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The Herstory of My Sister’s Closet

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Can it really be 32 years ago that our humble little store was born? In 1991, we bravely (or naively) entered the world of resale opening My Sister’s Closet in the heart of Phoenix.

Who knew a 1,200 square feet store would change shopping in the Valley of the Sun? More than three decades later, we would be operating 10 of the best consignment stores in the country. People love buying previously loved clothing and home goods!

Shopping “resale” literally went from a somewhat unseemly proposition in the early 1990’s to bragging rights in the new millennium. In 1991 when we recognized a customer outside of the store, they would look the other way, not wanting to be recognized. Now our shoppers proudly show off their recycled purchases to their most discerning friends, be it patio furniture or the latest designer handbag. In either case, they saved hundreds, or sometimes thousands of dollars while giving used items a new home and keeping them out of landfills.

In 2001, we opened Well Suited for men, and My Sister’s Attic now has four locations for furniture and home furnishings. In 2012 we opened our first store outside of Arizona in San Diego. We now have two of our stores (in one location) in the San Diego area.

In 2014, we opened a small thrift store that donates millions of dollars to nonprofits in our community to help others. My Sisters’ Charities is our own 501(c)3 foundation that also hosted A Dinner with Wolves for years to benefit groups that help save the Mexican Grey Wolf (the second most endangered wolf species in the world). We also gave a $1 million donation to the AZ Humane Society to help build their new shelter.

As a family business goes, sometimes the family moves on. After working as the director of Marketing at Petsmart Ann started the business with her own money in 1991. She’s proud to say she has never borrowed one penny to finance the business. Her sister Jenny joined along back in the beginning but decided to leave in 2019. Sister Tess joined in 2016 but a series of miscreant behaviors have led her out the door. This leaves Ann as the only sister once again and she is quick to tell you she has no desire to retire. It might be a little lonely at the top but if you have any siblings you also know it’s a little quieter too.

With a seasoned, talented management team, the My Sister’s family of stores will continue to expand with brick and mortar stores as well as shopping online. Thanks to our consigners and customers, we sell the best of the best at amazing prices for second hand shopping.