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How to Spot a Fake Designer Bag

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Loads of our favorite love stories are all about second chances: 

The one with the woman who grieved about a Dolce and Gabbana satin blouse she adored from afar in Barney’s display window, but found love again when the same top emerged from a rack at My Sister’s Closet for 80% off retail the next season. 

Then there’s the girl who tried on a gorgeous pair of Prada platform pumps at Bergdorf’s when they cost $850, then rekindled their romance when she snapped them up at My Sister’s Closet a few months later for $145. 

C'est magnifique! 

But, alas, for every resale story happy-ever-after there’s another tale of tragic love lost. Many women who lust after designer clothing without the expensive department store prices can tell at least one horror story of a romance gone wrong, in which dishonesty and deception lead to a broken heart. Few woes in life are more dreadful than thinking you’ve found the deal of a lifetime, only to later realize you’ve just purchased a fake designer handbag. 

Ladies, don’t let it happen to you.

Follow these three tips from Arizona and San Diego consignment store My Sister’s Closet – your source for the most fabulously chic and thrifty designer clothing on the market – to spot a cheating handbag from a mile away.

  Know the signs: methodically scrutinize the stitching, tags, material, and logos on the bag. Any indication that this bag is poorly, cheaply made is a deal breaker, ladies. Red flags include slanted or uneven stitching; cheap interior lining; color disparity; missing or misspelled labels; and zippers which don’t glide like butter.

  Examine the original: head to a distinguished store where you can get your hands on what you’re absolutely sure is the real deal.  Carefully analyze every stitch and trimming of the specific bag you’re interested in until you’d know it with your eyes closed. Learn to recognize the real deal and you’ll never be had again.

  Don’t leave it to chance: consign and buy at My Sister’s Closet! Stay away from ebay...The biggest source of fake bags in the country. We do our best to keep the fakes off our shelves by constantly training our staff and working with industry experts to authenticate all bags, jewelry and clothing.

At My Sister’s Closet and Well Suited, we’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality shopping experience possible, from the moment you approach the building to the instant you exit the door, arms lined with shopping bags full of gorgeous goodies. That’s why we’re so selective when accepting items for consignment - to ensure our customers get to choose from the chicest selection possible.