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Closet Essentials and When to Sell Designer Clothing

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Before we got wise and learned to sell designer clothes in San Diego and Phoenix, we had a love/hate relationship with our bloated, overstuffed closets. Sure, it delighted us to rediscover that adorable yellow Miu Miu clutch we forgot we had! But we passionately loathed the frantic search through a mountain of laundry for our second David Yurman earring, cursing the clock and begging the jewelry genie to magically materialize.  We never really thought of our shopping habit as a problem, but eventually we had to face facts – we just had too much stuff!

Sound familiar? Don’t despair – we found a fabulous solution to your problem. Instead of closet-stuffing (I mean, really. What would your mom say?), bring us your old threads! Sell designer clothing in San Diego and Phoenix at My Sister’s Closet and Well Suited, and only hang onto your favorite items and a handful of closet essentials forever. Get cash or credit for your next shopping spree – it’s simple! Bring in your designer items and we’ll sell them to earn you cash as soon as the sale closes. We accept seasonally appropriate men's and women's designer clothing every day during normal business hours, no appointment necessary. Hang on to the essentials, and consign the rest!

But don’t sell us everything – basic closet staples are worth keeping:

· Form fitting, quality LBD

· Colorful sundress

· Neutral cocktail dress

· Dark party dress

· Casual everyday dress

· Tailored pencil skirt

· Neutral chino slacks

· Neutral dress shorts

· Casual jean shorts

· Flattering dark wash jeans

· Dark and light camisole

· Pinstripe oxford

· Light and dark blouse

· Dark neutral party top

· Knit cardigan

· Cashmere sweatet

· Neutral and colorful cardigan

Don’t leave your closet stuffed with trendy items – only hang on to the must-haves. These classics will never go out of style, so invest in quality items. When you’re ready to say goodbye, head into our Phoenix and San Diego stores to sell your old designer clothing. Trust us – your closet will thank you!