Shop and Consign Men's Designer Clothes in San Diego at Well Suited

Well Suited is the San Diego consignment store for men who want to look sharp but also like to keep some cash in their wallets. Although we do buy and sell wallets too. Consign men’s designer clothes in San Diego with Well Suited and score some extra cash toward that Tag Heuer watch you’ve had your eyes on for months.

Like any good stud, Well Suited decided that after a decade of consignment conquests in Arizona it was time to spread the designer love to San Diego. Do you like labels like Versace, Hermes, True Religion and Polo? We thought so. 

Whether you're looking for some new kicks or just craving some more dough, we belong in your little black book. Or iPhone. We will help you consign your gear and even help you update your look if you want to use store credit instead of taking the money and running.