame into a Walk of Game.

1.       Get creative: So your eyeliner is a little smeared, your pout is not so perfect, and your hair is looking slightly reminiscent of one of those cartoon tumbleweeds on TV. Solution? A dollop of Vaseline and just a pinch of powder. Apply the Vaseline to your lips (it will smooth out whatever color you still have), your brows and your lashes to straighten up and lengthen. Apply the powder (not too much!) to your roots to get rid of the flat and greasies, and don’t be afraid to rock that overnight volume.

2.       Borrow, reinvent, and rock it: It’s time to channel your inner Clueless for a moment – yes, we’re talking about the fifteen different ways that Tai switched up her look before donning the perfect party outfit. Though you obviously (unfortunately), won’t have access to your closet, get inventive. Rock a guy friend’s flannel shirt with last night’s skinny jeans, through a friend’s vintage tee over your black bandage dress to get a laid-back, rocker feel. Hey, why not?

3.       Strut like you mean it: Our final piece of wisdom? Own your night to daytime look. Sure, you may not have been able to whip out the straightener for that pesky fly-away, but if you face the (too-bright) sun in your favorite pair of sunnies, a strut in your step, and a smile on your face, you may just be able to fool them all anyway.


And hey, at the very least, you’ll still have a damn good story.

MySistersCloset Twitterviews CareyPenaTV

Posted by My Sister's Closet

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @CareyPenaTV

Carey Peña is a co-anchor of 3TV news at 9 and Politics Unplugged. She is avid bargain shopper and frequents our stores.

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @CareyPenaTV

  • CareyPenaTV: Twitterview! My go-to brands: @MyRebeccaTaylor, @MillybyMichelle, @Zara @BCBGMAXAZRIA @BananaRepublic and @MalandrinoBuzz

  • MySistersCloset: ooo we love them all! Opening Zara up in AZ soon!! All so classic

  • CP: I know! can’t wait for @Zara to open @ ScottsdaleFS Great looks, great prices!

  • MSC: K 2nd Q: If you could raid any celebs closet who would it be?

  • CP: Sarah Jessica Parker or Kate Moss. OR @TheRealOliviaP Love her blog

  • MSC: Obsessed with them all 3rd Q: If you could keep only ONE item in your closet what would it be? WE MEAN ONE lol ;)

  • CP: My @HouseofHerrera Wedding dress to pass down to my baby girl

  • MSC: Awe that is so special! I bet it’s stunning! 4th Q: What do you like to see men in the most?

  • CP: Clothes that fit! Don’t have to be super expensive, so long as they fit

  • MSC: The worst! Saggy bottoms and shirt are no bueno on anyone Last Q: What is the perfect girls night out?

  • CP: I love the #foodie scene. So, anywhere there is great food, wine and music=perfect

  • MSC: mmm making us hungry and thirsty

  • Thanks for letting us turn the tables on you! We look forward to see you in our stores and more importantly on air! :P

  • CP: Thanks for asking to Twitterview me. Always a please to talk #Fashion :)

Tank Tops and Bros A Love Story

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Our men’s consignment store San Diego and Phoenix pros see them all the time.

They march through our stores, glaring and multicolored. They head toward our walls of clothes, neon bubble letters beaming like traffic lights, catchy slogans and organization names dancing through the aisles.

And when our pros see them, matched dutifully with backwards hats and black canvas Vans, there’s only one thing we can say.

The bros are back in town.

Though we know the bro code by heart and though we’ll never say no to a comfortable pair of sneakers (especially when rocking them with a suit), we do feel the need to hold a bro tank intervention. Yes, you may have been a badass running through campus in your shin-high crew socks, flask akimbo, but gentlemen, why not leave your frat-tastic days in the past?

While unfortunately, we won’t be able to help out with your Alpha-Beta-Kappa-Gamma withdrawal, we can help when it comes to leaving your old tanks behind and moving forward into the land of the refined tank.

Yes. You will still be able to ‘Sun’s out, guns out!’ if you really feel inclined. If you decide to veer in a much classier direction, we'd love to help you get there. But in the meantime, for God's sake, AT LEAST follow a few rules (for the children's sake).

Here’s the Well Suited way to own the modern tank:


  1. Go big: Try to stay away from small lines or designs that will give you the 14-year-old-in-a-screen-tee look. Instead, go big. Thick stripes, total solids, interesting colors (no neon, please) – if you’re going to commit, commit. You might also be surprised to find out that many top designers these days are jumping in on the tank trend (check out our collection of men’s designer clothes in San Diego and Phoenix for a low-stress find. And yes, we know our racks aren't brimming with tank tops - we're not gonna go there, man.) 
  2. The perfect fit: Aim for the perfect fit. For tanks, this means structured, slightly loose (we do not recommend the Russell Simmons look), and (far) above the thighs. Somewhat slouchy is alright, but remember: this isn’t the gym and it isn’t your childhood front yard during summer when your dad was garnering looks from the neighbors by mowing the lawn in that used-to-be-white, grease-stained, seven-inches-from-the-armpit sleeveless shirt. 
    men's designer clothes San Diego
  3. Down under: If we had to pick two words to sum up the perfect tank look, we’d quote GQ in saying, aim for “urban gentlemen.” You are not Tony Soprano on his day off (or, let’s face it, day on), nor are you, most likely, Vin Diesel. Pair a tank with well-fitting Chino shorts, or if you’re on the beach, a pair of modern trunks. And unless you’re heading to the gym, no athletic shorts. 

Still refusing to turn around the hat? Go find our men’s consignment store in San Diego or Phoenix on our website at

Youre Not Wearing Enough Pastels

Posted by My Sister's Closet

What the pros in our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix are going to say might surprise you.

You’re not wearing enough pastels.

Now before you grab your navy sweatshirt to pull on over your 1990s faded jeans and scuffed black Vans, hear us out: pastel isn’t just for yacht club gatherings at the Hamptons anymore. In fact, it can be downright boss if you know how to pull it off.

Yup – that’s where we come in.

Welcome to the Well Suited guide to going pastel. We’ll teach you how to shop for it, how to rock it, and maybe most importantly, how to never overdo it.

Class in is session, gentlemen.


  1. For the newbie: Worried that pastels will have you dressing like a year-round Easter Bunny? Relax and start slow. For the pastel newbie, keep the rest of your wardrobe the same but switch up your dress shirt. Instead of a starched white button down, go for a soft purple, a cool mint (rock it like Kanye has this season), or a light pink. Yeah, we said it. Light pink. 
  2. The pant: Though we’re always fans of going bold, if you’re comfortable with color down below, try lightening it up a couple shades. Green and blue are instant staples, and can easily be paired with a black or white shirt and loafers, giving you a masculine, modern look that’s anything but high maintenance. 
  3. Beachfront: Low key and comfortable, swim trunks are also a totally viable option when it comes to incorporating pastel into your wardrobe. Prints, stripes, whatever; owning pastel on vacation is the perfect way to go lighter without having to worry about overdoing it.


Still doubting the badassery that is manly pastel? Don’t worry; our fashion pros will set you straight. Just stop by one of our Well Suited locations or check us out online to take a look at our men’s designer clothes in San Diego and Phoenix. 

MySistersCloset Twitterviews JavierSotoTV

Posted by My Sister's Closet

@MySistersCloset Twitterviews @JavierSotoTV

My Sisters Closet Creates Revenue for Nonprofits Project Charity

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Project Charity is an opportunity for nonprofit groups to ask for donations from their supporters without anyone having to reach into their pocketbooks. Let's face it, we all have excess in our homes and closets, often times in the form of some great items that we no longer wear or use. We can put those items to better use by recycling at My Sister’s Closet stores and giving back a portion of the sale to worthy organizations. Most recently, we have set up accounts to benefit the Phoenix Art Museum, AZ Humane Society, Rancho Coastal Humane Society, Project Sarah, and Friends of Animal Care & Control.

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up an account for your nonprofit and then let supporters know how simple it is to clean out closets for your favorite charity.

Project Charity is another way for nonprofits to have their own "thrift" store without the hassle of running or operating a retail thrift operation. The ease of simply dropping off your better used clothing, accessories and home goods at any of our multiple locations for your favorite charity, makes it easy for supporters to help when they may not be able to give a cash donation. All they have to do is ask My Sister's Closet to send them a check from the account!

Tweed. Yes, You Can.

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At our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix, we find we’re constantly encouraging everyday guys to take the fashion leap.Yes, rock the shawl-collar cardigan (if you’re still typing the words “shawl-collar” into Google, think Don Draper’s downtime attire).

Yes, confidently pair classic sneakers with a suit for the perfect look badass/feel badass combination.

Yes, ditch the I-wore-them-on-Spring-Break-freshman-year-so-I-know-they’re-cool, low-riding hibiscus swim trunks for a pair of flattering, modern swim shorts.

But what about tweed?

Well, to put it simply: yes. Yes, you can.

When most guys think about tweed, they immediately think about that calc professor they had senior year. Remember him? The guy who somehow always had chalk smeared across his sleeves and perpetually smelled like mothballs? 

Well, gentlemen, welcome to the future. Say goodbye to your stale notions of tweed (and the newly awoken, previously repressed memory of your C- in calc), and say hello to a style designed to make you look cooler than Harrison Ford during a history lesson. Here is the Well Suited way to do tweed:

1.  Go modern: Though most guys think that the words “tweed” and “blazer” go together like “foot-longs” and “beer,” you don’t have to go classic when you’re wearing tweed. Trade the old school look for something new, like an unstructured tweed bomber jacket, perfect for a date or just hanging out at the bar.

2. Dress it up: In the words of the ultimate gentleman, “Suit up!” That’s right, we’re talking tweed suits. The trick here is to stick to a neutral color. Like with all suits, make sure it’s fitted, and pair it with something simple underneath (think grey suit, white collared shirt, black tie). If that's too boring, experiment with a colored pant. Anything to draw attention to your crotch area is subliminally sexy, right?

      3. Classic: You say “tweed coat,” we say “absolutely.” Though mixing it up with something like a bomber jacket is one way to go, you can still rock the classic style while looking modern. Go for a structured overcoat; a light brown is a great pick. Make sure it has some type of a collar, is well tailored, and hits you a few inches above the knee (this is not the Matrix).

So the next time you’re on the hunt for men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix, drop by Well Suited. We’re just saying - Professor Henry “Indiana” Jones better watch himself.  

Mimosa Chic The Perfect Brunch Outfit

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You know those moments when you just can’t help but smile? Like when you snag that perfect find at our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store or when you score that amazing promotion you’ve been eyeing for months. Or, even better, when you find yourself sipping a free drink courtesy of that thighs-abs-shoulders-pecs situation across the bar.

And then, of course, there’s our all-time favorite: Sunday brunch with the crew. We love everything about brunch - mimosas, gossiping, napping through our afternoon plans, and looking absolutely fierce on an afternoon we’d otherwise spend running errands.

But after an exhausting Monday through Friday, after a way-too-fun Saturday night out (Advil and oversized sunnies, a must), sometimes the last thing you want to have to do on a Sunday morning is root through a closet full of couture clothes looking for the perfect ensemble.

Our solution? Master the mimosa chic look (with help from our fashion-forward Phoenix and San Diego consignment pros, of course) long before you’re getting ready to hit the eggs benny, and day-of styling will be a cinch. Here are three helpful My Sister’s Closet tips for picking the perfect brunch outfit:

  1. Cute and comfy? Yes, you can: Just because you’re aiming for effortlessly flawless doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to comfort and say hello to “I hope they have someone to carry me out of this restaurant because I’m too full to handle these Michael Kors skinny jeans.” Sure, Sunday brunch means glamour and Instragramming, but it is possible to combine cute and comfy. Stay away from skintight and stilettos and focus on A-line sundresses, super soft sweaters, and adorable flats. Dress up the look with an oversized designer bag and huge sunglasses.

  2. Sunny side up: Forget about that little black dress and rock a splash of color! There’s no better brunch staple than bright colors and bold prints (well, except for bottomless sangria, of course). Looking for inspiration? Stun in our bright red floral Alice and Olivia or turn heads in this gorgeous Kate Spade orange print strapless dress.

  3. Max out: Only ten minutes to get ready and still at a loss? Never forget the two brunch time M’s: mimosas and maxis. Sexy, slimming, easy, and comfortable, maxi dresses are a girl’s best friend. Accessorize with a show stealing necklace, a stunning watch, and of course, your favorite new bag.


So the next time you’re wondering what to rock at Sunday brunch, just drop by one of our Phoenix or San Diego consignment stores. Trust us: you’ll be ready for a morning of mimos, French toast, and Saturday night dishing in no time.

Appropriately Rocking Shorts at Work

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At our Well Suited men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix, we know all about the “Should I or Shouldn’t I” dilemma.

It can happen on a first date, when you’re not quite sure if that new white blazer you bought (because, c’mon, Jay-Z looks so badass in his) is really just overkill.

It can happen the first time you meet the parents, when you suddenly realize halfway out the door that your light brown chinos have last week’s barbeque sauce stain on the right pocket, and you’re wondering if you really need to change or if you can just play if off like it happened this afternoon.

And it can happen when you’re trying to pair your favorite nine-year-old college t-shirt – you know, the one with the faded letters and the rip under the armpit – with a pair of Levis, because hey, isn’t it kind of vintage? (Dude, just don’t).

But today, we’re not talking about an awkward first date or dinner with the parents. We’re talking about articles of clothing you can wear in a professional setting. We’re talking about how to appropriately rock shorts at work.

The “Should I or Shouldn’t I” wear shorts to work dilemma is one that’s probably been debated for centuries. It is appropriate? Is it weird? Does anyone want to see that much man leg?

The short answer? Do it. Though there are definitely some styles to stay away from (in two words: athletic shorts), if you follow these easy guidelines, you’ll soon be dripping with swag instead of sweat during those harsh summer months at the office:

 Check the length and fit: Too long, and you’re wearing man capris. Too short, and…just don’t go too short. A safe length is at the knee, or at most, an inch above. Additionally, if you’re worried about your shorts being too tight, they probably are. While you should never lean toward “baggy” while at work (or, let’s be honest, in general), you’re going to want a comfortable fit: structured at waist, and loose around the knees.

 Color and make: Do not - we repeat - do not wear jean shorts to work. Stick to clean, classic Chinos, and leave the crazy prints to your swim trunks. Viable colors: white, gray, navy blue, royal blue. Check out our men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix for more options.

 Match the outfit: to the shorts. Just because you’re going more casual down below doesn’t mean you can dress down on top. Try a nice looking button down, potentially rolled up to the elbows, and a pair of clean boat shoes. The look you’re aiming for is simple, professional, clean cut, and low key. If your fashion sense just can't be tamed, opt for a preppy print like madris or argyle. Belts and tucked in shirts are optional, depending on how causal you want to look.

While it’s always a good idea to scope out the office before you show up to make that major business deal with knees exposed, shorts at work (provided they’re clean, wrinkle-free, and professional) are A-Okay.

Hey - if Kayne does it, it’s fine by us.

Busting Skulls XXX How to Rock this Cranial Trend

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If you have either eyes or ears, you noticed skulls in your favorite designer’s winter looks throughout 2013. But, just like the real thing, the skull trend isn’t disintegrating easily – skulls are everywhere this summer, and it’s up to you to rock them. So whether you primarily identify your style as athletic, hip, or glamorous, dive head first into the skull trend and continue to rock the look.

Skulls can be worn any which way, running the gamut of garments and accessories. But, like any trend, moderation is key. 

Fire and ice; ying and yang; skulls and lace: it’s all about equilibrium. Balance out the tough, edgy skulls with feminine touches. Put a flirty sundress, go all out with an elegant hairstyle, and think pink as you apply girlish makeup. Harden the look with a Skova Soul skull ring, brown leather jacket, combat boots and cheeky attitude.


Happy skulling, ladies.

Youll Never Forget Your First Time...

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That's the headline of our clever ad running in San Diego. Besides the fact that it is catchy, there is some truth to the emotions affiliated with a consigner's first visit to My Sister's Closet, Well Suited or My Sister's Attic.

After more than two decades and 100,000 consigners, we've learned a lot from those of you that trust your once treasured possessions to us. We are in the business of finding new homes for "stray" and now abandoned clothing, accessories and home goods.

The reasons for consigning are more than just about money.

Are you a hoarder? Perhaps you are a shopaholic? Your husband threatened to move to another house if you don't clean out your closet. You changed jobs, retired or finally got a job. The kids finally moved out and you are redecorating their room so they can't move back in. Their furniture has to go.

Whatever the reason, you did once like or even love the item brought in to sell. And it's our job to find your once loved clothing and furniture a new owner.

Your closet or your home is an anthology of you. You are sharing your life's past memories and your personal style in your possessions. A dress worn to a son's wedding, your favorite jeans (that you've outgrown), or a piece of jewelry that no longer fits your lifestyle, are but a few examples of what we see come in our stores daily.

For a first time consigner, you don't realize it, but you are a sharing person.

The beauty of consigning is that each piece is now handed from one person, man or woman, to another. And new memories will now be made by someone else thanks to you.

MustHaves for Music Festival Season

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Over the last few months, our San Diego consignment store experienced an influx of arguably questionable items. Desperate for cash with which to purchase music festival tickets, festival-bound groupies are pleading to pawn off their furry platform boots, neon fishnets, bedazzled bras and booty shorts into our stores and onto our customers. These consignment racks, however, are exclusively A-list; when a My Sister’s Closet shopper dresses to get down at a music festival, you better believe she’s doing it in style.

If you’ve always had a thing for Care Bears, there’s nothing sexier than your standard, cliché music festival outfit (think fake fur and rainbows everywhere). If you’re cruising the Phoenix and San Diego consignment scene for tasteful music festival fashions, however, check out these must-haves, available at My Sister’s Closet. Ditch the panda hat and opt for something more refined. (Yeah, yeah, we know it’s a music festival, but if you want to land the drummer you’re going to want to look hot, hot, hot.)

1. Tribal prints: embrace your wild side in geometric tribal prints in black and white or bold color combinations. However, we insist you learn from Victoria’s Secret’s insensitive faux pas – leave your Native American-style headdress at home.

2. Denim: nothing is more classically sexy than an all-American denim jean, like model Agyness Deyn rocked at the House of Holland pool party launching their Coachella 2013 line. Embrace the staple in jeans or push the envelope with a denim crop top. 

Big floppy hat – protect your skin and look chic in a 70’s sunhat. Put out a carefree vibe and pair it with a prairie print mini dress and combat boots, like model Audrina Patridge wore to Coachella. 

Dare We Suggest An Old Bag for Mothers Day

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My Sister's Closet and My Sister's Attic offer new ideas to help you give gifts from the heart

Remember serving Mom breakfast in bed? What a nice treat for a woman that works all the time. Just be sure to clean the kitchen when you are finished!

This year just in time for Mother's Day, the three sisters who own My Sister's Closet and My Sister's Attic have come up with some ideas to help you show your mom how much you love her and give Mom what she really wants this year.

"My daughter always makes me a coupon booklet. It is a stapled together book, colored and decorated, with coupons offering chores and niceties she will do for me," said Tess Loo, sister and head stylist for My Sister's Closet and My Sister's Attic. "The coupons are for things like 15 minutes of hair brushing, which I love."

Loo says let the bright festive colors of springtime lead you to an inspirational gift.

"There are so many happy yellow things in the marketplace for spring. Use a black sharpie marker and write positive affirmation messages on lemons then put them in a tall cylinder vase, tie a ribbon around it and bury your card inside. Just reading all the lemons will make mom smile."

A few more ideas for mom:

  • Find some pretty trays, platters, glassware that you can tie with ribbons for mom to enjoy later. The porcelain eggs on the cake stand are beautiful and musical.
  • Moms need to meditate and enjoy some private time. Make her a CD of gentle meditation music that you selected. Wrap it in a lovely scarf she can wear and enjoy later. Wearing the scarf will remind Mom of the calm and peace from the music and meditation. She will be happy and serene. You could also paint a watercolor for Mom and place it inside the cover of the CD case.
  • Every Mom loves a new handbag! Since buying a handbag directly from the designer might be too pricey head over to My Sister's Closet where floral, pastel and black and white are all the buzz. This Coach bag is $69.95 and Halo is $24.95. Both are perfect for Mom and affordable for you. Take it a step more and put a handmade card in the bag, or add an "I love you coupon" inside.
  • Remember Mom is a woman and women become giddy over all things beautiful. Every woman loves a Little Black Dress, pearls, earrings, perfume. Take her shopping, buy her a gift card, make her an appointment with a local stylist (most stores have one), or treat her to a manicure and brush her hair.

"Whatever you choose to do for Mom, remember to tell her she is valued and appreciated. Join her for a yoga class or a long walk. Remind her it is a day of gratitude and you are grateful she is your Mom," said Loo.

Sunglasses the Blinds to the Soul

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We don’t think we’re far off when we say that sunglasses, whatever shape or size you’re rocking, are both a statement and an absolute necessity. Pop into second hand stores in San Diego and Phoenix and you’ll see what we mean - be they oversized, undersized, black, green, or mauve, sunglasses speak volumes about the wearer in question. It’s not just about the sun; it’s about an attitude and a vibe. Disinterested in small talk? Put on your sunglasses. Avoiding an old flame’s eye contact because you’re too cool to care? You know what to do.

Oozing sophistication, mystery and allure, a gorgeous pair of designer sunglasses is essential to complete any ensemble. Pair that Tory Burch pattern sundress with Michael by Michael Kors Bella sunglasses.



Lounge poolside in your Yves Saint Laurent gold aviators and proceed-with-caution red lips. 


Because while the eyes may be the windows to the soul, the sunglasses are the shades - blocking out all unwanted views and engagements. Decide what you’d like your sunglasses to say for you and choose a designer who speaks true to your message. Don a pair of limousine tinted shades and let the sunnies do the talking. Believe us - a pair of Prada aviators or Kate Spade wayfarers and we’ll hear you loud and clear.

More so than other states, Arizona and California demand a high regard for some decent frames, as a pair can (and should) be rocked year round to protect one’s eye health and reputation. Come into My Sister’s Closet second hand stores in San Diego and Phoenix for a gorgeous pair of designer shades that express the vibe you’re oozing. Your shades say everything you want to and more - now be quiet already so ours can dish.

In Defense of the Man Purse

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As you saunter into our men’s designer clothes store in San Diego or Phoenix, it’s hard to ignore her allure, seducing you from the back of the store. Confused but confident, you approach - knowing how easy it’d be to slip one on, place her on the counter, and claim it as your own.

Indeed, you’re tempted by this man purse - its taut strap hugging your chest. This is wrong, you groan internally, remembering what your friends would say. And feels right.

We’ve all seen The Hangover; felt the sting of secondhand embarrassment as Zach Galifianakis adjusts his cross-shoulder satchel while his wolfpack roll their eyes.

As a male in this modern age, the need to carry a bag is laughable, superfluous - indicative of indulgence and excess only women get away with. The want or need to condense one’s belongings into a single, more convenient package is ridiculous, absurd - can’t it all fit in your pockets? No, we’re here to say - most items of any importance can absolutely not fit in our pockets. Our business smartphone, personal smartphone, iPad, gum, and swanky headphones absolutely cannot all fit in our pockets, and we shouldn’t have to explain ourselves.


How did the briefcase devolve into a “man purse”? Why is a working man with a bag considered eccentric?

It’s really only been a few short decades since men stopped carrying bags with them regularly, we’re here to point out. Since the modern working man genuinely drives from place to place (he no longer walks or takes mass transit), we generally carry fewer supplies with us - we stash them in our cars or store them in our smart phones. Certain items, however, simply must be carried. And for this reason, my friends, we carry satchels, garment bags, and briefcases.

Cast away the cloak of shame; disregard the snickers and sneers. Embrace your satchel with appreciation and pride. My friend, I insist - there is nothing wrong with a man purse.

The Art of the Dress Sneaker

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men’s designer clothes San DiegoAt our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix, we see a lot of looks. We see button downs and skinny jeans. We see blazers and scarves. And we see shoes.
We see a hell of a lot of shoes.

And though we see loafers and wingtips and studded cowboy boots (just don’t do it), we’re here today to talk about sneakers. 

Specifically, the Suit and Sneaker.

Allow us to introduce you.

Welcome to the age of looking
badass in your favorite tailored
suit and feeling badass in an
everyday sneaker. Drake does it. JT does it. Now you do it.

Here’s where: Because the Suit and Sneaker look is dressy without being too dressed up, the look is perfect for a Casual Friday at work, an after-hours party, or a night out in the city. Wear your suit jacket with a tie, wear it open with a white or black v-neck, wear it with the sleeves rolled up over a casual button down Henley.   

Here’s How: Owning the Suit and Sneakers combo is a great power. And as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Going classy on top and casual down below does not give you the right to wear just any sneakers with that single breasted suit of yours.

The Do’s: The trick is to keep it simple. Go classic: stick to white or black canvas Vans, or stark white leather sneakers. Inexpensive, awesome, and so ridiculously comfortable, you’ll be thanking us the moment you slip them on.  

The Don’ts: No gym sneakers. No basketball sneakers. No rhinestone Ed Hardy sneakers. We’re serious. The more tailored, the better. A good rule of thumb is that your sneakers should be as tailored as your suit. You don’t walk around in a chunky, ill-fitting suit; don’t match it with a pair of chunky, ill-fitting sneakers. Always respect the suit.

And though you’ll look like a million in your Suit and Sneakers style, you don’t have to spend that much. Got the suit? Drop by Well Suited for the sneakers. Got the sneakers? Come find the perfect suit. And as always, our pros will help you find all the men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix that a guy could need.

You’re welcome.

Men’s consignment store San Diego

(That's right - we taught Kanye what's up.)

Spring Fashion Trends Alert

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Look around, Phoenix and San Diego Resale fashionistas. It’s that time of year again. The sun is out. The sky is blue. Petal pink espadrilles and adorable lemon yellow wedges take the sidewalks by storm.

That’s right, ladies; it’s spring.

Welcome back to warm days filled with statement sunglasses and cherry popsicles. Spring – we’ve missed you (and so have our color pop structured totes). But even though there are some spring essentials that we’ll never throw out (sundresses, anyone?), with 2013 comes a brand new year to rock the seasons. Time to talk Phoenix and San Diego designer resale spring trends.

We’re ready if you are.

Bright pants: Toss those boring blue jeans back in the closet next to your Tori Burch riding boots; you won’t be seeing them for a while! Instead of denims, think bright. Teal, pink, baby blue, or mint green, pair your brightly colored pants with a neutral shade on top.


Bold prints: Dots, stripes, floral, geometric – go big, go bold, or go home! This spring is all about the attention-grabbing staple. Just like with your brightly colored pants, keep the rest of your outfit neutral and toned down – while a little bit of pattern clashing works every once and a while, you don’t want to dabble into Easter egg territory (trust us).

 The pretty, pretty peplum: Easy to wear, adorable, and ultra-feminine, the peplum is huge this spring.  Perfect on a thigh-length cocktail dress or a pastel cotton tank with shorts, the peplum is the optimum combination of sexy and cute.

So as we make our way into April and May, make sure to drop the drab and go bright, bold, and sexy! Grab your sunhat, your colorful clutch and your favorite pair of white heels, and strut your way into spring! For more fashion tips and tricks drop by our Phoenix or San Diego resale location, or check us out at