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Do Not Strike Out

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Elevate Your Style Game This Spring Training

The Valley's Premier Recycled Designer Apparel Shop offers tips for getting out of the wardrobe slump

Here in Arizona it's starting to feel like spring and that means, STRIKE, you're out to the park... Baseball... Spring training is in full swing. The stylish Sisters of My Sister's Closet and Well Suited, the Valley's premier dealer of recycled designer apparel want to help you elevate your game this spring and believe in always putting your best foot forward, whether it's in a pair of stilettos, ballet flats or a baseball cleat to a diamondbacks baseball game. "I know what all you fashionistas are saying. It is spring training and we want to go, sit in the sun, have fun and be comfortable. Comfortable ok, but please, comfort does not mean jammie pants, wife beater tees and an ombre mullet," said Tess Loo, sister and stylist at My Sister's Closet. "Comfort means wearing the appropriate clothing and if you think people are NOT checking out what you are wearing to the game, you're wrong!" Loo, who is also the head stylist at My Sister's Closet and Well Suited says it is human nature to look and stare at what people have selected to wear to spend an afternoon at the ballpark. "What if Tony Batista is there and wants to meet you, and there you stand looking like a toddler with ketchup dripping down your Kurt Warner jersey. Definitely a fashion Don't," said Loo.

Spring Training Looks Do's and Don'ts

• You will be sitting outside for several hours - wear a hat! Choose a team hat that is preferably from one of the teams you are watching. The older and more seasoned the better. That does not mean reeking of beer and covered with mustard. Or ladies, a great fedora, with your favorite ray bans. After all, what a great place to meet male baseball fans. My best topper is my Melissa Odabash black and white fedora paired with my pink Ray Bans, lots of sunscreen and dewy lips coated with Burt's Bees.

• Yes, a cute dress is appropriate. Casual and colorful and a good length for sitting. NOT too short. An outfit of all white is always a good spring look if you can do this without wearing your food.

• DO NOT wear your favorite baseball jersey reproduced in PINK. NO PINK. Stick with the actual jersey colors. If you want to jersey up, be sure it is authentic looking and well fitting. Tie it over a tank and put on a fun eyelet or floral skirt.

• Put on your Ash wedge tennies, Tory Burch flops or Havaianas. Be sure you are up to date with your pedicure if the tootsies are exposed. Remember Tony is there watching you!

• If you are going to wear a jersey with your favorite players name, be sure you are a kid under the age of 14. If you are a fan and want baseball statistics, these are the whiz kids to ask. They usually wear the name for a reason. They are true fans!

• Shorts are great, but please keep the butt cheeks in the bull pen. Remember the whiz kids are there. This is not a nightclub or another opportunity to show what a great job your plastic surgeon did on your new additions. Layer a cardigan over your tank, so you are prepared for climate change from sun to shade.

• A pair of rolled at the top beach pants with an off the shoulder sweater is always a great pulled together casual look. Choose a blue and white horizontal stripe top for a fresh look. Please, leave the capris at home or better yet in the donate pile.

• Jeans are a good option as well. How about a pair of colored denims? They are abundant at the stores and add a splash of color with your look. How great would a pair of bright yellow jeans be with a blue and white jersey, with your baseball hat and wedge tennis shoes? A true homerun! Roll the jeans at the ankle and put a colorful tank under the jersey. Add a cross body bag so your hands are free for a soda and hotdog.

• "Go, be comfortable, be appropriate and be fashionable," said Loo. "Look good, feel good and all the sudden you act better. Equipped with this knowledge you can move forward as a well-dressed fan. Even if you do not understand the game, you look and feel like you belong. Have fun. A smile and self-confidence is the best accessory this stylist owns."