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Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Well Suited

Well-Suited has you covered for men’s designer clothes San Diego this holiday season, but you probably need some help shopping for the women in your lives this Holiday season. We know how you feel, so we made this convenient gift giving guide for you to use to have the best, least stressful holiday season ever.

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1. Winter wear

Women love to accessorize, and they also love to be cozy – winter wear combines these two favorite things. It can be hard to stay fashionable while bundling up for the cold, so getting them some chic but still useful pieces will be greatly appreciated by the ladies.

Our gift idea for this season is a pair of gloves with special fingertips that are compatible with smart phones so your girlfriend’s hands can stay toasty and warm while she texts you. Other great options are infinity scarves, a nice plush robe, or even earmuffs or a pair of fuzzy socks for a more casual gift.

2. Holiday Sweaters

Every lady loves some Christmas cheer, and holiday sweaters are actually in style these days. Rather than a tacky wool turtleneck that your mother made you wear for the family photo each year that haunts you on her Facebook profile to this day, the new take on the Holiday sweater is chic while still cute. Pick something for the special women in your life that features a cute pattern, is soft, and will actually fit them. We’re sure they would love something to replace the scratchy old thing they were forced to wear last year. (Bonus points if you pick up a matching one for yourself from men’s designer clothes San Diego).

3. Sparkles

Women all over the country use the Holidays as a time to use glitter with reckless abandon and to dress in clothes covered with sequins and sparkle and fairy dust or whatever else they can find that will fuel their glitter addiction. Use this to your advantage. Buy them something shiny – this can come in many forms, from jewelry to sweaters to shoes to dresses. If you really want to impress a girl, show her you’re cool and comfortable with buying makeup by giving her a glitter eyeliner.

4. T-Swift

Taylor Swift has had a huge year – record breaking album sales, performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and turning 25, making everyone in the world jealous. As we all know, women love Taylor Swift, so this year think of her when you’re buying something for the women in your life. Whether it’s Taylor’s album or something she would wear, like a high-waisted skirt and crop top (or even a Victoria Secret robe).

5. Shoes

Women love shoes. The dozens of pairs of shoes in your girlfriend’s closet that she never wears yet refuses to get rid of have made you aware of that fact. So it would make sense that she would love you even more if you got her a great pair of shoes. In winter a pair of chic boots or booties would be especially appreciated.

6. Bags

Women also love things to put all of their other things in. A designer purse is one of the greatest gifts a woman can receive, so if you’re willing to spend a little extra money on a bag from Michael Kors or Kate Spade, the women in your life will not be disappointed.


Hopefully this guide will help you find something perfect for the special people in your life. And once you’ve finished shopping for them, you can find men’s designer clothes San Diego here at Well-Suited at great prices and a give a gift to yourself for the holidays. For more fashion tips and news, follow our blog.  

How to Look like You Are Carving the Turkey this Thanksgiving

Posted by Well Suited

The pros here at your mens’ consignment store San Diego know that all eyes will be on you during the Holidays. All of your family and friends will be gathering round, so you need to dress to impress. Look like the man of the house this holiday season by following these guidelines.

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1. Layers

We’re sure you’ve heard the women in your lives getting all excited about ‘sweater weather’ lately, and while you may not share their enthusiasm for bulky clothes and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, layers are an inevitable part of your winter wardrobe. However, there are many options that allow the modern man to stay warm and masculine. A rugged sweater says “I drink expensive whiskey but I also like to cuddle” while a blazer says “I have my life together”. Layers can be your friend if you wear them well, so stick to solid colors or simple patterns, nothing too big or bulky, and of course the cardinal rule: no deep v’s.

2. Wear Clothes that fit

For some reason men have to be told this over and over again. No, we’re not suggesting you wear pants so tight that you begin to lose circulation, but saggy jeans and baggy sweatshirts don’t look good on anyone. Buy a pair of designer jeans that aren’t too loose or too tight, and invest in some-button downs and tailored tees and sweaters. You’ll look put together without actually having to put much effort into your style, giving you more time for your hobbies like blacksmithing or beer brewing or whatever else you do for fun.

3. Wear a nice watch

While carving your delicious turkey this holiday season, your hands will be on full display. In order to distract from all the callouses you’ve gotten chopping wood this winter, you need a designer watch. The watch is the ultimate male status symbol, and you can get one at ridiculously low prices from our mens’ consignment store San Diego.

4. Get yourself groomed

You’re a man now, so it’s time to get a real haircut. If you’re not sure what style to get, just turn on the TV and watch an episode of Mad Men and you’ll get the picture. And if you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to say goodbye to the bangs and head to your local barber for a professional cut. You should also grow a beard for the ultimate manly look, just make sure you are keeping your facial hair well groomed and trimmed often.

5. Shoes are important

Many an outfit has been ruined by a pair of sneakers. Jogging shoes are not appropriate unless you are actually jogging, so put the Nikes down and find a pair of shoes that a gentleman would wear. If your holiday festivities are more casual, go with a rugged pair of boots. For a more formal occasion, every man needs a pair of shiny black leather dress shoes for work, special events, and just looking classy in general.

6. Embrace patterns

Luckily, there are a lot of things that will never go out of style when it comes to manly fashion. Don’t be boring this holiday season and stick to your same old solid colored shirts. Tweed is making a huge comeback, and plaid, checkered, and striped are always great choices as well. So be bold this holiday season with a patterned shirt or textured blazer.  

Carve the turkey this Holiday season with confidence, and impress all your friends and family thanks to mens consignment store San Diego. We have a huge selection of manly looks for you to look awesome this winter, so visit our store and follow our blog for more fashion tips and news.


MySistersCloset Twitterviews Defenders for Dinner With Wolves.

Posted by Well Suited

The Mexican Grey Wolf is one of the most endangered species in North America. Dinner with Wolves' mission is to bring awareness to the species and help protect them from extinction. Beneficiary Defenders of Wildlife Twitterviewed with us on Friday to talk Wolf.

MSC: Yes great resources, we adopted our CEO Ann a Wolf for her birthday this year!
Such a great idea! :)
What are the most PAWpular places to witness wolves in their natural habitat?

DW: @YellowstoneNPS in WY and @DenaliNPS in AK are both great wolf-watching spots.

MSC: Can't beat the scenery there :) 3rd Q: How would you describe the Dinner With Wolves experience is 3 words?

DW: Oooh, tough one. Lets go with encouraging, inspiring and up-close. How often do you get to see real wolves?

MSC: Exactly....Especially Mexican Grey Wolves, only 85 left in the wild! 4th Q: If you would have dinner with anyone dead or alive who who would it be and why?

DW: Aldo Leopold, father of the conservation ethic. Anti-predator until he saw the importance of wolves in the southwest.

MSC: Very good answer! Last Q: HOWL can people learn more about Defenders of Wildlife?

DW: Aside from our website, anyone can sign up here to get action opportunities & updates

MSC: excellent. Thank you for #Twitterviewing with us. We can't wait for Dinner With Wolves Sunday night!

DW: You're very welcome. We're excited for it as well!

Dinner With Wolves will be held at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center on April 6, 2014 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

MySistersCloset Twitterviews The Arizona Humane Society.

Posted by Well Suited

The Arizona Humane Society is Arizona’s largest nonprofit animal-welfare and protection agency. My Sister’s Closet, My Sister’s Attic and Well Suited donated thousands of items last year, raising $117,000 at AHS thrift stores. We had a little fun with them on Twitter, Friday.

@MySistersCloset: Haha, never though of it that way :) 2nd Q: Why do pets, dogs mostly, like to destroy expensive shoes?

@AZHumane: Maybe because they look better in their mouths? Maybe they’re just jealous they can’t wear them...

MSC: They would be jealous about the most expensive, nicest pair. 3rd Q: Funniest name you’ve ever heard for a pet?

AHS: That has to be “Lord Beefcastle”, He’s a 3-year-old #corgi adopted from AHS two weeks ago.

MSC: LOL! Can you imagine calling for him: Lord Beefcastle come on boy! He sure is cute. 4th Q: Garfield or Snoopy?

AHS: No offense to Snoopy, but it’s definitely Garfield. We have similar views on lasagna and Mondays.

MSC: Yeah and he talk or talk thinks.... :) 5th final Q: What is the biggest misconception people have about rescuing pets?

AHS: People think there aren’t purebreds at #shelters, so they go to breeders. They’re about 25% of our intake, so come #adopt!

MSC: Seriously!! Rescue pets have the best personalities and demeanors, they really do seem to know you save them. #rewarding #adopt

AHS: 100%. They know you’ve done something for them and they pay it back tenfold.

MSC: Thanks so much for answering our Q’s! It was fun!!

AHS: Thanks for the opportunity and all you do for our pets!

MSC: It’s our pleasure! Thanks for everything YOU ALL do for our homeless pets! :)

On Dressing Like a Man

Posted by Well Suited

For years, the pros at our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix have been working hard to help you navigate the fashion waters for every event, celebration, and office function.

From helping you retire your vibrant collection of tanks to helping you rock pastels (yeah, we said it), they’ve talked individual pieces and looks to help you dress for success (and on a budget) every time. But today, they’re going to take it a step further: they’re going to give you a crash course in something every guy needs to know like the back of his brand new, perfectly tailored suit jacket: here is the Well Suited guide to dressing like a man.


  1. The fit matters now: Sure, back in the day, there was nothing cooler than those slouchy jeans that demonstrated your social status just as much as your boxer choice. But today, thankfully, those lower-than-low rise jeans (and all-too-“cool” backwards baseball caps) can finally be put to rest in the nostalgic 90s as we move into brighter days of better fits. Rule number one of dressing like a man? Fit matters. Your jeans should never be baggy, your jackets should be tailored to your body (none of that “this was my dad’s!” stuff), and your sweaters should never be older than you are.

  2. men’s designer clothes in San Diego
    Embrace color: Yes, we’ve covered pastels and bright solids before, but this is a rule of thumb that needs to top our list when it comes to dressing like a man: don’t be afraid to embrace color. Sure, neutrals work nicely (especially in a cable knit sweater or winter jacket), but a little color never hurt anyone. Incorporate color into your wardrobe slowly: steer clear of neon and gravitate toward plumbs, greens, and yes,
    even pinks. You might just be surprised.

  3. men’s designer clothes in San Diego
    The go-to: Last but not least, always rely on the go-to. No, we’re not talking about your Nike athletic shorts and Class of 99’ sweatshirt combo, we’re talking classy and classic. Every man should have
    a properly tailored suit hanging in his closet, along with a casual cardigan (yes), a good-looking button down, a dark-colored blazer, and a pair of nice shoes. We are not talking Converse here. No, even if they’re black.


Don’t worry, just because we’ve covered the staples behind dressing like a man doesn’t mean we’re pushing you out of the nest just yet. Our men’s designer clothes in San Diego and Phoenix pros will be there day and night, rain or shine to help you rock that (even last minute) look.

No need to thank us.

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